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Jones Family Bible
Contributed by Billie Jones <[email protected]>
(Posted with her permission)


Jones Family

Bible Records Including individuals born in Oglethorpe Co, Ga. Jones Family
Submitted by Billie Jones  [email protected]

Records from the Bible of Descendants of Mary Maggie JONES b: December
05, 1876 in Banks Co., Ga d: October 20, 1963  Burial: Silver Brook
Cemetary, Anderson, SC
Married first +John FLEEMAN m: April 20, 1899 in Oglethorpe Co, Ga 
*2nd Husband of Mary Maggie JONES:   Herman Gaines Haynes b: November 25,
1860 d: April 30, 1930 m: June 29, 1906 in Holly Creek Church, Madison
Co., Ga Burial: Silver Brook Cemetary, Anderson, SC

The grandson who has the Bible did not make a copy of the title page for
me to get the date, but his mother Evelyn Haynes Taylor, daughter of
Maggie Jones identified the Bible and writing as that of her mother.
Evelyn died from Pneumonia March, 2000 at age 91.  She was vital in mind
and spirit right up to the end.

The following are the best transcriptions I can make of a copy of a Bible
that is falling apart, and torn. Commas added are mine and comments in
[].  Spelling was left as is.


L. N. Jones was bornd December the 15, 1853  [Lewis Newell Jones b. Hall
Co. son  of  CW soldier Jonathan Teverton Jones d AL. and Mary
Butterworth.  L. N.  born in Popular Springs, Hall Co]
Emily Jones was bornd October the 26th 1845  [nee Dodd, d/o "Lige" Dodd
and Martha Shaw nothing is known of this line yet]
E.D. Jones was bornd September the 30th 1873 [Decatur Jones s/o L.N. and
Emily Dodd Jones]
Maggie Jones was bornd December the 5, 1876 [Mary Maggie b. Banks Co, Ga.
d/o L.N. and Emily Dodd Jones  married 1) Fleeman,  Oglethorpe Co, Ga.
2) Haynes,  Madison Co., Ga
Missouri Jones was bornd November the 3, 1878 [d/o L.N. and Emily Dodd
Jones  m John Thomas Perry]
J.D. Jones was bornd October the 21, 1882 [James Dock Jones b. Banks Co,
Ga. s/o L.N. and Emily Dodd Jones m  1909 Alma Ada Huff      b.
Oglethorpe Co, d/o James R. Huff and Sallie Ward]
Caly Fleman was bornd february the 19, 1900 [born Oglethorpe co, Ga. d/o
Mary Maggie Jones and John Fleeman.]
Paul Fleman was bornd October the 10, 1901 [born Oglethorpe co, Ga s/o
Mary Maggie Jones and John Fleeman]

Clarinda Jones was Bornd Septber the 31, 1867 [this seems like a
different handwriting.  Believed to be the second wife of L. N. Jones m 1908.]
Janey Jones was Bornd  Sept the 11, 1909 [do not know who this is]


Mrs. Emily E. Jones died Mon the 13, 1907 [or is it Mar?] [see above nee Emily elizabeth Dodd]
E.D. Jones died February the 2, 1895 age 22 yr, 2 months and 2 days old.
[see above]
Jamey Jones died Sept the 11, 1909 [do not know who this is]
Jakie Jones was Born Jan 28, 1911 and died May the 24, 1911 [[do not know who this is]
Mr. L. N. Jones Died May the 6, 1933. [in Madison Co, Ga. see above]

[The next several copied pages looks like it is from a different Bible since the decorative edging on the Birth/Death/Marriages/ Memorandum pages are different from above.  In very poor condition and hard to read pencil writing spelling is poor but I typed as is.]


Caly Fleeman was bornd February 19, 1900 [born Oglethorpe co, Ga., d/o Mary Maggie Jones and 1st husband John Fleeman]
Paul Edward Fleeman was bornd October 10, 1901  [born Oglethorpe co, Ga., s/o Mary Maggie Jones and 1st husband John Fleeman]
Mary Evelyn Haynes and Emily Hayner Twins was bornd Febuary the 11, 1904 [in Madison Co., Ga,  d/o Mary Maggie Jones and 2nd husband M. Herman Gaines Haynes]
Liley May Haynes was Bornd  August the 18, 1912  [d/o Mary Maggie Jones and 2nd husband M. Herman Gaines Haynes]
Lodellar Haynes was bornd June the 30, 1914   [d/o Mary Maggie Jones and 2nd husband M. Herman Gaines Haynes]
Anney May Horn was bornd September the 25, 1915   [d/o Caly Fleeman and Robert Horn]
Maybell Haynes was bornd May the 30, 1916  [d/o Mary Maggie Jones and 2nd husband M. Herman Gaines Haynes]


Cally fleeman and Robert Horn was Married May the 10, 1914 [in Oglethorpe Co, Ga. d/o Mary Maggie Jones and 1st husband John Fleeman]
Paul Fleeman and  [can't read] were maried March the 25, 1923 [have been told her name was Maude Davis] [in Oglethorpe Co, Ga. s/oMary Maggie Jones and her 1st husband John Fleeman]
[trnnner bay] and Emily Haynes was maried June the 15, 1925 [have been given the surname Kay and it shows up easier to read in other places.  ]


[ An entire line that I cannot read. Looks like it could possibly be a Horn died age 37]
Maybell Haynes died May the 30, [1916]  [if I read this right it is the same as her birthrate] [see above]
Baby Horn died March the 31, 192? [d/o Cally Fleeman and Robert Horn]
Pauline Horn died June the 8, 192[6]  [d/o Cally Fleeman and Robert Horn]
H. ?. Haynes died April 28, 193[4]  S.C. State Hospital at 11:23 o'clock age 60.  [this is Herman Haynes, husband to Maggie Jones and father to the other Hayneses listed.]


