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Family of Barnabas Arthur, Jr.
Contributed by Jane Combs


Barnabas Arthur, Jr.
BARNABAS (JR) ARTHUR (BARNABAS (SR), (JOHN (SR.), (THOMAS) was born Abt. 1775 in VA., and died Abt. 1827 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  He married (1) UNK Abt. 1791 in VA.  She died Bef. 1800 in VA.  He married (2) MARY (POLLY) BURDITT Bet. 1800 - 1811 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.  She was born Bet. 1770 - 1775 in VA?, and died 1848 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.

(Information on Barnabas's family sent by Ted Brooke  2055 Foster Dr.  Cumming, GA. 30040. Phone
770-781-9221.  Email:  [email protected] ;  Date Jan 8, 1999).

Date of chr. 1805/1827.  Burial cemetery unknown.  Place Oglethorpe Co., GA.

Primary Sources:
1.  1820 cnsus, Oglethorpe Co., GA, page 187:  Barnabas Arthur
      1 male under 10 (Talbot)               2 females under 10 (Margaret & Jane)
      1 male 10-16      (John)                 2 females 10-16       (Nancy & Elizabeth)
      1 male 16-18      (Thomas)            1 female  16-26        (Mary)
      1 male 16-26      (Burditt)               1 female  over 45    (Mary)
      1 male over 45   (Barnabas)          ( 10 slaves)
Comments by Ted Brooke:
1.  Barnabas Arthur buried at unknown location in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  He is not found in Historic Oglethorpe "Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia" (Fernandine Beach, Fl: Wolfe Pub.1995).
1.  (1991)  Gary Arthur, 1858 Thompson Bridge Rd.,  Apt. 301,  Gainsville, GA. 30501   
     Ted said that he tried to contact Gary not to long ago, and that this address was no longer valid!

Also info from Kirk Arthur, Feb. 11., 1999.  Source1820 Oglethorpe Co., GA census.
Info: Dan Sadberry. Also noted birth year as 1756.  He owned 1805 Georgia lottery in 1805, Oglthorpe Co., GA.  Complete listing of Entrants in the 1805 Land Lottery. P=Prize, successful draw in the lottery.
B=Blank, not successful draw in the lottery.
NAME                       REGISTRATION NUMBER          DRAW(S)               COUNTY
Arthur, Barney                      544                                   B B                    Oglethorpe
Arthur, James                       359                                   B B                     Hancock
Arthur, Lemuel                     346                                   P B                     Greene
Arthur, Mathew                     247                                   B B                     Franklin
Arthur, Talbot                       107                                   B B                       Clarke
Arthur, William                     614                                   B B                       Wilkes

His taxes were assessed in 1805, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
1805 Georgia Tax Digest:
NAME                      COUNTY                DISTRICT                   PAGE
Barnabas Arthur    Oglethorpe            John C. Hall #10             41
He sold 245 acres on 17 May 1806 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  His taxes were assessed in 1810, Oglethorpe
Co., GA.  1810 Georgia Tax Ddiget:
NAME                       COUNTY                DISTRICT                   PAGE
Barnabas Arthur    Oglethorpe              Townsen                        12
His taxes were assessed in 1815 Oglethorpe Co., GA.
Barnabas Arthur    Oglethorpe               Hudson                          35                                 

T.B.: Burial in unknown cemetery.  Chr date: 1805-1848.
Primary Sources by Ted Brooke:
1.  1800:  Pittsylvania Co., VA., marriage record (no month or date): Mary Burditt & Barnabas Arthur.
2.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA, page 187:  (Barnabas Arthur head): 1 female over 45 (Mary).
3.  1830 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA, page 102:  Burdith (sic) Arthur: 1 female 50-60 (Mary).
4.  1840 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA, page 70 (234th Militia Dist.):  (Mary Arthur head):
     1 male 20-30 (Talbot Arthur)  
     1 female 20-30 (Margaret Arthur)
     1 female 60-70 (Mary Burditt Arthur)
5.  1848:  Oglethorpe Co., GA, estate records for Mary Arthur. (note: need to giv exact citation)
1.  Mary Arthur buried at unknown location in Oglethorpe Co., GA.
2.  Marriage record in Pittsylvania Co., VA, shows marriage of Mary Burditt to Barnabas Arthur in 1800;
     their oldest son named "Burditt Arthur".  Could this have been the 2nd marriage for Barnabas?
3.  Oglethorpe Co., GA, Administrator's Bond. 1848.  (Note: need to research in Oglethorpe Co., annual
     returns books, etc.

