Shiloh Baptist Church - Charter Members

Shiloh Baptist Church
Charter Members

Organized 1869


Wallace, James   
Lively, Joseph   
Compton, C. T. (Clark)   
Bond, J. E. (Joseph)   
Ceeke, J. H. (Cheek)   
Bond, J. E. (Joseph)   
Bruce, H. W.   
Veal, A. F. (Alexander)   
Veal, Alexander   
Fortson, B. A. (Bennia)   
Bruce, Matthew   
Bruce, J. M. (John)   
Bruce, C. J.   
May, W. R.   
Dove, J. J.   
Tickrell, B. F.   
Veal, John   
Boswell, S. T.   
Tolbert, J. I.   
Bray, E. F.   
Dove, Thomas   
Queen, W. H.   
Sorrow, Thomas   
Barnett, Arch H.   
Adkinson, William   
Willard, J. W.   
Bruce, Harvey W.   
Brackenridge, L. C.   
Rice, J. M.   
Asa M. Rice   
Stephens, J. C.   
Dove. E. F.   
Beard, S. P.   
Bond, J. H. (Jack)   
Bryant, J. W. (James)   
Saxton, M. A. (Sexton)   
Coil, W. G.   
Coil, E. M.   
Scarborough, Elisha   
Saylors, John   
Fortson, R. E.   
Wood, Aus   
Dove, J. Y.   
Atkison, J. R.   
Meroney, W. B.   
Tickrell, B. H. R.   
Crumpton, Thomas
Veal, James   
Hill, A.   
Sorrow, J. T.   
Saxton, John   
Anderson, Joseph   
Queen, L. D.   
Murry, J. E.   
Daniel, James T.   
Scarbrough, R. F.   
Rice, J. H.   
Bruce, T. P.   
Aron, Thomas   
Clark, Minton C.   


Isaiah Stovall
Jerry Stovall
Hager Stovall
May McWhorter




Wallace, Nancy
Deene, Mary
Phipps, Gusta A.
Bond, Margaret
Anderson, Tresay
Burnet, Perneacy
Dean, Martha
Bond, Ophelier
Amanda Lively
Mary F. Bruce
Sara Bruce
Sara J. Veal
L.J. Fortson
Allis L. Fortson
Nancy Porter
Barbra R. Bruce
Mary Dove
J.C. Fortson
Sara Atkinson
G.A. Sorrow
S.A. Veal
S. J. Dove
E.H. Carter
E.A. Gunells
M.M.M. Tickrell
Jane Veal
Lewly Coil
F.E. Deen
Sara Gunnels
Elizabeth Dove
L. Burns
Jane Dove
Elizabeth Looney
Mary Suddeth
C.M. Dove
Mary Dickson
F.T. Cunningham
Modenia Witson (Watson) (Wilson)
Mary Sarton (Sartain)
Anna Queen
Penina Beard
Rehecca Atkinson
Melita Lively
Mary Ann Queen
Martha C. Bryant
Sarah J. Scarborough
Olevier Power
Mary Bruce
Hilica Scarberrough
Adaline Veal
Martha Veal
Mary C. Fortson
Rachael Cheeks
Nancy Saylors
Lina Dove
Sara Clark
M.J. Fortson
Martha Megarety (McGarity)
M.M. Veal
L.F. Bruce
F. Ingram
L.F. Scarberrough
I.W. Tickrell
Sara Dove
Margaret Mays
E.E. Saxtuii
M.E. Tolbert
Marget Queene
M.A. Bryant
V.P. Burns
Royster Rice
Nancy McEwen
Nancy Bryant
Saraj. Dove
S.C. Dove

Submitted by Charlotte Collins Bond

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