R. T. McGinnis Cemetery

R. T. McGinnis Cemetery

McGinnis Chandler Road
Ila, GA (GMD 262)

Survey and Photos by
Michael M. Black



Leaving Ila, take Hwy. 98 and turn right on Reggie Ingram Road.  When the road forks, take the left and then the driveway immediately on the right (the driveway closest to the McGinnis Chandler Road sign).



Tombstone Inscriptions and Photos
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Anthony, Alia McGinnis, w/o W. H. Anthony, Feb. 10, 1858-Apr. 5, 1942,  Asleep in Jesus. (Footstone:  A.M.A.) [d/o R. T. & M. V. McGinnis]
Anthony, W. H., Jun. 16, 1852-April 30, 1884, (Footstone:  W.H.A.) [William H. Anthony]
Benton, Infant s/o R. J. H. and Lucy Benton, Feb. 29, 1892
Benton, Nezzie Jane, d/o R. J. H. and Lucy Benton, Nov. 26, 1888-Jun. 3, 1889
Chandler, Alvin A., s/o L. F. & L. C. Chandler, Dec. 29, 1894-July 27, 1895
Chandler, Dudley J. Aug 5, 1809-June 27, 1905 (Headstone:  Our Father) (Footstone:  D.J.C.) [Dudley "Dud" Jones Chandler, s/o Sterling Chandler & Edith Bryant]
Chandler, Lilbon, s/o N. & B. A. P. Chandler, Jan. 17, 1885-July 13, 1889
Chandler, Nancy F., w/o Dudley J. Chandler, Apr. 14, 1811-Aug. 10, 1887 (Headstone) (Footstone: N. F. C.) [Nancy Frances Jolly, d/o John Jolly & Annis Jennings]
Cheek, Oscar L., s/o J. W. & E. O. Cheek, May 5, 1892-Dec. 16, 1899
Cheek, Thelma, s/o J. W. & E. O. Cheek, May 1, 1894-Dec. 13, 1894
Gober, Andrew H., 1899-1900
Gober, Delilah L., 1887-1959 (FHM) [d/o William H. & A. McGinnis Gober]
Gober, G. Arrie, 1866-1937, [Oct. 12, 1866-Mar. 26, 1937, Gracie Arrie "Arrie" Koreskni McGinnis, d/o R. T. and M. V. McGinnis]
Gober, Isabell, 1902-1902
Gober, Mabelle, 1901-1901
Gober, Sterling A., 1897-1898
Gober, William H, 1866-1947, [Apr. 9, 1866-Aug. 28, 1947, William Henry Hawkins Gober, s/o Francis Asbury Gober and Martha Elizabeth Hix]
Hix, Little Rufus, s/o J. L. & D. C. Hix, Born in Christ July 28, 1903
Holcomb, Alma, d/o W. L. & Callie Holcomb, Dec. 4, 1903-Dec. 3, 1906
Holcomb, Chessie M., 1883-1941, [d/o G. D. and A. J. McGinnis]
Holcomb, Infant John H. Holcomb, Jr.
Holcomb, John H., 1879-1937
McGinnes, Deliah L., d/o R. T. & M. V. McGinnes, May 2, 1871-April 12, 1884 
McGinnes, Infant s/o G. D. & M. J. McGinnes, Mar. 21, 1897
McGinnes, James A., s/o G. D. & M. J. McGinnes, Dec. 20, 1879-Dec 15, 1903
McGinnes, Mary S., d/o R. T. & M. V. McGinnes, Oct. 17, 1859-Nov 1, 189(3?)
McGinnes, Pearl May, d/o G. D. & M. J. McGinnes, May 14, 1887-May 7, 1888
McGinnes, Reuben T., July 23, 1822-Aug. 28, 1899.  One precious to our hearts has gone, The noise we loved is stilled, The place made vacant in our home can never more be filled, Our Father in His wisdom called, The boon His love had given, And though on earth the body lies, The soul is safe in heaven
McGinnis, Guilford D., 1856-1941 [s/o R. T. & M. V. McGinnis]
McGinnis, Hortense, d/o E. Y. & L. M. McGinnis, Feb. 12, 1915-May 27, 1916 [d/o Edward Young McGinnis & Lillie Mae Richey]
McGinnis, Iris D., 1888-1920 [d/o G. D. and M. J. McGinnis]
McGinnis, Mandy C., 1861-1928 [Amanda Jane Culbertson, d/o Samuel Boley Culbertson and Malita S. Rice]
McGinnis, Mary Polly, 1837-1920 [w/o R. T. McGinnis, Mary Virginia Chandler, d/o Dudley J. and Nancy F. Chandler]
McGinnis, Rose Lee S., 1875-1953
McGinnis, Simeon S., 1869-1940 [s/o R. T. & M. V. McGinnis]
Stephenson (top/bottom), Miss C. O. Brockman, w/o R. T. Stephenson, Oct. 31, 1820-Nov. 4, 1890
Williams, Lula McGinnis, Feb. 9, 1878-Feb. 8, 1971 [w/o James B. Williams, d/o R. T. & M. V. McGinnis]

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