Young Family Cemetery

Young Family Cemetery
Hwy 72 East
Colbert, GA 30628
(GMD 382)

Survey and Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown

From the traffic light on Hwy 72 in Colbert, travel east on Hwy 72. Watch for HV Chandler Rd. (CR 274) which is the first road to the right from the traffic light. You will see a stone business to the left and a sign for Trus Joist (Parallam; see photo) in the far corner of HV Chandler and Hwy 72. Turn onto HV Chandler Rd. The cemetery is between the highway and railroad tracks in the stand of trees on the rise opposite the sign for Trus Joist. The only parking available is in the area cleared around the Trus Joist sign. The best place to enter the cemetery is about half way between the highway and the tracks from H. V. Chandler Rd. You will need to zig zag to the left, then the right through the deer path to make the walk easier. This cemetery is in very bad shape, so one should be very careful where to watch their step.

Because of its condition, I could not get good orientation
photographs, and some of the stones are not with the proper graves as is evidenced by the ones for Mary, Lee Ernest and Archible Young. Their stones were in the plot of Lula B. Patton. As you make your way into the cemetery, the first stone you will probably see will be Willie A. Burroughs. Standing at his stone, to your far right will be Reece Hoyt Burroughs, and following a line south from him, to the far left will be Mary Young Burroughs and her twins Eula and Eura. From Willie, 'about' due west, next to the highway is Eliza Bell. All the rest are within the square / oval made by these four points.

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Right to Left

Tombstone Inscriptions and Photos
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BELL, Eliza, wife of William Bell, Born Sep. (20-30), 1820, Died May 2, 1896
    Inscription: We miss thee from our home dear, We miss thee from thy place, A shadow o'er our life is cast, We miss the sunshine of thy face.
BURROUGHS, C. Y., Aug. 20, 1893 - June 25, 1924   Inscription: Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection.
BURROUGHS, Eula May, Born June 26, 1898, Died Sept. 25, 1898
BURROUGHS, Eura Maud, Born June 26, 1898, Died Nov. 21, 1898, Twin daus of Mary Young & R. I. Burroughs
BURROUGHS, Howard Young, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. Y. Burroughs, Born Apr. 24, 1918, Died Dec. 28, 1918
BURROUGHS, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. C. Y. Burroughs, Born Feb. 22, 1914
     Inscription: God blesses in an death, And takes the infant unto himself.
BURROUGHS, Mary and Daughters
BURROUGHS, Mary Young, Born April. 11, 1860, Married R. I. Burroughs Aug. 2, 1885, Died July 15, 1898
     Note: Her death occurred three weeks after the birth of her twins.
BURROUGHS, Ola Bell, dau of R. I. & Mary Burroughs, Born Oct. 2, 1888 Died June 6, 1908
BURROUGHS, R. E., Feb. 4, 1891 - Jan. 28, 1922   Note: There was an inscription, but unreachable due to placement of stone to base.
BURROUGHS, Reece Hoyt, Sept. 6, 1885 - Jan. 12, 1976 (Most recent grave in cemetery.)
BURROUGHS, Willie A., July 1, 1885 - Aug. 10, 1920  Inscription: On thee our fond and tender thoughts will ever dwell.
PATTON, Lula B., 1866 - 1960
PATTON, Lula B. and friends
     Stones of Mary, Lee Ernest and Archible Young were found here. Lee Ernest was unearthed to her right, Archible to her left, and Mary at
     her feet. There was evidence that, at one time, the stones of Lee Ernest and Archible had been glued back together. Her grave had a modern
     granite border, and with the closeness of the stones at her head, I seriously doubt these were their original locations. They most likely belong
     in a couple of the unidentified bases.
PATTON, Lula B. - before - This is how I found Lula and friends before I cleared some of the debris.
THRELKELD, Infant Son of W. G. & M. M. Threlkeld, Jan. 16, 1905
     Inscription: (rear) Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called the home, He thought it best.
YOUNG, Archable*, Born Mar. 3, 1822, Died June 21, 1892   Inscription: And was a very strict member of the Methodist Church.
YOUNG, George B., Dec. 7, 1852 - Dec. 17, 1912
YOUNG, George B., Mrs., 'Big Mamma - tine', Aug. 12, 1937
YOUNG, Infant son of ___ Young
YOUNG, Jewette N., son of G. _. & M. E. Young, Born Mar. 11, 1889 Died Oct. 19, 1895
     Inscription: The reason why everyone loves me is because I love everybody, Precious darling, he has left us,
     Left us yes forever more, But we hope to meet our loved one, On that bright and happy shore.
YOUNG, Lee Ernest, son of ___ & C. C. Young, Born Aug. 7, 18__ Died, July __ 1893
     Inscription: Beautiful ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ fair bud to earth, To blossom in heaven.
YOUNG, Mary, wife of A. Young, Born April 12, 1827, Died Oct. 1, 1895
     Inscription: A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
YOUNG, N. T., 1870 - 1954
YOUNG, W. W., Died July 29, 1914 Age 60 years
     Inscription: A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
YOUNG, Walter L., 1881 - 1950  h/o Alphie
YOUNG, Alphie, 1884 - NDD  w/o Walter L.

Unidentified 1
Unidentified 2
Unidentified 3 (left with branch crossing it)
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