Info: Dan Sadberry, has her birth between 1760 and 1770.  She owned Gold Lottery of Georgia in 1832 in
Oglethorpe Co.
NAME                             MILTIA DIST.                LOT              DIST            SECTION
Mary Arthur                       Halls                          564               19                    3
John Arthur                          "                             187               12                    1
John Arthur                          "                             545                 2                    4
She appeared on the census in 1840 Oglethorpe Co., GA. 1840 Oglethorpe Co., GA Census Returns:
ages: 20-30-60-70     
Males  1        0
Females1      1
Males: 20 -30: Talbot; Female: 20 - 30: Margaret;  60 - 70: Mary.  Until proven, the name Lucille Bonn has
been noted as being the wife of Barnabas Arthur, this may have been the name of his firt wife.          
Children of *BARNABAS ARTHUR and UNK are:
 ii. JOHN H. ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1797, Bedford Co., VA.
 iii. MARY "POLLY" ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1794 - 1800, VA; d. Aft. 1830, Place unknown; m. JOHN WILLIAMSON, 31 December 1828, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

Ted Brooke:  Place of death and burial unknown.
1.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187: (Barnabas Arthur had)
     1 female 16-20  (Mary)
2.  1828, 32 Dec: Oglethorpe Co., GA., marriage record:  Mary Arthur & John Williamson
3.  1830 census (County and page?); Gary Arthur reports she is age 30-40.
4.  1840, 1850 census:  not found in Oglethorpe Co., GA. 

Information from Kirk Arthur <[email protected]>  More information from Dan Sadberry and Linwood Arthur's files via Dan Sadberry, July 1999, <[email protected]>, [email protected]>

 iv. BURDITT ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1800 - 1804, VA?; d. 1833, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

Ted Brooke: Burial in unknown cemetery.
Primary sources:  
1.   1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187: (Barnabas Arthur head) 1 male 16-26 (Burditt Arthur).
2.   1830 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 102: Burditt Arthur:
       1 male 5-10                         1 female 15-20  (Margaret)
       1 male 15-20 (Talbot)          1 female 20-30  (Jane)
       1 male 20-30 (Burditt)         1 female 50-60  (Mary, mother of Burditt)
3.    1833, 4 Nov:  Oglethorpe Co., GA, administrator's bond (Book & page?)

Kirk Arthur has his birthdate as abt. 1792 in VA. 

 v. ELIZABETH ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1805 - 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Aft. 1828, unknown; m. WILLIAM ZUBER, 10 January 1828, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

Ted Brooke:  Primary Sources:
1.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187:  (Barnabas Arthur head)
     1 female 10-16  (Elizabeth).
2.  1828, 10 Jan:  Oglethorpe Co.,GA., marriage record-Elizabeth Arthur & William Zuber.
3.  1830 census:  Williamson  Zuber(county & page?).  1 female 30-40.
4.  Gary Arthur found no later listing of William (etc) Zuber in any later Oglethorpe Co., GA census.
     (What about anywhere in GA.?)
1.  Williamson (sic) Zuber is spelling given in Barnabas Arthur estate returns, Oglethorpe Co., GA,  1828
     and in the 1830 census conflicts with that given in the 1820 census.

 vi. JOHN ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1805 - 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Aft. 1820, unknown.

Notes for JOHN ARTHUR:
Ted Brooke:  Primary Sources:
1.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187:  (Barnabas Arthur head):
     1 male  10-16  (John Arthur)
2.  1830 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., pag 102:   John Arter (sic) note that this enumeration for John does
     not agree with the 1820 census):
     1 male  10-15       2 females  5-10
     1 male  30-40 (John)  2 females 10-15
                                        1 female 20-30 (wife, name unknown)
3.  1840 (and later) census:  not located.
1.  There is a marriage record of a John Arthur to Matilda Gibson on 08 Sep. 1817 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.,
     but that must be a different John Arthur.

