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Contributed by Glenda Walker

New Hope Presbyterian Church was constituted in the year of our Lord 1788 by the Reverand John Newton with William Hodge and David Adams elders. In 1789 William Luckie was received as an elder from Long- 1/2Cane Church, Abbeville, South Carolina. ln 1790 Robert Cowden and David Ewing were ordained as elders by the Reverend John Newton. In the same year (1790) William Appleby and James Leaper were received as elders from Big-Spring Church, Cumberland Co., Pa. At this time the church consisted of about sixty (60) members in full communion. Reverend John Newton died in 1796 and the church was left without a pastor for the next two years; but was occasionally supplied by Reverend Francis Cummins, D.D. and Reverend John Springer. In 1799 the church obtained one half of the Labors of Reverend William Montgomery who continued to minister to the church until the close of the year 1810, during which time William Fergus and Samuel Woods were ordained elders. About the year 1803 during the ministry of Rev. William Montgomery the church consisted of at least one hundred and eighty (180) communicants but was soon afterwards greatly reduced by emigration to Jackson Co. of this state and to the Duck-River purchase in Tennessee.

After the removal of Mr. Montgomery in 1810 the church was left almost wholly destitute of preaching until 1823 when she secured one fourth of the labors of Reverend John S. Wilson who supplied the church two years. During his ministry tho church which had been previously reduced to eleven members, was enlarged by the addition of more than thirty new communicants. January 31, 1824 Reverend John S. Wilson ordained Alexander Human and Samuel Woods, Jun., Elders.

In 1825 David Hamlet (?) supplied the church, and in 1826 Reverend ? Gamble. Next Reverend Joseph Y. Alexander preached to the church. From the beginning of 1827 to the close of 1830 during which time Col. Samuel Groves and David Evans Esqr. were ordained elders. During 1833 and 1834 the church enjoyed the ministrations of Reverend Henry Safford. From that time until January, 1836 the church was destitute, when Reverend H. C. Carter began to preach to her and continued during that year. Sometime in this year (1836) Benjamin W. Woods was ordained an elder by Reverend H. D. Carter, stated supply. In 1837 and 1838 Reverend James F. W. Freeman preached one fourth of his time.

The records of the Session of this church up to the year 1838, if any were kept, have been errecoverably lost.


New Hope Presbyterian Church
Established 1788
This history is included in a pamphlet provided by the church
Contributed by Ralph and Marilyn Human

In the autumn of l787, a colony of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians started from the neighborhood of Carlisle, Pa., to seek new homes in the wilds of Georgia. When they had nearly reached the Savannah River, they met a crowd of pioneers fleeing from Georgia before the infuriated savages. Several persons and some entire families had been ruthlessly murdered by the Indians. In consequence of these reported Indian outrages, most of the Pennsylvania emigrants stopped a year in Abberville County, South Carolina, and made a crop there in l788, and in the fall of the same year continued their journey to Georgia. They all settled in the same neighborhood between the north and south forks of Broad River, in what was then Wilkes County, 40 miles northwest of Washington.

These first settlers of what is now Madison County bore the names of Stephen Groves, John McCurdy, William Hodge, Griffeth, Leeper, Eberhart, Cochran, Calvert, Denny, Appleby, McElhannon, Atcherson, Vineyard, Woods, and Cleghorn. In a few years they were joined by others from North and South Carolina, bearing the names Fergus, Storey, Thompson, Evans, Hull, Walker and Human.

As soon as the colonists had located their lands, they united in building a large stone fort, with cabins for the families within the fort. For several years the women and children spent most of their time in the fort, while the men labored by day upon the farm with their guns stacked conveniently near. While many persons and some whole families in other settlements were massacred by the Indians, none of the New Hope settlers ever lost their lives by the hands of the red men. They sometimes suffered the loss of property, especially of horses stolen by the Indians.

Among their first acts, the settlers selected a site for a church and erected an humble house of worship. The first structure was only a log cabin put up for a temporary purpose. Soon after, perhaps 1791 or 1792, they built a good house made of large hewn pine logs, nicely notched together at the ends. The house was seated after the manner of an amphitheatre, each seat being raised a short step higher than the one before it. The builder was Mr. Cochran, one of the members of the church.

The first pastor was John Newton and after his death in l797, he was followed by Rev. William Montgomery. During 1800, about two or three years after Rev. Montgomery's labors at New Hope, there was a remarkable revival of religion which took its rise in Tennessee and it's influence swept over the Carolinas and Georgia. New Hope shared in this revival and in 1805 numbered 250 names upon the roll of its communicants. There was a shift of the population West and by 1810 the membership had been reduced to only 25.


