Berryman Cemetery

Berryman Cemetery
On Route 281 south of Royston
Harrison District
GPS - N 34:15:52.8 W083:06:57.1

Survey and Photos by
Mary Love Berryman

In 1980 and for many years after that this cemetery was in very bad shape. In about 1994 a group of Berryman descendants cleaned the cemetery up. They realized that the tombstone for Mrs. Sarah's buggy mule was missing. A collection was taken up to replace the stone - not as it was but with the same wording. The owner of the property has been very helpful in keeping the cemetery clean. It is a very pleasant spot now - just outside of Royston. ~ MLB

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Old Fly
Was Mrs. S. C. Berryman's
Buggy Mule
Hence this monument
Foaled Apr. 12, 1898
Died Apr. 17, 1908

"A righteous man regardeth
the life of his beast,
but the tender mercies
of the wicked are cruel"
Proverbs 12:10

The original monument,
pictured above, was stolen. 
The photo to the right
is a replacement.

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What's in a Monument?

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Children of
B. H. & Ruth Berryman

Infant Dau.
Born Dec. 12, 1876, Died Dec. 19, 1876

Born Apr. 20, 1878, Died Apr. 15, 1879

Born Aug. 11, 1888, Died May 30, 1891

Born Oct. 24, 1890, Died Sept. 12, 1891

Infant Son
Born & Died June 10, 1893


Sally C.
wife of
R. W. Berryman
Aug. 31, 1825
Oct. 21, 1892

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John A. Berryman
July 11, 1850
July 11, 1925

See article:
Tomb bought to prevent extravagant funeral


Martha E.
wife of
Jno. A. Berryman
Ju1y 20, 1851
July 4, 1893

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Daughter of
John A. and M. E.
Born Jan. 31, 1879
Died Mar. 16, 1892


Son of
John A. and M. E.
Feb. 14, 1890
Nov. 8, 1893

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Son of
John A. and M. E.
June 25, 1886
Dec. 21, 1893


Daughter of
John A. and M. E.
Born Oct. 1876
Died Dec. 2, 1883

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W. C. Berryman
Apr. 15, 1854
Sept. 22, 1921

Georgia A. Robertson
Wife of
W. C. Berryman
Nov. 19, 1866
Death date blank
She is buried at Rose Hill


Nancy Berryman
Apr. 30, 1867
May 5, 1944

T. B. Berryman
Jan. 20, 1860
July 6, 1929

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