Allen Family Cemetery

Allen Family Cemetery

Photos & Inscriptions by Michael M. Black   Dec. 6, 2004

The Allen Family Cemetery is located on Homestead Road (between Hwy. 98 and Black's Creek Church Road).  The cemetery is located up a hill in a pasture.  There is a gate which allows access through the pasture to the cemetery.  There is at least one marked grave outside the cemetery fence and several unmarked outside the fence.

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wpe12F.jpg (108960 bytes) Allen, Chaffie
Jan. 16, 1914
Aug. 31, 1928
wpe12D.jpg (103825 bytes) Allen, Joel C. 
Son of Mrs. M. L. Allen
Feb. 10, 1891
Mar. 13, 1909
wpe12A.jpg (109194 bytes) Allen, John Asbury
Jan. 18, 1909
June 6, 1990
wpe111.jpg (110906 bytes) Allen, Mary L.
wpe128.jpg (73611 bytes) Freeman, Gracie A.
Mar. 22, 1889
Mar. 26, 1889
wpe129.jpg (107565 bytes) Shields, J.[ohn] N.[ewton]
[s/o Wm. Green Shields and Lucinda Short]
Dec. 12, 1851
Feb. 20, 1926
wpe112.jpg (113149 bytes) unknown

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