Cheatham Family Cemetery

Cheatham Family Cemetery
Oak Bend Drive (CR448)
Hull, Madison County, GA (GMD 382)

Survey and Photos by
Christine Crumley Brown

From Highway 72, in Hull, turn across railroad tracks. Take the second street to the left which is Charlie Bolton Rd. After one block, Charlie Bolton makes an intersection with the old portion of itself. Turn right to continue on Charlie Bolton traveling about 1.3 mi. until you reach Oak Bend subdivision on your left. Turn left into the subdivision (Oak Bend Drive) and watch for house number 493 (on the post behind the mail box) on your left at about 0.5 mi.  The cemetery is in the woods across the road from this house. The entrance path to the cemetery is on the right side of the road just down the rise from #493, but before you get to the next utility pole.

There is only one engraved marker in this cemetery, and the exact locations of the individuals listed are unknown. All the other graves, as you will see, are marked only with rock walling. Due to confinements of space and under-brush and trees, it was nearly impossible to get shots to show the layout of the cemetery. Graves were marked in plots of what appeared to be individual and double graves with some plots adjoining each other.

The count number of graves listed below may not be accurate due to the conditions under which I did the photography.


Elizabeth Cheatham
Born Sept. 24, 1846 Died June 13, 191

J. I. N. Cheatham
Born Mar. 6, 1846 Died Dec. 19, 1922

J. W. J. Cheatham
Born Dec. 4, 1868 Died Aug. 31, 1896


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Unidentified Graves

Close-up Views of Unidentified Graves
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Unidentified 1-4
Unidentified 5 (closer to road and to left with your back to road)
Unidentified 6
Unidentified 7
Unidentified 8-9
Unidentified 10 (directly in front of Cheatham marker)
Unidentified 11-13 (next to 10 to the right if Cheatham marker is to your back)
Unidentified 14-17
Unidentified 18-21
Unidentified 22-23
Unidentified 24
Unidentified 25 (baby)
Unidentified 26
Unidentified 27-28
Unidentified 29 (round, near)
Unidentified 30 (with 29 behind you facing the street, this is to your slightly to your left)
Unidentified 31

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