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(Posted with permission from Paulette Moon - May 22, 2004)
Located off Simís Cross Road on dirt road to Finch Cemetery.  It is about .4 miles from Simís Cross Road off to the left approximately 1/10 mile on a small hill.

I ran across this cemetery many years ago and recorded the tombstones, thinking I might be able to connect them someday. That has not happened and at this point I think they are Afro-American. I found a Sam Finch and wife Janie, who were Black, in the Bowling Green District in the 1900 census and think that matches the Janie buried there. In any case, this cemetery is in certain danger of being overcome by the woods and destroyed by the pulpwood/paper companies. It does not appear in the
Oglethorpe County Cemetery Book or Miss Florrie Smith's book, so I hoped you could preserve it on the website.

Nancy Finch 1869 1907 15 years 
Janie Smith 1905
Bettie Finch 1894 1895
Richard Smith 8 weeks
John Easter Smith April 08, 1904 June 15, 1904
John Finch 1861 1905
Callie Finch 1895 wife of Randall Finch
age 41 years 
Janie Finch 1902 wife of Samuel 38 years
Annie Finch 1892 1893

There are a more graves unmarked or marked with fieldstone only.
There is also an area fenced in for several graves but none had readable markers.


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