Shiloh R E Fortson

Shiloh Baptist Church

R. E. "Dickie" Fortson

11-20-1824 -- 2-19-1897

Richard Easton Fortson, one of our founding fathers, was born in Elbert County, Georgia. He was the son of Thomas Fortson III and great-grandson of the Revolutionary soldier, Lt. Thomas Fortson, Jr.

Richard married Lucy Jane Campbell of Elbert County when she was only fourteen years old and he was just seventeen. They were to have fourteen children in their marriage. Lucy was an expert horsewoman which proved to be a great advantage for both of them some twenty years later.

When Richard was thirty-two years old, he and Lucy were charter members of Mill Shoal Baptist Church. They moved to the Bond community and in 1869 he helped form Shiloh church and years later he moved to Danielsville and was a founding father of Danielsville Baptist Church. He and Lucy are buried beside the Danielsville Presbyterian Church.

Richard enlisted in the Confederate Army as a Pvt. on July 15, 1861. He was with the Elbert County Fireside Guards, Co C 15th Ga. Regiment. You have to admire his courage and his loyalty to the South, but his zeal did not compensate for the fact that he was a frail man, 37 years old and the father of eleven children. He was discharged a year later on August 9, 1862 with an unnamed disability. His wife, Lucy rode a horse to the hospital in Richmond, Virginia to get her husband and brought him back home. Keep in mind that the Civil War was raging and she was a woman riding horseback alone. She did not intend to raise eleven children alone. Three more children were born to them by 1873.

Elmira, his first born, married William W. Beard, also a Civil War soldier. They are the ancestors of Deacon George Collins. Their eighth child was Thomas Ed Fortson who married Nancy Scarbrough. They are the ancestors of Deacon Dwight Fortson. Ben Ace Fortson was their tenth child and he married Martha Sartain. He is the ancestor of Faye Adams Nash, wife of Deacon Elis Nash.

The following members or children of members who attend church here are direct descendants of Richard Fortson.

Elmira - b. 1844
George D. Collins
Charlotte Bond
Ruth Howell
Charles Collins
Kenneth Collins
George T. Collins
Becky Eubanks
Sherry Crawford
Natalie Crawford
Melanie Crawford
Jennifer Crawford
Linnie Collins
Brittani Collins

Tom Ed - b. 1855
Dwight Fortson
Betty F. Carey
Debbie McCants
Denise Thomas
Jordon Thomas
Ryan Thomas
Mike Fortson
Chris Fortson
Linda Patrick
Wayne Patrick
Cheryl Brock

Ben Ace - b. 1859
Ruth A. Fortson
Faye Nash
Elaine Belfield
Christy Belfield
Teresa Spratlin
Renee Wilkes
Josh Spratlin
Jennifer Spratlin
Nelson Nash
Adam Nash
Lindsey Nash
Linda Minish

  Submitted by Charlotte Collins Bond

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