John Porterfield Family Bible

Family Record from the Bible of John Porterfield

Present owner:  Mrs. Nancy E. Hale, Athens, GA.

John Porterfield was born May the 4th, 1815
Biddy Porterfield was born January 5th, 1820

Malita Jane Porterfield was born November 10th 1839
Martha Harriet Porterfield was born April the 18th , 1841
Tempy Caroline Porterfield was born February 26th, 1843
Tibatha Elizabeth Porterfield was born June the 14th, 1845
Joice Amanda Arminda Porterfield waws born Feb. the 21st, 1847
James Allen Porterfield was born December 15th, 1848
Nancy Emaline Porterfield was born oct. the 12th, 1850
Mary Frances Parale Porterfield was born August 30th, 1852

 [Note: John Porterfield was the son of James and Tabitha Porterfield.]

        All the above was typed, but the rest is hand printed.

Elizabeth J. 1/2Biddy 1/2 Carithers father was William Carithers.  He married on Sept. 8, 1813 Tempy Smith.  He died 5-?- 1828 Madison Co. Ga.

William's father was Robert Carithers born March 30, 1744 Landcaster  Co., Penn.  Died Oct. 4, 1832  Madison  Co., GA.  Robert 1/2s wife was Mary Luckie.  She died Madison Co., Ga. Feb. 18, 1842.   Robert was a Revolutionary War private.

Copied by Lucy Leah Redwine    


Note: Oglethorpe County, GA marriage records show William Carruthers married Temby Sims on 8 Sep 1813.

Contributed by Charlotte Collins Bond

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