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Family Bible record of J. Dawson Elders
Contributed by: Faye Dyess   <[email protected]>
(Posted with permission from Faye Dyess)
Present owner; Courtney B. Elder, Arnoldsville, Ga. Rt. 1.


Family Bible record of J. DAWSON ELDER
Oglethorpe County, Georgia

This certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated
between J. Dawson Elder of Clark County, Ga. And 
Mattie P. Aycock of
Oglethorpe Co., Ga. On the 20th of Dec. At Seaborn R. Aycock's 
by Rev John Calvin Johnson
of Watkinsville, Clark County Ga In - 1865

Our Father, J. D. Elder was born May the 8 - 1842
Our Mother Mattie P. Elder was born Jan the 25, 1847

Eddie D. Elder was born Oct the 19, 1866
Charlie E. Elder was born Oct. 25, 1868
Minnie L. Elder was born Feb. 12, 1876
Anna Rubie Elder was born May 27, 1877
Emory A. Elder was born Dec. 16, 1881
Seaborn Allie Elder was born Sept. 1, 1883
Preston Elder was born Sept. 4, 1884
Courtney B. Elder was born Feb. 7, 1886
Mary Janette Elder was born May 8, 1887
Eula Clyde Elder was born Mar. 29, 1893


Eddie Dawson Elder died August the 20, 1868
J. D. Elder died May 1, 1917
Mrs. Mattie Aycock Elder died Feb. 3, 1930

Bible published by New World Publishing Co. - 1870


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