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Meriwether County, Ga. Genealogical Resources

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Information Available
sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) U.S. Census reports are available for Meriwether County from 1830 to 1920.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Wills and estate documents, as well as other genealogical information, are available from the Meriwether County Judge of Probate Court, P. O. Box 608, Greenville, GA 30222. 706-672-4952.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) For all other information, contact the Meriwether County Courthouse,
Post Office Box 428, Greenville, GA 30222. 706/672-1314.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce
91 Broad Street, Post Office Box 9, Warm Springs, GA 31830. 706-655-2558.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Georgia Vital Records (birth and death certificates (beginning 1919)
Georgia Vital Records Unit, Georgia Department of Human Resources, 2600 Skyland Drive, N. E., Atlanta, GA 30319-3640. 404-679-4701.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) County Legal Newspaper
Meriwether Vindicator, P. O. Box 9, 3051 Roosevelt Hwy., Greenville, GA 30222, 706-846-3188.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Meriwether Historical Society
P. O. Box 741, Greenville, GA 30222

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Greenville Library
2323 Gilbert Street, Greenville, GA 30222. 706-672-4004.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Pine Mountain/Manchester Library
218 W. Perry Road, Manchester, GA 31816. 706-846-3851.

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Georgia Archives
5800 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, GA 30260. 678-364-3700

Meriwether Genealogy Pages
The Meriwether County genealogy page at
Phil Tidwell
Bill Strozier
Cari Spanos
Write to one of them about joining.

Cari Spano also has a Meriwether genealogy page.
Cari's page

Phil Tidwell's web page at also includes some valuable Meriwether resources, including the 1910 county map. Write Phil about joining.
Phil Tidwell

Fuller Family Genealogy
Jon F. Fuller

American History and Genealogy Project
Meriwether County page

Books in print about Meriwether County include:

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Several volumes of 19th century marriage licenses

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) "Brooks of Honey and Butter," a two-volume set on prominent 
    Meriwether families and plantations

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) "Meriwether County, Ga. Cemeteries" by Priscilla Turner

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) A compilation of articles printed in the Meriwether Vindicator featuring 
   county pioneers

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) Historical Account of Meriwether County 1827-1974 by Regina P. Pinkston

sdi_gr.gif (870 bytes) The Heritage of Meriwether County Georgia 1827-2004

Meriwether Maps 

BULLETopal.GIF (1383 bytes) Meriwether Map
Showing the location of cities and towns within the county 
BULLETopal.GIF (1383 bytes) Google Maps 
Interactive map service, useful for locating places
in Meriwether County and elsewhere
BULLETopal.GIF (1383 bytes) Georgia County Map
Showing the location of Meriwether County within the state
BULLETopal.GIF (1383 bytes) Historical Meriwether County Maps
with links to other Georgia counties
BULLETopal.GIF (1383 bytes) 1910 Property Tax Map (downloadable)
BULLETopal.GIF (1383 bytes) Militia Districts

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