William & Sintha Cheek - Revolutionary Pension Application

William & Sintha Cheek
Revolutionary Pension Application


Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832

State of Georgia
County of Franklin

On this tenth day of September in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty two, personally appeared before the Inferior Court now sitting for Ordinary purposes, William Cheek, a resident of Capt. Watson’s District in the county and State aforesaid, aged about Eighty years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States in the year 1777 in the Militia of South Carolina in Laurens District as a volunteer under Capt William Berry, was marched to Rabuns Creek on the Indian Frontier to guard against the Indians and was stationed there three months and was discharged by Capt. Berry, returned home and staid three months, and

Again volunteered and under the same officer, and was stationed on the same Indian border for another tour of three months, Colonel John Hunter commanded in both tours, served in this last tour his three months and was discharged by Capt. Berry.

Again volunteered at Laurens aforesaid under Capt. Lewis Duvall & Col. Benjamin Kilgore in the year 1779 & was marched to the aforesaid Indian border and was there stationed until his three months expired and he was discharged by Capt. Lewis, returned home & staid three months.

Served every alternate three months on that border for four years from the time he entered first & was under the command of the two officers Captains aforesaid which makes his service under them two years. Was in no battles during the time and never was stationed at any other place, than the Block house station aforesaid, the particular name of which he does not recollect.

Does not recollect any person now in life that was in service with him & therefor could not prove his services.

1.  Was born in North Carolina 29th September 1752.

2.  There was a record in the school Bible which was lost at school by his children.

3.  When he entered the service he lived in Laurens District South Carolina & lived there until 1804 when he removed to Pendleton District in said State & lived there until 1818 and then removed to his present residence, where he has remained ever since.

4.  Always volunteered.

5.  Was no regular Continental officers in command where he was stationed.

6.  Received eight or nine discharges from Capts. Berry & Duvall, but they are all lost.

7.  Is known to Joseph & William Attaway who reside in his neighborhood and to John Bamblett preacher of the gospel, all of whom can testify to his veracity & character & to their belief of his having been a soldier of the Revolution.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any State within his knowledge & belief.

William Cheek

Sworn to & subscribed in open court the day & year first above written.
Thos. Long, Clk

State of Georgia
County of Franklin

On this the 27th day of May A.D. 1853, personally appeared before me, W. F. Bowers, one of the Justices of the Inferior Court of said county, Sintha Cheek who resides in said State and county and after being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of a late Pension Law approved February 3rd 1853 entitling all widows of Revolutionary characters who were married since A.D. 1800 in the same manner as those who were married previous to that time. That she is the identical widow of William Cheek deceased who died in said county and that he the said William Cheek was a Revolutionary soldier and that during his life he made application for a pension. That his name was inscribed as a Revolutioner on the Pension Georgia List, and that he obtained and held in his possession a pension certificate and regularly drew a pension till he died at rate of Ninety six dollars per annum, paid at Savannah Georgia.
She further declares that she was lawfully married to the said William Cheek on the 13th day of Sept. 1821 by Charles W. Christian, a Justice of the Peace, as will seen by a certified copy of the record of said marriage, hereunto annexed. She further states that she was married in the county of Elbert State of Georgia.

She also declares that the said William Cheek died on the (16th) sixteenth day of April A.D. 1845 and that she has remained a widow ever since that time.

Sintha Cheek
W. F. Bowers, JIC

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and date above written.

State of Georgia
County of Franklin

On this the 20th day of June in the year 1855 personally appeared before me, Angus Johnson, an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said county, Sintha Cheek, a resident of said county, and after being duly sworn according to law, deposeth and saith on oath, that she is the identical Sintha Cheek who obtained a pension certificate by virtue of the services of her husband William Cheek who was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, that she obtained said certificate under act of Congress 3rd Feb 1853 which certificate bears date 31st day of Oct 1853 (No. 2722). She declares she was married to the said William Cheek, and that he died, and that she is now a widow. She makes this declaration to obtain the benefit of an act of Congress approved March 3rd 1855. She refers to the testimony accompanying her declaration for pension, together with the following, to establish her identiy.

She also declares that she does not know whether her husband ever drew any bounty land or not, and that she never has in any way whatever, and therefore makes this showing that she may obtain the amount to which she is entitled by provision of said act of 1855.

She also hereby appoints and authorises W. F. Bowers to receive from the Department her land warrant if granted.

Sworn and subscribed before me this day and year first above written.

Sintha Cheek

I do certify that I am personally acquainted with the said Sintha Cheek whose signature is above, also have knowledge of the truth of her statement and am not concerned in the result of this claim in any way whatever.

Angus Johnson, JP

Elbert County

These are to authorize and permit you to join in the Honorable State of Matrimony William Cheek, of the one part, and Miss Sinthia Coker, of the other part, according to the Rites of your Church (provided) there be no lawful cause to obstruct the same, and this shall be your authority for so doing.
Given under my hand as Clerk of the Court of Ordinary of said County this 1st day of September 1821.
Jos. Watson, CCO

To any Minister of the Gospel, Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court, or Justice of the Peace to celebrate.


I do hereby certify that William Cheek and Miss Sintha Coker were joined together in the Holy Bans of Matrimony by me on the 13th day of September 1821.      C. W. Christian, JP

Georgia – Ordinary’s Office
Elbert County

I, William B. Nelms, Ordinary in and for the County of Elbert, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing half page contains a true copy of the "Marriage License" and of the "Certificate of Marriage" of William Cheek and Miss Sintha Coker, as the same now remains on file and record in my office.

Given under my hand as Ordinary as aforesaid, and the seal of office, at Elberton, in said county, the 31st day of May 1853.

Wm. B. Nelms

Arrears of Pension

State of Georgia
Jackson County

Be it known, that before me, W. L. Webb, a Justice of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid, duly authorized by law to administer oaths, personally appeared L. M. Cheek and made oath in due form of law that (a) he is the son of (b) Cynthia Cheek, widow of William Cheek, the identical person who was a pensioner, and is now dead, and to whom a certificate of pension was issued which is (a) lost or destroyed and after due search and inquiring cannot be found. That the deceased pensioner resided in the Town of in the county of Jackson and State of Georgia for the space of about five years before her death and that previous thereto she resided in the county of Franklin State of Georgia. Countermanding and revoking all former authority that may have been given, hereby constitute and appoint Charles C. Tucker, Washington City, DC, attorney to obtain from the United States the arrears of pension due the above named pensioner at his death. Sworn and subscribed before me, this day of      .

L. M. Cheek

State of Georgia
County of Jackson

I, T. L. Ross, Ordinary & Ex Officio Clerk of the court of Ordinary holden at Jefferson in and for the county of Jackson do hereby certify that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited to said court that Cynthia Cheek was a pensioner of the United States at the rate of Ninety six dollars per annum, and died in the county of Jackson in the State of Georgia in the year 1860 on the 17th day of November, that she left (d) L. M. Cheek, a son (the only child living at the time of her death), that she left grandchildren – M. J. Cheek, Lycis Cheek, Lamanthus Cheek and Columbus Cheek, the children of Charles W. Cheek, a son who died before said pensioner.

I further certify that W. L. Webb, Esq., before whom the foregoing affidavit was made, and whose genuine signature appears thereto, is a Justice of the Peace duly commissioned and sworn, and that all his official acts as such are entitled to full faith and credit.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto affixed my seal of office, and subscribed my name, this 28 day of May AD 1872.

Thos. L. Ross, Ordinary
& Ex Officio Clerk

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