Veal Family Bible

Veal Family Bible

Sworn to be a True Copy of The Veal Bible
Annie Bee Bryant, Notary Public

Holy Bible

Published and Sold by Kemper & Sharpless
Philadelphia, Pa.
at their bookstore, #6 South 4th Street
about 1784


James Veal was married in May the 21st 1807
Alexander Veal was married Dec. the 5th 1839
Asa W. Veal was married ________
Eligah A. Veal was married ________
Martha E. Veal was married Dec. 12th 1839
Mary H. Veal was married Oct. the 13th day 1842
Edward W. Veal was married March the 28
Opal Freeman was married Dec. 21, 1929
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James Veal was born the 19th May 1779
Mary Veal was born the 28th June 1787
Alexander Veal was born the 16 Sept. 1808
Asa W. Veal was born the 10th June 1811
Eligah A. Veal was born 16th Sept. 1814
Martha E. Veal was born 29 Dec. 1817
Edward W. Veal was born 21st March 1821
Mary H. Veal was born 7th Oct 1824
James M. Veal was born 12 Sept. 1828
Sarah H. Veal was born 12th May 1833
Sarah M. Freeman was born Nov. 2 1864 (was a Veal)
Walter David Watson -- Jan 5, 1907
Opal Freeman Watson -- Dec 9, 1908
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Alexander Veal was born the 16th September 1808
Sarah J. Veal was born the 31 August 1821
Asa Lott Warren Veal was born 14th June 1841
Mary Jane Veal was born 18th May 1843
John Oliver Veal was born 2nd March 1846
Elizabeth Caroline Harriet Veal was born 2 June 1847
James Daniel Veal was born 21 May 1849
Mathew Leguin Veal 2nd July 1851
Martha Ann Anaenica Veal was born 9th August 1853
Emily Cornelia Veal was born 5 May 1855
Alexander Fullmore Veal was born 2nd Jan. 1857
Sarah Arminda Veal was born 7 Feb 1859
Nancy Adaline Veal  4th May 1861
Margaret Moriah Veal  6 June 1863


Asa W. Veal -- 19 Oct. 1834
Sarah J. Veal -- 17 March 1882
Alexander Veal  March 24, 1892
Mary Jane Veal  27 April 1844 - Age 11 mos. 9 days
Martha A. Veal  3 April 1892
Sarah Veal Freeman  4 March 1944 on Sunday 5 after 1 age 76 at Greenville, SC
Walter David Watson, Sr. died Oct. 14, 1934 on Thursday 15 til 6

The above copied from the Veal Bible owned by Opal Freeman Watson, September 1972  Copied by Annie Bee Bryant


Contributed by Jimmy Veal and Charlotte Collins Bond

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