Davis Family Cemetery


Davis Family Cemetery

Coley Davis Rd.
Danielsville, GA 30633
GMD 204

Survey and Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown




Traveling south on Hwy 29 out of Danielsville, turn right onto Booger Hill Rd. which is about 1 mi. from Brown Funeral Home, and at top of hill once you cross a bridge at the bottom of the previous hill. Continue on Booger Hill Rd. for approximately 2.5 miles watching for Coley Davis Rd. on the right. Turn right onto it. The cemetery is on the right about 1.0 down this road in a small stand of trees in a field. Parking is available between the road and the plateau on which the cemetery rests. The property is posted except for what is needed for the cemetery and the access to it.


Tombstone Inscriptions and Photos
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DAVIS, Earl B., Oct. 15, 1887 - Aug. 31, 1937 h/o Fannie "Father"
DAVIS, Fannie, Mar. 24, 1892 - Oct. 25, 1918 w/o Earl B. "Mother"
    Inscription: I am the resurrection and the life.
DAVIS, Emmer G., Sept. 28, 1913 - N. 10, 1920
    Inscription: Just in the morning of her day, In youth and love, she died.
DAVIS, Georgia A. Almond., wife of Samuel Davis, May 17, 1851 - Aug. 21, 1920
    Inscription: We trust our loss will be her gain And that with Christ she's gone to reign.
DAVIS, James Malcom, April 9, 1943 - April 12, 1943 son of James and Mozelle Davis
DAVIS, Martha Carithers, In memory of, wife of William Milton Davis 1869 - 1900
DAVIS, Samuel, Oct. 25, 1833 - Feb. 7, 1910 h/o Georgia A. Almond
    Inscription: Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep.
    Go and dwell with him above, Happy in the Savior's love.
DAVIS, Samuel & Georgia A. Almond
DAVIS, Samuel, Pvt Co A 16 GA Regt Oct. 25, 1833 - Feb. 7, 1910
DRAKE siblings
DRAKE, Elizabeth, dau. of W. S. & Mary Drake, Born & Died June 16, 1878
    Inscription: Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
DRAKE, Howell C., son of W. S. & Mary Drake, Born Apr. 9, 1888 - Died Oct. 15, 1891
DRAKE, W. Sanford, Apr. 1852 - July 4, 1928 h/o Mary Frances
DRAKE, Mary Frances, Dec. 1853 - Feb. 14, 1925 w/o W. Sanford
    Inscription: Erected by Inez Drake Murray
HARDEMAN, Mary, Born Nov. 2, 1833 Died Feb. 4, 1891
    Inscription: Mother thou art now at home, Among angels fair above,
    But yet below thy child must roam Till summoned by His love.
HARDEMAN, Samuel A., Born May 30, 1827 Died Dec. (11), 1863
    Inscription: Our father has gone to a mansion of rest. To the glorious land by the Deity blest.
HARDMAN, C. S., Born 10, 1865 Died Oct. 4, 1893
    Inscription: He is not dead but sleeping.
HARDMAN, Chess, Georgia Pfc 5 Infantry 17 Div World War I Sept 29, 1900 - Dec. 22, 1921
HARDMAN, Disa, Born July 2, 1862 Died May 5, 1888
    Inscription: A precious one to me is gone The one I ______ (Rest of inscription broken off)
HARDMAN, Dru Woody, dau of J. W. & M. C. Hardman, June 22, 1913 - July 31, 1915
HARDMAN, Elmer J., Born Oct. 20, 1883 Died Jan 13, 1884   Inscription: Gone but not forgotten
HARDMAN, L., Born July 31, 1854 Died July 12, 1856   Inscription: Gone but not forgotten
HARDMAN, Lenard, Oct. 29, 1868 - Nov. 29, 1942
HARDMAN, Leonard H., Co B 3 Ga Inf C. S. A.
HARDMAN, Lizzie, July 29, 1877 - Aug. 3, 1969
HARDMAN, Lottey L., Born July 9, 1887 Died June 11, 1888
    Inscription: Budded on earth to bloom min heaven.
HARDMAN, Mary F., Born Nov. 20, 1871 Died April 6, 1897
    Inscription: A precious one has gone, One I loved so well. A place is vacant in my heart And never can be filled.
HARDMAN, Mary F., orientation Resting on tree stump
MEADOW, Billie E., Infant Sept. 29, 1943
MEADOW, George W., Feb. 10, 1872 - Oct. 11, 1932 h/o Hestiller H.
MEADOW, Hestiller H., Aug. 7, 1868 - May 12, 1933 w/o George W.
STEPHENS, J. L., Born June 7, 1850 Died Sept. 4, 1918 h/o Lizzie
    Inscription: A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.
STEPHENS, Lizzie, wife of J. L. Stephens, Born July 29, 1862 Died May 2, 1909

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