Membership List

Contributed by Glenda Walker

1. Col. Samuel Groves, Elder (Dead)
2. Rache1 Groves
3. Stephen C. Groves
4. Maj. Wm L. Groves
5. Rebekah J. Groves - dismissed by letter
6. Dr. John F. Groves - dismissed by letter
7. Benj. W. Wood, Elder - Suspended
8. Eliza A. Woods
9. Robert Woods, Elder
10. Artemissia M. Woods - Deceased
11. Elizabeth I. Woods
12. Samuel N. Woods - Deceased
13. Femely W. Woods
14. Sarah E. Woods
15. Joseph B. Long, Esq., Elder
16. Sarah L. Long
17. Thomas Long, Esq. - Deceased
18. Isabella Long - Dead
19. Elizabeth Long
20. Anne Long - Dismissed by letter
21. James L. Long
22. Sarah H. Long - Dismissed by letter
23. Jackson P. Hopkins - Deceased
24. Mary Hopkins
25. James McCurdy, Esq.
26. Rache1 McCurdy
27. Mary W. McCurdy
28. Susan E. Coyle - Dismissed by letter
29. A1onzo W. McCurdy - Deceased
30. John A. McCurdy
31. Martha W. McCurdy
32. James G. McCurdy
33. Elizabeth McCurdy
34. Samuel G. McCurdy - Deceased June 20, 1863
35. Nancy McCurdy - Died June 9, 1854
36. William H. McCurdy 3
7. John A. McCurdy - Deceased
38. Eliza G. McCurdy
39. N. Caroline McCurdy
40. Sarah L. McCurdy - Deceased
41. Samuel D. McCurdy - Dead
42. Nancy A. Cartledge - Dead
43. Elizabeth W. Cartledge - Dismissed by letter
44. Groves H. Cartledge - Minister
45. Annie M. Cart1edge - Dismissed by letter
46. William M. Cartledge
47. Jane Cartledge
48. Stephen C. Cartledge - Dismissed by letter
49. John L. Cartledge -- Dismissed by letter
50. Cynthia A. Cartledge
51. Martha N. Cartledge - Now Dudley
52. D. Amanda Cartledge - Dismissed by letter
53. James Thompson, Sen. - Dean
54. James Thompson, Jun. - Deceased
55. Elizabeth Thompson
56. Samuoo Thompson - Deceased
57. Mary A. Thompson
58. Mary Thompson
59. James H. Thompson
60. Dinah Thompson
61. Elizabeth Carithers
62. David Evans Engr(?) - Elder - Deceased
63. Mary Evans - Deceased
64. William T. Evans
65. John G. Evans
66. Alexander Human - Elder - Died December, 1852
67. Fredorick Human
68. Isabella Human - Suspended
69. Anne Human
70. Martha Woods
71. Mary Ann Graham - Dead
72. Adaline Patten
73. Nancy N. A. Power - Dead
74. Sarah Saye - Dismissed June 15, 1867
75. Sarah Elizabeth Thompson
76. Elizabeth Jane Branham
77. Elmira Stpru - Dismissed by letter
78. Salina Floyd - Dismissed by letter
79. Sarah Jane Hannen - Suspended
80. Sarah Catharine Woods
81. Frances Goulden Woods - Deceased
82. Samuel Fergus Woods - Deceased
83. Mary Epsy Groves (Mary Epsy)
84. Joseph Willson Cartledge - Dismissed by letter
85. Francis Long
86. William Alexander Thompson - Deceased
87. Newton Mayes Story - Suspended
88. Matilda Frances McCurdy
89. Huldah Strickland
90. Elizabeth Story - Dismissed by letter
91. Emily Carithers
92. Arminda Carithers
93. Nancy Thompson
94. Harrictt Thompson
95. Rachc1 A. Woods
96. Lucy J. Patten - Indefinitely Suspended
97. George L Evans - Deceased
98. James Thompson, Jun. - Deceased
99. Thomas W. Long
100. Sidney F. Woods
101. Martha N. Woods
102. Peneacy C. Thompson
103. Susan Sorrells - Dismissed by letter - 1864
104. Emi1y F. Woods
105. Mary Woods
106. Eliza Groves - Dismissed by letter
107. Rachel F. McCurdy
108. Sarah A. Stirckland
109. Nancy Emily Thompson
110. Sarah A. R. N. Patten
111. Sarah Mehuldah Dranaham
112. Barbary Agnes Anthony
113. Emily Ann Patten - Suspended
114. Rebecker Scott - Dismissed by letter
115. Sa1ency Strickland
116. Elizabeth Mannen - Suspended
No explanation given for this numbering
95. Mary Carithers
96. Mary Tait - Deceased
97. Willis J. Dudley
98. James P. McCalister - Deceased


1. Daniel - Servant of T. Long
2. Martina - Servant of J. D. Long
3. Henry - Servant of W. Carithers
4. Ned - Servant of J. Thompson, Sr.
5. Mary - Servant of J. Thompson, Jun.
6. Peggy - Servant of 0. Evans - Dead
7. Eda - Servant of William Thompson
8. John - Servant of McCarrington - Dead
9. Clark - Servant of J. D. and Thomas A. Long



Baptisms, Marriages and  Deaths

Contributed by Glenda Walker



Charles William infant son of Rev. G.H. & A.M. Cartledge April 6, 1850

Samuel Groves infant son of William E. & E.J. Cartledge
Semely Jane infant daughter of Benj. W. & E.A. Woods and
Sarah Rebekah infant daughter of Robert and A.N. Woods - May 4, 1851

