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Family of Catherine Watts
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Catherine Watts

CATHERINE WATTS (*FREDERICK5, *JOEL4, *WILLIAM3, *THOMAS (JR.)2, *THOMAS (SR.)1) was born 1777 in Culpeper Co., VA.  She married *ELIJAH BUTLER 26 January 1798 in Culpepper Co., VA, son of *THOMAS BUTLER and *REBECCA DAUGHTRY.  He was born 1773 in VA, and died 1814 in Clarke or Oglethoupe Co.,  GA            (age 41).

From "Thomas Watts of Stafford County, Virginia, and His Descendants"  by Edward C. Watts...

Notes for Catherine Watts:
Catherine (Caty) Watts was born between 1770 and 1780 (Derived for Census records).  She married Elijah Butler in Culpepper County in January1798 (Catherine Lindsay Knorr, 'Culpepper County, VA Marriages, 1782-1815 (1954) p.15). He appeared on Culpepper County Personal property tax lists from 1800 to 1804.  Frederick Watts' Will, proven in 1837, gave Caty a share of his estate but instructed that the two slaves that he had previously given her be taken into account in the division of the estate. (Culpper County Will Book O, p.244).
Catherine Butler was included as a head of household in the 1840 Census of Oglethorpe County, GA. The only other member of her household was a female 30 -40.  In February 1840, she sold her interest in the estate of Frederick Watts, which included 87 1/2 acres if Land, to her brother-in-law Robert Smith.  (Culpepper County Deed Book 4, p.576).

They came to GA between 1800 and 1814. Taken from the book "THE HISTORY OF THE MARS HILL BAPTIST CHURCH & COMMUNITY, 1799 -1999 " by Amy Warren Sanders. 

LAND LOTTERY, Statewide By Name, Surnames Burney - Byrd

Source: "Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 
1827," Compiled and Published by Miss Martha Lou Houston, Columbus, Georgia, 
printed by Walton-Forbes Company, Columbus, Georgia 1928.

SEC  DIST LOT NO.  NAME                                                         RESIDENCE           CAPT. DIST.              COUNTY OF DRAW

2    20    378    Butler,  Phineas                                             Richmond County     Ferris'                  Muscogee County
  1    2     165    Butler, Charles W.                                           Baldwin County      Buchanans                Lee County
  2    5      84    Butler, Dempsey  sol.                                        Jones County        Taylors                  Muscogee County
  5    5      78    Butler, Ford                                                 Walton County       Bexleys                  Carroll County
  3    10    170    Butler, Frances wid                                          Telfair County      Barentines               Troup County
  1    5      41    Butler, George                                               Madison County      Culbertsons              Lee County
  1    30     61    Butler, Green B.                                             Richmond County     600th district           Lee County
  1    8     306    Butler, Hannah   d&dumb                                      Hancock County      Hillsmans                Lee County
  1    12     72    Butler, Henry                                                Jasper County       Robinsons                Lee County
  1    5     177    Butler, James                                                Oglethorpe County   Rousseaus                Lee County
  1    1     142    Butler, John                                                 Dekalb County       Harris                   Lee County
  3    9     269    Butler, John                                                 Elbert County       Butlers                  Troup County
  1    25    181    Butler, John                                                 Gwinnett County     Finchers                 Lee County
  5    7      68    Butler, John                                                 Gwinnett County     Finchers                 Carroll County
  1    7     222    Butler, John                                                 Walton County       Rays                     Lee County
  2    22     77    Butler, John  R.S.                                           Gwinnett County     Finchers                 Muscogee County
  4    4      45    Butler, John C.                                              Wilkinson County    Fairchild                Coweta County
  2    20    337    Butler, John G.                                              Chatham County      Gaddys                   Muscogee County
  1    24     28    Butler, John W.                                              Morgan County       Gains                    Lee County
  5    1      17    Butler, John W.                                              Morgan County       Gains                    Carroll County
  4    7     113    Butler, Joshua                                               Morgan County       Brooks                   Coweta County
  1    12    213    Butler, Larkin  soldier                                      Jackson County      Rogers                   Lee County
  4    2      94    Butler, Malachi                                              Wilkinson County    Halls                    Coweta County
  2    17     66    Butler, Mary  widow                                          Gwinnett County     Whartons                 Muscogee County
  1    12    142    Butler, Mary C.  widow                                       Gwinnett County     Finches                  Lee County
  2    23     85    Butler, Phineas                                              Richmond County     Ferris                   Muscogee County
  1    27     38    Butler, Robert                                               Wilkinson County    Hall                     Lee County
  4    1      92    Butler, Sarah illeg                                          Wilkinson County    Show                     Coweta County
  1    6      21    Butler, Tarlton                                              Scriven County      Pollocks                 Lee County
  2    4     181    Butler, Thomas W.                                            Wilkes County       Carters                  Muscogee County
  1    32     6     Butler, Washington                                           Wilkinson County    Hall                     Lee County
  4    8      59    Butler, Wiley                                                Elbert County       Bells                    Coweta County
  1    15    107    Butler, William                                              Putnam County       Clarks                   Lee County
  5    2      30    Butlers, Curry orphans                                       Gwinnett County     Finchersl                Carroll County
  5    10    220    Butlers, Elijah  orps                                        Oglethorpe County   Hills                    Carroll County

Burial: Near Belmont & Barnett Shoals Rd Clark Co., GA  Kent Cem.
i. FREDERICK WATTS7 BUTLER, b. Abt. 1799, Culpepper Co., VA; d. 02 December 1856, Oglethorpe Co., GA (age 56).
 ii. ELIZABETH BUTLER, b. 1803, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. BAILEY H. MEADOWS, 17 August 1837, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 iii. DAUGHTER BUTLER, b. 1805, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. THOMAS ARNIS, SR, 1825, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
iv. *WILLIAM BUTLER, b. 1809, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 1875, Clarke Co., GA (age 67). (SEE BUTLER HISTORY)
 v. NANCY BUTLER, b. 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. 13 February 1862, Oglethorpe Co., GA(age51); m. (1) EDWARD BROOKS, 04 December 1832, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. (2) ALFRED BROOKS, 29 January 1848, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
vi. JESSE E. BUTLER, b. 1814, Clark Co., GA; d. 04 December 1891, Clark Co., GA (age 77).

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