New Town Baptist Church Cemetery

New Town Church Cemetery
3105 River Rd.
(north end of New Town Rd.)
Carlton, Madison County, GA
GMD 203

Survey & Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown



From downtown Carlton, there are three ways to get to this cemetery. You can travel west on Hwy 72 and turn right onto New Town Church Road which will become dirt about halfway to the cemetery. You can also travel east on Hwy 72 and turn left onto Paoli Rd. This is a bit longer, but most of the drive is paved. You can also reach this cemetery by coming from New Hope Presbyterian Church following Paoli Rd. toward Hwy 72.

Via New Town Church Road, turn north off of Hwy 72. Once you pass Duckworth Brown Road on your left, New Town Church Road will soon turn to dirt. Continue until you intersect with Paoli Rd. Cross the intersection, and the church and cemetery will be 0.2 mi. on the right.

Via Paoli Road, travel east on Hwy 72 from Carlton. You will pass a granite yard on the left, then come to an intersection where there is a granite block building in the far right corner. Turn left onto Paoli Rd. You will cross Noble Road. The next road will be New Town Church Road, turn right here. The church and cemetery will be 0.2 mi. on the right.

From Paoli/New Hope Presbyterian Church, follow Paoli Road to River Road (left) / New Town Church Road (right). Turn right, then go the 0.2 mile to the church and cemetery.

Tombstone Inscriptions and Photos
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DAVIS, Lee C., CPL US Army World War II Feb. 23, 1925 - Nov. 28, 1989
DAVIS, Lee C., Feb 23, 1925 - Nov. 28, 1989 h/o Norma D.
DAVIS, Norma D., (SL) w/o Lee C. Inscription: I thee wed Mar 15, 1952
DUDLEY, James Roy, SGT US Army World War II Jul 16, 1923 - Aug. 26, 1993
DUDLEY, James Roy, July 16, 1923 - August 26, 1993 h/o Margie Guest
DUDLEY, Margie Guest, (SL) w/o James Roy
DUDLEY, Naomi S., Jan. 9, 1907 - Feb. 25, 1965 w/o Roy L.
DUDLEY, Roy L., Sept. 29, 1902 - Mar. 8, 1974 h/o Naomi S.
GUEST, E. S. (Van), June 16, 1879 - Sept. 12, 1970 h/o Beulah
GUEST, Beulah, May 12, 1890 - Feb. 4, 1955 w/o E. S. Inscription: Gone but not forgotten.
GUEST, Frances R., (SL) w/o Herman T., Sr.
GUEST, Herman T., Sr., (SL) h/o Frances R.
GUEST, Hoyt E., PFC US Army World War II Nov. 16, 1908 - Dec. 18, 1989
GUEST, Hoyt E., Nov. 16, 1908 - Dec. 19, 1989 h/o Ruby A.
GUEST, Ruby A., May 21, 1914 - Feb. 27, 2000 w/o Hoyt E.
GUEST, J. David, US Army Vietnam Jan. 1, 1947 - Nov. 6, 1991
GUEST, J. David, 1947 - 1991 son of James P. and Frances M.
GUEST, James P., (SL) h/o Frances M.
GUEST, Frances M., (SL) w/o James P.
GUEST, James David, 1947 - 1991 Pruitt FHM
GUEST, John H., Sr., 1929 - 1983 h/o Betty B.
GUEST, Betty B., (SL) w/o John H., Sr.
GUEST, Rassie, Apr. 14, 1906 - Dec. 11, 1978 h/o Alberta
GUEST, Alberta, (SL) w/o Rassie
KING, Candler, Dec. 4, 1923 - Arp. 30, 1980 h/o Miriam D.
KING, Miriam D., (SL) w/o Candler
KING, Darrell, May 1, 1948 - Jan. 7, 1999 Inscription: We Love You
KING, H. Darrell, US Army Vietnam May 1, 1948 - Jan. 7, 1999
KING, Donald Ray, Feb. 24, 1951 - July 31, 1988 h/o Beverly M.
KING, Beverly M., (SL) w/o Donald Ray
     Inscription: This world is not conclusion; a sequel stands beyond, invisible, as music, but positive, as song. A life so well lived goes on forever...
NEAVE, James L., Aug. 24, 1939 - Nov. 11, 2001 h/o Joann
NEAVE, Joann, (SL) w/o James L.
PACE, Sarah Ann "Mom"
PACE, Sarah Ann, 1935 - 2001 Brown FHM
PERRY, Byrd, Mar. 14, 1917 - Nov. 10, 1962 h/o Clora Sybil
PERRY, Clora Sybil, (SL) w/o Byrd   Inscription: Our Father which art in heaven.
PIERCE, Hubert, Mar. 13, 1917 - Oct. 29, 1993 h/o Mae Willie
PIERCE, Mae Willie, (SL) w/o Hubert
     Inscription: In my Father's house are many mansions. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.
RAY, Fed B., Sept. 25, 1903 - Feb. 25, 1986 h/o Frances G.
RAY, Frances G., (SL) w/o Fed B. Inscription: Rest in peace.
RAY, Frances, 1921 - 2004 Berry FHM
SMITH, Lucille D., Sept. 30, 1927 - Feb. 18, 1985 w/o L. B.
SMITH, L. B., May 27, 1932 - July 17, 1990 h/o Lucille D.
WILLS, Kayla Marie, Aug. 15, 1982 - July 22, 2003
     Inscription: In loving memory of. A loving daughter and caring sister who will always be in our hearts. We love you.


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