Sarah Eller Clementine infant daughter of Joseph B. & Sarah L. Long
Eliza Artamissa infant daughter of James & Zemely Woods
Susannah Long, Thomas Joseph & Isabella Matilda infant children of Jackson P. & Mary L. Hopkins
August 3, 1851

Joseph Melvin infant son of Rev. G.H. Cartledge & A.M. Cartledge and
Nancy Jane infant daughter of W.M. & E.J. Cartledge July 4, 1852
Elmira Tillotson infant daughter of Elmira Story 1853
Mary Margaret infant daughter of J.M & Dianah Thompson this the 4th
day of October, 1852.

Bethany Elizabeth and William Henry Long infant children of James S. and Francis Long
David Alexander infant son of J.P. & Mary L. Hopkins
Mary Francis infant daughter of S.C. & M.E. Groves.
John Allen infant son of R. and A.M. Woods.
Cicero Groves infant son of James & Zemely W. Woods this the 9th day of October, 1853.

William Hammond Groves infant son of Dr. J.F. & Eliza Groves.
Eda Milner Dudley & James Samuel Dudley infant children of Willis H. & Martha Dudley, 1854.

John Milton infant son of William H. & Huldah McCurdy.
Hariet Elizabeth infant daughter of John A. & Nancy McCurdy and
Jane Alice infant daughter of Stephen C. & Mary E. Groves. May 17, 1857.

Robert infant son of James A. Pearce & Priscilla Pearce Sept 1858.

James Lucas infant son of George W. & E.L. Evans Oct 1857

Mary Francis, Elizabeth Susan & Sarah Eliza infant children of W.P. & E.J. Evans.

Sarah Emer & Nathaniel Gholston infant children of James S. & Francis Long

Cornelia Joseph & Lelar Jane infant children of John F. & E.J. Groves

Robert Milner infant son of Samuel F. & Martha W. Woods

Nancy Elizabeth infant daughter of William H. & Huldah McCurdy

Mary Talula infant daughter of J.P. & Mary L. Hopkins

Sarah Elizabeth infant daughter of A.W. & Tilda F. McCurdy

Sarah Harriet Martha infant children of James Thompson Jun.

Mary Elisa infant child of George W. & E.J. Evans

John infant son of J.W.N. & E.J. Cartledge - October 2, 1858

Joseph delony infant son of William & Loucindy Thompson

Nancy Elizabeth infant daughter of J.L. & C.A. Cartledge - April 3, 1859

William Cicero infant son of William N. & E.J. Cartledge

Mary Francis infant daughter of William H. & Huldah McCurdy

Robert Wilson infant son of Robert & A.N. Woods

John Thomas & Charles Cicero infant children of Willis J. & Martha N. Dudley - July 3, 1859

Benjamin Franklin infant son of S.F. & M.W. Woods

William Ephriam infant son of J.A. N. McCurdy

Harriet Elizabeth infant daughter of J.P. & M.L. Hopkins

Esauas Earl James Williamson Frances Angeline Sarah Margaret infant children of F. & M. Weems

James infant son of J.A. & N. McCurdy - Nov. 20, 1859

Sarah Artemissa infant daughter of G.W. & E.J. Evans

James Samuel infant son of J.A. & M. McCurdy

James Wyley infant son of J & N Thompson

William Russell Josephine & Martha Angalena infant children of Urino Daniel

Thos. Golden infant son of A.N. & M.E. McCurdy - May 6, 1860

Sarah Francis & John Newton infant children of I.W. & A. Saye this the 1st day of July 1860

George Case infant son of Rev. R.W. & Sarah L. Milner - this the 8th of Aug 1860

Mary infant daughter of Dr. B.M. & Amanda Jane Thompson this the 8th day of Oct 1860

Georgia Ann infant daughter of George W. & E.J. Evans Ida infant daughter of J.B. & Sarah L. Long

Lucius Cooksey infant son of John F. & E.J. Groves

Robert Willis infant son of Robert W. & Sarah L. Milner

Armarintha Lucinda infant daughter of William H. & Huldah McCurdy

John Thomas infant son of John A. & Nancy McCurdy

Emmer infant daughter of Stephen C. & Mary E. Groves




William L. Groves and Rebekah Jane Scott Dec. 20, 1849

Samuel Patton and Susan Evans Feb. 21, 1850

John L. Cartledge and Cynthia Anne McCurdy Dec 24, 1851

Willis J. Dudley and Martha N. Cartledge May 29, 1851

Alonzo W. McCurdy and Metilda Porterfield September 9, 1852




James Thompson, sen. June 29, 1851

Alexander Human, Elder December 4, 1852

Nancy N. A. Power

Col. Samuel Groves, Elder August 3, 1856

Mary Todd July 19, 1859

Elizabeth Thompson Nov 1856

Isabelle Long Dec. 15, 1859


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