Edner Darrer kay was bornd November the 29, 1929 [d/o Emily Haynes and ? Kay]
Mameyrne Horn bornd August the 30, 1916 [other family members  identified this as Mamie Sue d/o Cally Fleeman and Robert Horn]
[Gracy] Horn was bornd August the 12, 1918 
[Torn page] Haynes was bornd  [torn and unreadable]
Maggie Jones was bornd December the 5, 1876

Ruby May [Lutral] Horn was Bornd July the 18, 1922
[?]Horn was Bornd August the 27, 1923
Pauline Horn was bornd September ?, 1925
Mary Mildren Kay was bornd October the 25, 1926
frances sybll Kay was bornd June the 22, 1928

BIBLE REOCRDS OF ADA ALMA HUFF JONES wife of James Dock Jones.  The Bible was lent to me by Onzell Jones Esco , the daughter of Alma Ada Huff and James Dock Jones.

 A good portion of the Old Testament is missing , but the sheets to write births/deaths./mearriages were in the middle between Old and New Testament.  There is no front page, but I the center is the following information;

Red Letter Art Edition with the words of Jesus Printed in Red.
NEW TESTAMENT of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Showing in simple form all changes, additions and omissions made by the revisers, and enabling all readers to see at a glance wherein the two version differ. Translated out of the Origianl Tongues and with the former Translations diligently compared and Revised.  Conformabel to the Edition of 1611, commonly known ats the Authorized or King James Version

At the botton it has a globe surrounded by rays.  On the globe is a book entitled Holy Bible, a "belt across the botton 2/5 stating "The Light of the World".  The world is resting on a book and below are the words "Trade Mark"  There is no date that I can find in the portion of the Bible that remains. 

MARRIAGES:  Center page:

What Therefore God Hath Joined Together  Let Not Man Put Asunder:
This is to Certify
That:  Mr. James Dock Jones  And Miss Alma Ada Huff Were Jointed in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony
At [home of ] Mr. James R. Huff on the 8 day of November in the year of
our Lord 1908
In Presence of a Large Congeration (sic) signed By Brother Phil Davis

Another plain marriage page has the same marriage listed,  No other
marriages entered into to Bible.

BIRTHS [all are the children of James Dock and Ada Alma Huff Jones. Some of the births are out of order, which leads me to think that the Bible was filled in by Granny [Ada Jones] at a later date and not as the children were born.]

Louis Jim Jones was born March the 23, 1911  Madison Co, Ga 
Thomas Watson Jones was born Jan 2, 1912   Oglethorpe Co, Ga. 
Ralph Columbus Jones was born May the 6, 1914, Oglethorpe Co, Ga.
Georgia Mazell Jones was Born Dec the 4, 1915 Oglethorpe Co. Ga.
Walter Decator Jones was Born May the 28, 1917
James Dock Jones, Jr. was born May 5, 1926
Pauline Jones was born June the 7, 1918
Philip Lathanel Jones was born Jan 11, 1920, Oglethorpe Co, Ga.
George Edward Jones was born July the 20, 1921, Oglethorpe Co, Ga.
Dossie Lee was bonr July the 1, 1924
Onzelle Jones was Born Sept the [cannot read asked Onzelle herself and
she gave me September 23, 1923 Oglethorpe co, Ga.]
Henry Coyle Jones was born April 16, 1928 [can't read Coyle gave me the
following: Toomsboro, Wilkinson Co., Ga.]


Louis Jim Jones died March the 25, 1911
Mrs. Sallie Huff Died July the 23, 1912 at half past one oclock in the evening [this is Sarah T. Frances (Sallie) WARD mother of Ada Jones.
She married James Richard HUFF February 27, 1887, Oglethorpe Co, Ga.
Jim Mitchell Huff died Aug. the 29, 1912 [This was Ada Huff's baby brother who was born June 16, 1912.  His mother died 1 mo after birth]
Sue Huff died the 21 day of January 1917 [have no idea who this is??]
Pauline Jones died June the 7, 1918  [*] [Buried Vesta Church Cem, Oglethorpe Co, Ga.]
Walter Jones died June the 13, 1918 He was a year and 15 days old Died
in Evening.  [*]
George Edward Jones died July the 25, 1921, he was 5 days old Died in morning.
Dossie Lee Jones died July 10, 1924
L.N. Jones died May 6, 1933 evening [this is father of James Dock Jones more information above in Mary Maggie Jones' Bible]
Mrs. L. N. Jones died Nov 19, 1907 evening  [NOTE the difference between
Maggie Jones date of Nov 13, and this date of Nov. 19 she was the wife of L. N. Jones and the former Emily E. Dodd]
Henry Coyle Jones, Jr. died July 20, 1972 [grandson of Ada Huff and James Dock Jones, was killed in a wreck]

[*Both Pauline Jones and Walter Jones died in the 1918 flu epedimic. Their father almost died as well.  He was so ill he could not work his farm, and the family lost everything.]