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DNA and Genealogy—molecular genealogy is a new method of research used to enhance traditional genealogical, where DNA is used in association with written records. DNA is transmitted from one generation to the next. Some parts are passed almost unchanged, creating a strong link between generations, and can be of great help in reconstructing personal family histories. Since all have inherited genetic material from their ancestors, even very distantly related individuals share portions of this information. Likewise, the closer the relative, the greater the amount of shared genetic information. So, even though the entire DNA sequence of an individual is unique to that individual, similar genetic information can be found among those that descend from common ancestors. The objective is to establish family links among individuals, families, tribes and populations by using the information encoded in DNA. (source, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation)

For More information about DNA projects,
or to look for your surname, go to:

DNA Heritage
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Relative Genetics
Hadley Worldwide DNA Project
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation


GRIMES Surname DNA Project

Lisa Grimes
[email protected]
GRIMES Surname DNA Project Coordinator
Use the link below to join the Grimes Surname Project
and to purchase your DNA test at the Project's discount price.

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Tests available are: 12 loci, 25 loci and 37 loci.
Suggest that one of a line gets the 37, one the 25, and the rest 12.

            GOOD LUCK... and we hope that you find your family's roots.


Campbell Surname DNA Project

Group Administrator:  Kevin Campbell ([email protected])
Web Site:  http://www.waltier.com/dna.htm

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If you didn't find your Surname listed on any of these sites, you can use the link
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Barring this... you might make a short list of OCGA Surnames,
and check the above data base. The Coordinator names, emails,
are listed on each of the Surname Projects.


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