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The Henry L. Britain Family Bible
(Posted with permission from Tom Brittain - May 22, 2004)


The Henry L. Britain Family Bible
Georgia:  Oglethorpe County
Bible Family Records Britain Family
Property of Henry Britain

Mary Melvina Britain was born April 08, 1818
Luza Britain was born February 9, 1821
Susy Hardman Britain was born June 23, 1823
Nancy Britain wife of Henry Britain departed this life May 08, 1824. 
Aged 30 years and 4 months.
Henry Britain and Louise Britain was married September 08, 1825
Louisa Britain was born in the year of our Lord 1800 January 8th.
Martha Jane Britain daughter of Henry and Louisa Britain was born June 18, 1826.
Jack L. Britain was born 22 June 1828.
William H Britain was born July 13, 1830
George W Britain was born June 13, 1832
Sealy was born March 1809.  Rachael was born 1820
Edmund was born Sept 1823
Miles was born Aug 1825
Vina was born in the year Jan 16, 1824
Floyd was born in the year 1837 January 16
Emily was born in the year 1843 February 14
Adalina was born in the year 1863 February 14
Charles was born in the year 1845 June the 4th
Nancy was born in the year 1845 November

Abram Crowley was born December 28, 1775
Susannah Crowley was born July 5th, 1779
Polly Crowley daughter of the above was born January 26, 1801
Thomas Crowley was born June 5th, 1802.
Nancy Crowley was born April 5th, 1804
Patsy Crowley was born January 4th, 1806
Cynthia Crowley was born October 12th, 1807
Elizabeth Crowley was born May 25th, 1809
Susy Crowley was born July 02, 1812
Judea Crowley was born March 1st, 1815
Benagy Crowley was born September 30th, 1816
Sophia Crowley was born October 29th, 1818
Abram Crowley departed this life 23rd August 1823
Susannah Crowley in quick susession after her husband departed this life     September 30th, 1823
George Britain departed this life on July 8th, 1825 aged 82 years and 8 months.

The Holy Bible containing the old and new testaments.  Translated out of the 
original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and 
revised.  Boston: Printed by Greenough and Stebbins and sold by them at their 
office, Suffolk-bldgs, Congress Street and by the Principal booksellers in 
the United States.   1809


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