Kirk Arthur has his birthdate as Abt. 1797 in Bedford Co., VA. Listed as John H. Arthur.

 vii. NANCY ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1805 - 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Bef. 03 March 1832, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

Ted Brooke:  Primary Sources:
1.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187: (Barnabas Arhtur head)
     1 female 10-16  (Nancy)
2.  1830 census, (county & page?):  John Eason head:
     1 male  5-10                                 1 female 5-10
     1 male 20-30                                1 female 10-15
     1 male 40-50                                1 female 15-20
                                                          2 females 20-30
3.  1832, 03 March:  Oglethorpe Co., GA., return on estate of Barnabas Arthur shows Nancy Arthur is
4.  1840 census (county & page?): John Eason, age 50-60, reported by Gary Arthur.
1.  1832, 03 March, Oglethorpe Co., GA., return on estate of Barnabas Arthur shows a John Eason  
     receiving a share for his deceased wife, Nancy Arthur; on 10 Dec 1807, there is a marriage in      Oglethorpe Co., GA, of Nancy Arthur and John Eason, but the dates do not agree; what is wrong here?
     One theory:  If Barnabas, father of Nancy, had been married prior to his marriage in 1800 to Mary      Burditt, Nancy may have been a child of that earlier marriage; if she IS the one who married in 1807,      then she was not in the Barnabas household in 1820, so who was that?
2.  Additional research needs to be done to check 1820 census for John Eason.

 viii. *THOMAS (SR) ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1805, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Oglethorpe Co. GA.
 ix. JANE ARTHUR, b. 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Aft. 1860, unknown.
 TALBOT (JOSEPH?) ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1812 - 1814, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Bef. 03 August 1874, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 xi. MARGARET ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1817 - 1820, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Aft. 1833, unknown; m. ALSEY L. LANDRUM, 29 August 1833, Green Co., GA.

Ted Brooke:  Primary Sources:
1.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187:  (Barnabas Arthur head):
      1 female under 10  (Margaret Arthur)
2.   1833 Oglethorpe Co., GA., return to estate of Barnabas Arthur, dec'd, shows that Margaret is a minor
      (under 16) at that time.
3.   1833, 29 Aug:  Greene Co., GA., marriage records (book & page?)


THOMAS (SR) ARTHUR (*BARNABAS (JR)4, *BARNABAS (SR)3, *JOHN (SR.)2, *THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1805 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died in Oglethorpe Co. GA.  He married *MARY (POLLY) WRIGHT 01 April 1830 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  She was born Bet. 1806 - 1810 in GA, and died in GA.

Notes for *THOMAS (SR) ARTHUR:
(2) Sarah's and (2) Thomas's listed on the 1860 Oglethorpe Co GA census.
Ted Brooke:  NOTES:
1.  1820 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 187: (Barnabas Arthur head)
     1 male 16-18   (Thomas)
2.  1830, 01 April:  Oglethorpe Co., GA., marriage record of Thomas Arthur & Mary Wright.

3.  1830 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA.,  page 103:  Thomas Arthur head:
     1 male  20-30    (Thomas)                     1 female 15-20  (Mary Wright)
                                                                   1 female 40-50  (Mother of Mary?)

4.  1840 census, Oglethorpe Co., GA., page 70 (234th Militia Dist.):
     1 male 5-10   (John B.)                          2 females under 5  (Elizabeth & Lucy)
     1 male 30-40 (Thomas)                         2 females 5-10   (Martha & Mary)
                                                                   1 female 20-30   (Mary)

5.  1850 census (30 June), Oglethorpe Co., GA., dwelling #15 (66th Div.):
     Thomas Arthur       42    male          farmer    $2000 Real Estate       b. GA
     Mary        "             29    female                                                          b. GA
     John B.    "             19    male          farmer                                         b. GA
     Mary        "             17    female                                                          b. GA
     Martha     "             13    female                                                          b. GA (age could possibly be 15)
     Elizabeth "             14    female                                                          b. GA
     Lucy         "             12    female                                                          b. GA.
     James      "             10    male                                                             b. GA
     Jane         "               8    female                                                          b. GA
     Thomas    "               6    male                                                             b. GA
     Matilda     "               3    female                                                          b. GA
     William B."           2/12   male                                                             b. GA

6.  1860 census (8 June), Oglethorpe Co., GA., 234th Dist., dwelling #52:
     Thomas Arthur        52   male           farmer      $2000 R.E.                 b. GA
     Mary          "            50   female                                                           b. GA
     Mary          "            26   female                                                           b. GA
     Martha       "            24   female                                                           b. GA
     Elizabeth   "            22   female                                                           b. GA
     Lucy          "            20   female                                                            b. GA
     Jane          "            18   female                                                            b. GA
     Thomas     "            14   male                                                               b. GA (2sons named Thomas?)          William     "               8  male                                                                 b. GA                
     Sarah        "              5   female                                                             b. GA (2 daus named Sarah?)
     Francis      "             5   female                                                              b. GA
     Sarah        "             4   female                                                              b. GA (2 daus named Sarah?)
     Thomas     "             3  male                                                                  b GA  (2 sons named Thomas?)

