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Deed of Property Mahala B. Collier
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Mahala B. Collier
To Her Children and
Deed Book-U
Pages 86 & 87
Recorded Oglethorpe Co. , Ga.
(page 86)

State of Alabama] Know all men by these presents that I
County of Coosa ]  Mahala B. Collier of said County & State & daughter
   of Wilson Brooks deceased late of the County of
Oglethorpe and state of Georgia for and in Consideration of the sum of ten dollars to
me in hand paid by My Children & grandchildren hereinafter named for the mutual
love and affection I have for said Children & grandchildren do hereby bargain sell
Convey & assign to my Children William W. Collier  Theophilus E. Collier  Sarah M. Collier
Catherine M. Collier  Monthalene P. Collier  Inguntha C. Collier  Mahala M. Collier
Cassanda E. Collier  Cordelia A. Collier and to my Grand Children Eurena Collier
Sukanette Collier and Rufina Collier children of my deceased son Walker Collier all my
right title interest & claim whatever virtue at law or in Equity in and to any Legacy or
bequeath given to me or in anyway accruing to me under the last will & testament of
my deceased father Wilson Brooks late of said County of Oglethorpe & state of Georgia
& more particularly all my right title & interest & claim to said children & grand children
aforesaid in & to the Legacy bequeathed to me by the Last Will & Testament of said
Wilson Brooks & all interest due therein & of which legacy or share O P Brooks was named a
Trustee in said last will .  To have to hold to said Children & grand children
aforesaid forever the Claimant & interest herein granted
do witness my hand & seal this twenty fourth day of February   AD
1858       her
Attest      Mahala B.x Collier  (seal)
Robert M Cheny             mark
Willis Roberts
M D Mires

State of Alabama ] I William M. Brooks one of the Judges
Coosa County  ] of the Circuit Court of the State of Alabama
    A Presiding Judge of the first Judicial
Circuit of said state in which said County of Coosa do hereby Certify that
Robert M Cheny one of the subscribing witness to the deed of Conveyance
above & known to me appeared before me who after being sworn on oath
saith that the said Mahala B. Collier whose name is signed to the said Conveyance
as grantor executed & delivered the same on the day the same bearing date & for the
purpose therein named & that said witness affixed his name thereto as such witness
in the presence of said grantee & in the presence of the other subscribing witness
thereto Willis Roberts and M D Mires who signed their names as such witness in the
presence of said Mahala & were also present when said Mahala Executed said instrument
as afore said   As witness my
hand & seal this tenth March   AD 1858
     William M. Brooks
     Judge Circuit Court & C

(page 87)
State of Alabama ] I William T. Stubblefield Clerk of this
Coosa County  ] Circuit Court of said County of Coosa
    & state aforesaid do hereby Certify that the
above named William M. Brooks whose genuine signature is attached to
to the above named Certificate & was at the date of the same one of the
Judges of the Circuit Court of the County state of Alabama a presiding
Judge of the first Judicial Circuit of said state in which is situated said
County of Coosa that his official acts as such Judges are entitled to full
faith and credit that he is duly gratified and Commissioned according
to Law- As witness my hand and official seal at office this
15th day of March  AD 1858
      W T Stubblefield    Clerk

State of Alabama]I      William M. Brooks one of the Judges of
County of Coosa ] the Circuit Court of the state of Alabama &
   presiding Judge of  the first Judicial Circuit of
said state in which Circuit said county of Coosa is situated do hereby Certify that
William T. Stubblefield whose name is affixed to the above Certificate is Clerk
of the Circuit Court of said County of Coosa duly Commissioned & gratified
according to Law & that his attest aim is said Certificate was due form of Law &
made by the proper official & that his official acts are entitled to full faith & credit
     As witness my hand this 15th
Day of March  AD 1858 one thousand Eight hundred & fifty
    William M Brooks
Attest    Judge Circuit Court
Robert M Cheny
W D Davis  Recorded March 25th 1858
    C C Hammock  CLK

(Compliers note: Uzalla M. Collierís name appears in the Grantor Book index, but
not in the deed book. William Collier married Mahala Brooks in Oglethorpe
Co.,Ga 1820. He drew land in the 1827 land lottery, located in Heard Co. Ga.
He appears in the 1840 Heard Co., Ga. Census as being born between 1770 and 1780.
Wilson Brooks Will is recorded in Oglethorpe Co., Ga., Will book-D 1833-1866 book
# 82 pages 192, 193 & 194 ,. Recorded Nov. 9th 1846)


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