Crumley Family Bible

Crumley Family Bible
Original Bible owner and recorder(s) unknown

(Top, left quarter)

James Alexander Crumly was born April 15th 1859
Warren Jacob Hirschfelder (Cru)mley was born August 27th A.D. 1861
Eliza E. Crumly was born August 24, 1881
James F. Crumly was born March 7, 1888
William H. Crumly was born August (12?)m 1889
Charley Lenard Crumly was born February 10, 1891
Lou Emma Crumly was born June 10, 1894
Lethey Jane Crumly was born October 15, 1897

(Top, right quarter)

(E.) Lender G. F. Crumly died March 30, 1863
G. M. Jackson died May 30, 1862
A. T. Jackson dide February 6, 1863
W. M. Jackson dide August 11, 1863
Rachel Crumley was born May the 8, 1856

(Bottom, left quarter)

Nancy Elmory Westmoreland was bornd April the 28, 1877
William Jun. Westmoreland was bornd March the 20, 1880
Edmon Clid Westmoreland was bornd August the 23, 1885
Fanney Madglean Crumly was bornd July the 10, 1882
Felix Loyd was born December the 18, 1905

(Bottom, right quarter)

L. F. Crumly was born June the 10, 1829
Nancy E. Crumley was born February 1, 1832
Leander F. Crumly and Nancy E. Jackson was married the
27 day of September 1852
John Henry Hardy Crumly was born on June the 23, 1853
William Merrida Crumly was born Apile 21st, 1855
Sarah Jane Crumly was born March 17, AD 1857


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Crumley family papers transcribed and contributed by
Christine Crumley Brown

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