7. 1870 census: not located, but probably in Oglethorpe Co., GA.
8. 1884, 07 April:  Oglethorpe Co., GA, inventory & appraisment fo Thomas Arthur estate.
Also info from Kirk Arthur Feb. 11, 1999. [email protected]

Info: Dan Sadberry.  Thomas appeared on the 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860  census in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  He participated in the Gold Lottery of Georgia in 1832 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  He had an estate probated on
07 April 1884 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.
Children of *THOMAS ARTHUR and *MARY WRIGHT are:
 i. JOHN B.6 ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1831, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. SUSAN JANE JOHNSON, 19 August 1850, Oglethorpe Co., GA.

 ii. MARY ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1833 - 1834, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 iii. ELIZABETH ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1836 - 1838, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 iv. MARTHA ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1836, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 v. LUCY ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1838 - 1840, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 vi. JANE ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1842, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 vii. THOMAS ARTHUR, b. Bet. 1842 - 1846, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 viii. FRANCES ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1855, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 ix. SARAH (SALLY) ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1855, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 x. SARAH (2) ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1856, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 xi. WILLIAM B TAYLOR ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1850, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
148. xii. *THOMAS (TOM) ARTHUR, b. 21 June 1857, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Brady (Coleman) TX.
 xiii. JAMES ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1840, Oglethorpe Co., GA.
 xiv. MATILDA ARTHUR, b. Abt. 1847, Oglethorpe Co., GA.


THOMAS (TOM)6 ARTHUR (*THOMAS (SR)5, *BARNABAS (JR)4, *BARNABAS (SR)3, *JOHN (SR.)2, *THOMAS1) was born 21 June 1857 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died in Brady (Coleman) TX.  He married (1) *HATTIE M. BUTLER 22 April 1879 in ? Clark Co. GA (Source: Have copy of mar.rec. Name was misspelled "ARTER".), daughter of *WILLIAM BUTLER and *MELISSA SORROW.  She was born 23 January 1862 in ? Clark Co, GA, and died 12 November 1944 in Waco (McLennan) TX.  He married (2) MISSOURI BASSETT 1910 in Brady (Coleman) TX.  She was born 1909 in Brady (Coleman) TX.

Notes for *HATTIE M. BUTLER:
In 1985 when I started this research, I found that my Gr.Grandmother (Hattie Butler Arthur) had only a small cemetary marker.  This was found after much digging as the marker had sank into the ground about 5 or 6 inches. After calling the cem. office, it was dug up and replaced.  This continued to bother me
so in the summer of 1986 I ordered a small headstone of pink Georgia Granite for her grave. Two of her grandchildren, Jane Whitehurst Hawkins & Juanita Whitehurst Boyd also contributed to the cost.
Children of *THOMAS ARTHUR and *HATTIE BUTLER are:
 i. FANNIE ESTELLE7 ARTHUR, b. 16 September 1882, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA; d. 23 December 1957, Waco (McLennan) TX) 
Estelle was a seamstress and  she made dresses for a girl named Bonnie.  She always thought she was such a "Sweet little girl".  She didn't know that Bonnie was the girl of "Bonnie & Clyde fame".

 ii. CLAUDIA ADEL ARTHUR, b. 24 December 1884, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA; d. Corona (Riverside) CA.
 iii. OTIS WHITE ARTHUR, b. 01 March 1887, Athens (Clarke) GA; d. 18 March 1957, Lubbock (Lubbock) TX.
 iv. WILLIAM THOMAS ARTHUR, b. 04 January 1889, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA; d. 11 July 1892, Watkinsville (Oconee) GA.
v. HAMPTON CHESTER ARTHUR, b. 18 March 1889, Athens (Clarke) GA; d. 29 August 1973, Dallas (Dallas) TX.
vii. HOWARD BUTLER ARTHUR, b. 1893, Athens  (Clarke) GA; d. 22 July 1940, Dallas (Dallas) TX.
viii. *SUSAN JANE ARTHUR, b. 12 April 1897, GA.; d. 23 July 1969, Waco (McLennan) TX. She married (1)
James "Jim" T. Flint, Waco, McLennan, Tx.  She married (2) Herbert Monroe Whitehurst, Waco, McLennan, Tx.


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