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Estate Deed of Edward V. Collier & William H. Lane
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Estate Deed of Edward  V. Collier
Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Deed Book-U, pages 440 & 441
8th day of Feb., 1861

(page 440)
Georgia          ] Whereas Francis P. Collier as the Administrator of
County of Oglethorpe ] Edward V. Collier late of said county dec’d after having given legal notice of his intentions to apply for leave to sell did obtain from this Court of Ordinary of said County had leave to sell the real estate belonging to said dec’d at the time of his death.  And whereas said administrator
after legal advertisement did on the first Tuesday in December 1861 Before the Court House door of said county between legal hours of Sale proceed to sell and did dispose to public outcry the tract of land herein after more particularly described When William H. Lane being the highest and last bidder, the same was knocked off to him for the sum of forty five hundred dollars with credit until the twenty fifth December 1861.  Now this indenture made this seventh day of February, 1861, between the said Francis P. as Administrator foresaid of the one part and the said William H. Lane of the same county of the other part.  Wittnessth, that in consideration of the promise and of said sum of money in hand received by the said Administrator the said Francis P. as Administrator foresaid, does by these presents bargain sell and convey unto the said Lane his heirs and assigns forever in Fee Simple all that tract of land in said County wherein said deceased lived at the time of his death on the waters of Indian Creek Containing one thousand and fifty six acres more or less, adjoining lands of Mary Cox,
Toby Harris Mathews, Robert Harrison, David W. Patman, Thomas Collier, William G. Collier, George H. Platt, David Phelps and others a plat of which said tract is hereunto annexed, marked exhibit A made out by George W. Whitehead County Surveyor of said County on the 7th day of Sept. 1860. Said plat representing corners and distances quantify & C and expressly made a part and parcel of this deed, the title whereof unto the said Lane his heirs and assigns the said Administrator will and by these presents does warrant against the claims of said administrator and against the claims of said estate.

In witness whereof the said Administrator has hereunto set his hand and Seal, the day and year aforesaid, to wit, 7th day Febr 1861
Signed Sealed and Delivered
Presence of    F .P. Collier (seal)
H. H. Hayes          of E. V. Collier dec’d
H. H. Hammock J. O. C.

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(plat on page 441)

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