Employment, 1898

What People Did In 1898

It is always interesting to see how many people were employed in various fields in past generations.  For instance, in 1898, there were 27 blacksmiths in Liberty County and only 4 dentists, 6 grocers, 2 hardware salesmen, 10 lawyers (with 10 justices of the peace), 10 music teachers, 22 saw mills, 15 Christian ministers, 1 saloon-keeper, 13 medical doctors, 2 jewelers and 2 undertakers.  Here is a list of how the residents of Liberty County were employed in 1898.

Justices of the Peace and Militia Districts (10)

Name Military District City or Community
D.D. James 15th Riceboro
J.O. Garrison 16th Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
J.R. Hardy 17th Taylor's Creek
R.L. Horne 24th Honston's Station (Liberty City)
G.T. Knight 1132nd Smiley
T.M. Way 1359th Dorchester
J. Anderson 1458th Walthourville
B.W. Dyer 1467th Fleming
J.E. Warnell 1543rd No place listed
W.E. Edwards 1544th No place listed (possibly Tula? See postmasters, below)

Notaries Public, Ex-Officio Justices of the Peace and Militia Districts (10)

Name Military District Community
W.A. Fleming 15th Riceboro
J.F. Wheeler 16th Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
J.I. Daniel 17th Taylor's Creek
T.J. Chapman 24th Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
Unknown 1132nd Smiley
Unknown 1359th Dorchester
A.S. Quarterman 1458th Walthoursville
T.J. Shave 1476th Fleming
H.E. Strickland 1543rd No place listed
J.W.H. Hunter 1544th No place listed

Post Offices and Postmasters (26)*

Location Postmaster
Arcadia S.B. Trask
Bay View C.J. Bryant
Breads Creek Weitman & Brothers
Dorchester Mrs. K.B. Jones
Easterling Vacant
Fleming N.H. Clark
Flemington Mrs. M.E. Trask
Gertrude D.P. Roche
Gum Branch W.S. Wells
Hinesville J.M. Caswell
Johnstons Station (Liberty City) J.R. McDuffie
Joselyn Mrs. K.A. Williams
Lambert Edward Payson Miller
Limerick Vacant
McIntosh R.Q. Cassels
Oneida W.A. Kennedy
Paxton Mille & Company
Riceboro T.J. Edwards
Smiley D.A. Smiley
Strumbay S.E. Jones
Sunbury Elizabeth H. Eve
Swindle Vacant
Taylors Creek Cassels & Hendry
Thebes Vacant
Tula W.E. Edwards
Walthourville Edward Payson Miller

Artesian Well Drillers (1)

E.D. Cory of Sunbury

Blacksmiths (27)

Name Location
J.G. Hyers Bay View
H.J Easterling Easterling
J.J. Easterling Easterling
J.L. Andrews Fleming
Joe Mallard Fleming
C.B. Scaffe Fleming
E. Yarbrough Gum Branch
G.O. Bowie & Brother Hinesville
J.E. Theiss Hinesville
Tidwell & Burns Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
J.A. Howard Joselyn
John A. Howard (Second location?) Lambert
Joseph Mallard (Second location?) Limerick
John E. Way Lambert
Edmund B. Wheeler Lambert
David S. Wells McIntosh
W.A. Kennedy (Second occupation) Oneida
J. Brown Riceboro
G. Williamson Riceboro
J.A. Smiley Smiley
W.A. Yarbrough Smiley
E.V. Martin Taylor's Creek
Augustus Law Thebes
C.W. Parker & Company Tula
W.D. Bacon Walthoursville
G.A. Gordon Walthoursville
W.W. Mauldin Walthoursville

Carpenters and Builders (12)

Name Location
T.S. Wheeler Gum Branch
J.J. Nesmith Hinesville
J.C. Hines Lambert
J.C. Norman Lambert
Edward Williams Limerick
J.M. Baggs Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
C.C. Gordon Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
Thomas Dutton Joselyn
Joe Myers Riceboro
S.H. Perry Riceboro
John Long Smiley
J.C. Norman Walthoursville

Coach and Wagon Manufacturers (2)

Tidwell & Burns, Lambert

John E. Way, Lambert

Cotton Gins (12)

Name Location
Jones & Sons Arcadia
W. Bacon Easterling
Frank Easterling Easterling
Tom Grimes Easterling
J.L. Andrews Fleming
W.S. Wells Gum Branch
E. Yarbrough Gum Branch and Lambert
William Bacon Oneida
S.B. Girardeau Oneida
C.A. Jones & Company Riceboro
S.L. Bacon Taylors Creek
I.L. Bird Taylors Creek

Dentists (4)

Name Location
Dr. Capers C. Daniel Easterling, Taylors Creek and Lambert
Dr. I. Ham Easterling
Dr. Charles West Hendry Hinesville and Lambert
Dr. B.W. Morris Johnstons Station (Liberty City) and Tula

Distillers of Turpentine (1)

R.W. Hammond, Swindle

Druggists (3)

Name Location
H.S. Kelly Easterling
J.D. Rogers Fleming
A.L. Winn Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

General Merchandise (52)

