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Oglethorpe County Deeds


Samuel Colquet  to James Banks
 William Colquett to Robert, Samuel  Colquett and Beverly Guthery
John Colquett to Joseph,HenryColquett, Sherwood Wise, and William Andrews
William H. Colquitt Estate
Inventory and Appraisement of Estate of Henry P. Colquitt
Misc. Oglethorpe County Deeds
Sarah Banks, William Banks & Jonathan Colquitt
Estate of Edward V. Collier & William H. Lane
Deed of Property Mahala B. Collier
Deed - John Sloan to Josiah Lester (Leester)
John Jackson to Jessey Clay
Jessey Clay to Samuel Clay
Robert Smith and Mary W., wife to Alexander Lester
Henry Johnson and Nancy, his wife, to Lewis Lester


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