Collins Family Cemetery

Collins Family Cemetery
Collins Brooks Rd.
Collins/Vineyards Creek Community
GMD 1616
Madison Co., Georgia

Survey and Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown


From Colbert, Comer or Danielsville, follow highways 172 or 98 to where these two roads intersect (Gholston Stand community). Continue on or turn onto 172 heading east. Watch for mile marker 7, then Collins Brooks Road on the right. Turn onto Collins Brooks Rd. The cemetery is on the left less than 0.1 mile on the left. There is no marker, just a driveway.

Tombstone Inscriptions and Photos
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COLLINS, Demirus, Wife of W. R. Collins, Sr., Born March 28, 1813 Died Sept. 8, 1890
     Inscription: Sleep on dear mother and take thy rest. God called thee home, He thought it best.
COLLINS, Elliott P., July 4, 1922 - June 26, 1931
COLLINS, G. C., Mar. 20, 1888 - July 20, 1926
     Inscription: It was hard indeed in part with thee but, Christ's strong arm supported me.
COLLINS, John D., Our little boy, son of W. R. & M. R. Collins, Born Jun 21, 1883 Died Apr 20, 1885
     Inscription: A voice called our little Johnnie from earth to heaven.
COLLINS, Mary F., Feb. 15, 1800 - Apr. 20, 1872 w/o John
COLLINS, John, Jan. 10, 1798 - June 15, 1858 h/o Mary F.
COLLINS, Mary Louise, Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. G. C. Collins, Aug. 16, 1922 - Apr. 19, 1923
COLLINS, Mary R., June 1, 1854 - Sept. 18, 1916
     Inscription: Thou God of love, beneath thy sheltering wing. We leave our dead to sweetly rest.
COLLINS, W. R., June 6, 1852 - June 21, 1924
     Inscription: A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
COLLINS, Samuel L., Oct. 16, 1879 - July 31, 1941 h/o Katherine H.
COLLINS, Katherine H. Nov. 14, 1893 - Feb. 24, 1969 w/o Samuel L.
COLLINS, Thomas, Mar. 10, 1812 - Aug. 20, 1887   Inscription: An honest man, the noblest work of God.
DUDLEY, Barnett, Aug. 22, 1850 - Apr. 14, 1918   Inscription: Crossed the river of life.
DUDLEY, Lizzie W., Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dudley, Sept. 27, 1905 - Nov. 9, 1905
DUDLEY, Marvin T., Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dudley, May 17, 1903 - Aug. 6, 1904
DUDLEY, Mary Francis, wife of B. Dudley, Born Apr. 2, 1839 Died July 26, 1907
DUDLEY, Mertie L., Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dudley, Apr. 4, 1901 - July 1. 1902
DUDLEY, Parks B., Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dudley, Nov. 4, 1888 - June 29, 1904
DUDLEY, William R., Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dudley, Nov. 6, 1907 - Nov. 6, 1907
DUDLEY, Walter B., Our Little Boy, Son of Barnett & Mary F. Dudley, Born Nov. 6, 1879 Died July 31, 1880
     Inscription: Sleep on in thy beauty, Thou sweet angel child.
GARRETT, Estelle Collins 1895 - 1944
IRVINE, W. Claudie, son of H. E. & L. D. Irvine, Aug. 4, 1891 - Aug. 22, 1908
     Inscription: Weep not love ones for me, for I am waiting on glory for thee.
LANGFORD, Emma A., wife of H. D. Langford, Born Mar. __ 1878 Died Aug . __ 1905
     Inscription: Here lies one who in this life was a kind mother, a true wife, She was by many virtues blest and piety among the best.
LANGFORD, Harriet, wife of Wilson Langford, Born June 2, 1811 Died Sept. _9, 1899
     Inscription: Dearest mother ___n hast left us, And they loss we deeply feel, But tis God that has bereft us, He can all one sorrows heal.
LANGFORD, Harriet, wife of Wilson Langford
     (second stone, broken and in ground, center of grave yard and to left of other, no photo submitted)
LANGFORD, Martha C., Our Darling, daut. of H. T. & M. E. Langford, Born Sept. 13, 1889, Died June 8, 1890
     Inscription: The little crib is empty now. The little cloths laid by, A mother's hope, a father's joy, In deaths cold arms doth lie.
SIMMONS, Sarah F., Our Darling Babe, Daut. of G. W. & F. I. Simmons, Born Dec. 3, 1891 Died Feb. 3, 1892
     Inscription: But oh! brighter home than ours in Heaven is now thy own.

Unidentified grave 1 - (female) broken in half - right side
Unidentified grave 1 - (female) broken in half - left side
    Inscription: Dearest mother, thou hast left us, And Thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that hath bereft, He can all our all our sorrows heal.
Unidentified graves 3 & 4
Unidentified graves 5 & 6
Unidentified graves 7 & 8

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