Kincaid Family Cemetery

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Kincaid Family
Colbert, Madison County, Georgia
Kincaid Cemetery Road
Survey and Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown


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From downtown Colbert going west on Hwy 72, turn right onto Diamond Hill Colbert Road. Continue
past the city limits and Colbert School Road (on left). Kincaid Cemetery Road will be the next road to
the right. The cemetery is on the left behind a hurricane fence. The drive only allows for one vehicle
unless you open the gate first. The graves are at the back of the lot.

Tombstone Photos and Inscriptions
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wpe204.jpg (68405 bytes)      BUSBIN, Margaret C.
     Apr. 18, 1867
     Nov. 17, 1909
     Earth contains a mortal less, Heaven an angel more.
wpe205.jpg (128628 bytes)      CARTER, Annie Kincaid
     Born Aug. 3, 1900
     Died Oct. 23, 1951
wpe206.jpg (253104 bytes)      Rear of Margaret Kincaid and Annie Carter graves.
     I included this photo simply for the beauty of the grave.
     Such a large area of lush moss is rare in cemeteries
     these days.
wpe207.jpg (168883 bytes)      FAULKNER, Dewey W., Aug. 24, 1902 - Jan. 12, 1949
     FAULKNER, Carey L., Apr. 16, 1902 - July 11, 1991
wpe209.jpg (101929 bytes)      KINCAID, Evie Lee   [Front]
     Dau of Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Kincaid
     July 8, 1907
     May 18, 1909
wpe20A.jpg (103620 bytes)      KINCAID, Evie Lee     [Back]
     Rest little one, a mother's tears may fall,
     But not for worlds would she, her child recall.
wpe20B.jpg (113404 bytes)      KINCAID, Herman A.
     1885 - 1949
     Husband of Mary E. Kincaid
wpe20C.jpg (64981 bytes)      KINCAID, Inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Kincaid 
     Oct. 9, 1916
     Oct. 10, 1916
wpe20D.jpg (104787 bytes)      KINCAID, James I. 1861 - 1919
     KINCAID, Lillie D. 1867 - 1927
wpe20E.jpg (50409 bytes)      KINCAID, John N.
     Son of W. S. & R. A. Kincaid
     June 25, 1892
     Nov. 17, 1912
     In God We Trust
wpe20F.jpg (144125 bytes)      KINCAID, Mary E.
     1881 - 1973
     Wife of Herman A. Kincaid
     Bernstein FHM beside stone
wpe210.jpg (119320 bytes)      KINCAID, William S., Apr. 14, 1856 - May 26, 1919
     KINCAID, Rebecca A., Dec. 8, 1861 - Mar. 10, 1940
wpe211.jpg (204583 bytes)      UNIDENTIFIED, Infant
     No markings on stones.
     Lies to the right of John N. Kincaid
wpe212.jpg (155685 bytes)      UNIDENTIFIED, Infant
     No markings on stones.
     Lies at the very back of the cemetery by itself.

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