Name Location
K.B. Jones & Son Arcadia
L.R. Trask Arcadia
T.M. May Arcadia
C.J. Bryant Bay View
Mrs. K.B. Jones & Son Dorchester
George F. Reikes & Brother Dorchester
W.M. Stevens Dorchester
L.B. Trask Dorchester
W.H. Dasher Easterling
Henry Elarbee Easterling
J. Stubbs Easterling
Clark & Shave Fleming
W.W. Gill Fleming
R.T. Gupton Fleming
W.T. Lightfoot & Son Fleming
Mrs. M.E. Trask Flemington
J.C. Hines Hinesville
E.C. Miller Hinesville and Lambert
J.R. Ryon Hinesville
A.S. Branch Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
E.J. McDonald Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
McKeither & Currier Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
M.T. Rimes & Brothers Johnstons Station (Liberty City)
R.W. Hammond Josselyn and Swindle
A. Lafayette Jones Lambert
K.A. Williamson Lambert
W.H. Lee Limerick
R.Q. Cassels & Sons (also the Postmaster?) McIntosh
H.G. Elarbee & Brother (Second location?) Oneida
S.B. Girardeau (also ran the cotton gin?) Oneida
W.A. Kennedy (Postmaster AND blacksmith?) Oneida
Jerry Smith Oneida
E.T. Dean Riceboro
F.S. Lyons Riceboro
C.A. Stebbins Riceboro
D.W. Tyson Riceboro
Williams & Linder Riceboro
T.E. Grimes & Brother Smiley
William Kirkland Smiley
D.A. Smiley & Brothers Smiley
R.S. Hendry Taylors Creek
B.D. Martin Taylors Creek
J. Baker Thebes
A.B. Golden Thebes
V.H. Morrison Thebes
R.L. Paige Thebes
N.D. Rozier Tula
E.E. Ryals Tula
W.S. Harden Walthoursville
E.P. Miller Walthoursville
K.A. Williamson Walthoursville

Grocers (6)

Name Location
Dyer & Wilson Limerick
H. Mallard Limerick
P. Fraser Limerick
J.W. Williams McIntosh
W.E. Edwards Tula
C.W. Parker & Company Tula

Hardware (2)

W.T. Kicklighter, Limerick

C.W. Parker & Company, Tula

Horticulturist (1)

Audley King, Sunbury

Hotels (7)

Name and Owner Location
Ms. E.M. Trask Flemington
Caswell House, J.M. Caswell Hinesville
Magnolia House, A.C. Smith Hinesville
Mrs. W. Clark Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
C.J. Fletcher Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
N.T. Hewitt Riceboro
Barclay House, J.L. Harden Walthoursville

Insurance Agents (1)

R.M. Martin, Hinesville and Riceboro

Lampblack Manufacturers (1)

D.C. Miller, Lambert

Lawyers (10)

Name Location
H.V. Calder Fleming
N.J. Norman Flemington and Riceboro
J.L. Shaw Gum Branch
S.B. Brewton Hinesville
Donald Fraser Hinesville
B.A. Way Hinesville and Riceboro
T.N. Winn Hinesville
W.N. Clark Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
Walter A. Way Lambert and Riceboro
William B. Warnell Oneida

Livery Stables (6)

Name City
M. Dauney Hinesville
C.J. McDonald Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
M.T. Rimes Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
J.W. Williams McIntosh
N.T. Hewitt Riceboro
J.H. King & Company Thebes

Corn and Flour Mills (14)

Name Location
P. Fraser & Company Fleming and Limerick
E. Yarbrough Gum Branch
J.B. McCall Hinesville
George R. Herbert Lambert
Johnson & O'Bryan McIntosh
W.J. Bacon Oneida
S.B. Girardeau Oneida
McGowen & Company Riceboro
W.A. Smiley & Brothers Smiley
S.L. Bacon Taylor's Creek
I.L. Bird Taylor's Creek
Jonathan A. Martin Taylor's Creek
J. Laing Walthoursville
G.R. Herbert Walthoursville

Saw Mills (22)

Name Location
Weitman & Brothers Beard's Creek
J.J. Easterling Easterling
J.E. Grimes Easterling
Wells & Brothers Fleming
D.P. Roche Gertrude
W.S. Wells Gum Branch
James B. McCall Hinesville
J.R. McDuffie & Son Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
C.E. Wells Joselyn
W.J. Ellis Lambert
W.J. Bacon Oneida
S.B. Girardeau Oneida
W.A. Kennedy Oneida
McGowen & Company Riceboro
T.E. Grimes Smiley
D.A. Smiley & Brothers Smiley
J.C. Swindle Swindle
S.L. Bacon Taylor's Creek
I.L. Bird Taylor's Creek
G.S. Holmes Walthoursville
W.J. Ellis Walthoursville
J.J. Wall Walthoursville

Millwrights (1)

Jonathan M. Easterling, Smiley

Music Teachers (10)

Name Location
Jim Bazemore Easterling
Sallie Shuman Easterling
Mrs. Etta Calder Fleming
Laura Martin Fraser Flemington
Mrs. S.A. Calder(1) Hinesville
Cora Clark Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
Mrs. S.E. O'Neal Johnston's Station (Liberty City)
Mrs. M.J. Fleming Lambert
Eva Cassels Walthoursville
J.L. Harden Walthoursville

Naval Stores Manufacturers (17)

Name Location

Newspapers (2)

Liberty County Herald, R.M. Martin, Editor and Publisher, Hinesville

Southern Home, F.C. Miller, Editor and Publisher, Walthoursville



* It appears that many of the postmasters were what I think of as "second jobs" or "extra jobs", as many of the postmasters appear to be operating other businesses as well.  Edward Payson Miller also appears to be a postmaster over two different areas as well as running a general store in Walthoursville and a naval store in Johnston's Station.

Likewise, it seems that the Smiley family of Smiley was quite the busy business family, as they ran several businesses in Smiley, if not all of them.

(1) Noticing the Calder name, I wish to point out that there was a Calder at St. Simons Island.  Could these Calder's be related?