Reservations -Cherokee Nation- Within GA


Cherokee Reservations

Abstracted from: The Georgia Genealogical Society Indian Issue 1968 by James M. Puckett, Jr.

"From Samuel L. Hamilton, Dept of War, Office Indian Affairs 22 Nov 1830

Note .....within the limits of the State of Georgia being Eighteen Life Estate Reservations and five fee simple Reservations and all or nearly all of them have been purchased for the State of Georgia under the provision made by Congress for that purpose.

List of Persons entitled to Reservations, under the Treaties with the Cherokee of 8th July 1817 and 27th Febry 1819, according to the Treaties,...............

For Life

For Life, cont.

Fee Simple

90 Alexander Kell     99 Catherine Word   29 John Martin
91 James Word 100 Bryant Word 30 Peter Lynch
92 Benj. Cooper 101 Delilah Welsh 31 Daniel Davis
93 Uriah Hubbard 102 Edward Adair 32 George Parris
94 Moses McDaniel       103 Samuel Word 33 Walter L. Adair
95 James Landrum 104 John Terrell
96 David England 105 Joel Kirby
97 George Word 106 John Dawson
98 Will England 107 Dascab Duncan