Crawford Family Cemetery

Crawford Family Cemetery
Hull, Madison County, Georgia
Survey and Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown

cemetery overview

From Athens, GA, travel north on US Hwy 29. Just inside Madison County, there will be a traffic light just before the road turns back into a 2-lane road. Turn left at this light. At the next intersection, turn right onto Hwy 106. Travel on Hwy 106 for 1.5 - 2.0 miles to the Neese community. Signs direct you to the Pleasant Grove Baptist church to the right. Instead of turning right to the church, turn left onto the Neese Commerce Rd. At this writing, there is a small flea market type structure in this corner that has a caged in section along the edge of the Neese Commerce Road. The cemetery is about or slightly less than a mile on the right. It is in the middle of a field surrounded by a rusting fence. For access, you will need to park in the road right of way, or turn into either of the two side roads just beyond the cemetery (one on each side of the road) and walk (carefully) across the field to the cemetery.

Tombstone Photos and Inscriptions
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wpe1AD.jpg (135433 bytes)      L. J. C.
     No other identification to this grave
wpe1AF.jpg (86119 bytes)      COGGIN, Royal Richard
     Son of Dr. W.T. & M.A. Coggin
     Sept. 16, 1899 - Nov. 17, 1901
     Asleep in Jesus, blessed thou art.
wpe1B0.jpg (108032 bytes)      COGGIN, Viola Crawford
     Wife of William T. Coggin
     1868 - 1933
wpe1B1.jpg (114880 bytes)      COGGIN, William T.
     1865 - 1928
wpe1B2.jpg (60158 bytes)      CRAWFORD
     Family Marker
wpe1B4.jpg (123562 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Bell
     In Memory of
     Born Dec. 1, 1884
     Died Dec. 8, 1884
wpe1B5.jpg (105098 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Infant
     Born Dec. 1, 1883
     Died Dec. 6, 1883
wpe1B6.jpg (135634 bytes)      CRAWFORD, John Aquilla
     Born Apr. 15, 1878
     Died Sept. 29, 1902
wpe1B7.jpg (116621 bytes)      CRAWFORD, John R.
     Aug. 1849
     Dec 1908
wpe1B8.jpg (133438 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Louisa Jane
     Dec. 4, 1842
     Oct. 2, 1870
wpe1B9.jpg (75547 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Mamye J.
     Daughter of J. R. & M. E. Crawford
     Born July 22, 1879
     Died June 17, 1899
wpe1BA.jpg (67748 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Mary Elizabeth
     Jan. 26, 1844
     Sept. 16, 1918
wpe1BB.jpg (56554 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Maud
     In Memory Of
     Born April 5, 1881
     Died Oct 1881
     The day date of death has either worn off,
     or was never  entered.
wpe1BC.jpg (95169 bytes)      CRAWFORD, Willie Jane
     In Memory of
     Born Sept. 21, 1870
     Died May 6, 1871
wpe1BD.jpg (110794 bytes)      WILLIAMS, Annie Sue
     Sept. 6, 1904
     Sept. 7, 1904
     Gone so soon.
wpe1BE.jpg (99325 bytes)      WILLIAMS, Audie Lee
     Daughter of W. B. & (illegible)
     Born Mar. 11, 1889
     Died Sept. 23, 1891
     Only sleeping
wpe1BF.jpg (50967 bytes)      WILLIAMS, Eliza Eberhart
     Wife of W. B. Williams
     Aug. 9, 1862
     Mar. 31, 1936
     Asleep in Jesus
wpe1C0.jpg (51721 bytes)      WILLIAMS, Eliza (Mrs.)  - 1862 - 1936
     Funeral Home Marker - McDorman-Bridges Athens, GA
wpe1C1.jpg (78145 bytes)      WILLIAMS, J. T.
     1850 - 1926
wpe1C2.jpg (214819 bytes)      WILLIAMS
     John Y.  - Born Jan. 15, 1817  - Died Dec. 13, 1892
     Sarah Ann  - Born Sept. 19, 1821 - Died Dec. 9, 1890
lutecia williams tombstone       WILLIAMS, Lutecia P.  - 1866 - 1891
wpe1C4.jpg (76162 bytes)      WILLIAMS, S. E. E.
     Wife of J. T. Williams
     Born Oct 25, 1852
     Died Mar. 3, 1897
     She was a loved dau, an affectionate wife,
     a fond mother and a friend to all.
wpe1C5.jpg (93584 bytes)      WILLIAMS, W. B.
     At Rest
     May 4, 1854
     Dec. 12, 1918
     Gone but not forgotten.
     Let each loss that makes earth dreary
     make the hope of heaven more dear.
     Husband of Eliza Eberhart
wpe1C6.jpg (121977 bytes)      WILLIAMS, William Howard
     July 8, 1902
     Sept. 10, 1904
     Our loved one.
lutecia williams tombstone       WRIGHT, Minty W.  -  1845 - 1940
wpe1C7.jpg (134778 bytes)      UNKNOWN
     Three unidentified graves to the left of
     the fence gate at the front of the cemetery.
wpe1C8.jpg (108736 bytes)      UNKNOWN
     Unidentified grave to the left of Lutecia Williams.
wpe1C9.jpg (90422 bytes)      UNKNOWN
     Five unidentified graves

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