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by Robert H. Jeffries 300 Sivell Road La Grange, Georgia 30240 

or [email protected]

Burkett Jeffries, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morris) Jeffries, was my great, great, great grandfather. He was born in Greene County, Georgia in 1806 and 
married Elizabeth Reeves, the daughter of Joel E. Reeves, in Jasper County. Rev. E. Dudwell married them on August 30, 1825. Elizabeth's parents had six other daughters and three sons most of whom married, raised their families and lived their entire lives in Jasper County. 

Part of Elizabeth's father's will says as follows: 

"I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Nancy Reeves (with whom I have lived for many years, in comfortable union) during her natural life, the following property, wiz., all the land on which I now live (except the mill lot, consisting of 400 acres, more or less, four slaves, a sufficiency of stock such as horses, cows, hogs, sheep, etc.; and provisions of every description to support her family, also all the household furniture, and kitchen furniture, and a sufficiency of plantation tools, of every description, and whatever else may be thought necessary for her comfort and convenience, by my executors, to hold and use the said property during her natural life, and at her death to be disposed of as hereinafter directed. I direct that if there should be any money, in my possession, at my death, or if there should be any perishable property, than will conduce to the comfort of my wife that it should be sold by my executors and the money arising thereform, together with any already on hand, as any debt be paid due to be loaned and kept as a fund for the support of my wife, should she need it during her lifetime. To my daughter, Elizabeth Jeffries, wife of Burkett N. Jeffries, I give an equal share of my property as that of my wife and divided as hereinafter directed, and the part given above to my daughter, Elizabeth, Jeffries, to belong to her and her children that survive her death. I desire and direct that all the property given to my wife during her natural life as described (except the land) and all the increase thereof, at her death, be sold and equally divided among all my children. Signed by Joel A. Reeves on May 23, 1845.The last will and testament of Jesse Reeves was proven by David 
Reeves and Malahiah Reeves in the January term of the 1816 Jasper County Court. Letters of Testimony and the Warrant of Appraisement were issued
to Jonathan Reeves.

The 1830 Jasper County Census shows Burkett and Elizabeth (Reeves) Jeffries were both 20-20 years old. They had one son and two daughters 0-5 years old.
In the 1840 Jasper County Census Burkett and Elizabeth were both listed as 30-40 years old. In their household they had a son and a daughter 10-15, two sons and a 
daughter 5-10, and three daughters 0-5 years old.Deed Book C of Jasper County on page 495 for January 18, 1841 shows that Burkett sold his father, 
Thomas Jeffries, 101 acres of land in Jasper County for $436.Elizabeth (Morris) Jeffries, Burkett's mother, and Melissa Jeffries, Burkett's daughter, were 
witnesses to the will of Catherine Tuggle on July 20, 1842, in which he she left all her belongings to her mother, Elizabeth (Jeffries) Tuggle.

In the 1850 Jasper County Slave Census Burkett owned one 32-year-old male slave. He still owned the same slave in the 1860 slave census and at that time he was listed 
as 42 years old. (Burkett was the grandfather of my grandfather and I have heard my grandfather tell the following many times: "General Sherman and his thousands of troops came through Jasper County, and about a mile, or two from the Jeffries  plantation. All the able bodied young men were away in the army in Virginia. This slave took away all the valuables in and around the house, when he heard General Sherman and his troops were on the way. He took them to the middle of a field and buried it all. He then drove the animals into the nearby swamps and hide them. After the troops had left he returned everything to the plantation home. He felt that this property was his as much as it was Burkett and his family, because he had always done so much of the work there."

The 1850 Agricultural Schedule showed Burkett owned livestock valued at $400. He owned 150 acres of land valued at $700, but he only had 50 acres under cultivation at that time.It is unknown the exact date Burkett died, he was listed in the family for the 1850 census, but he was not listed for the 1860 census. On April 1, 1850 Burkett signed a writ allowing his attorney, I.I. McCargie, to act as his attorney on any writ brought against him by the Superior Court of Jasper County and to sign his name to such acknowledgement. It was about ten miles from Burkett's plantation to the courthouse in Monticello and Burkett may not have been well enough to make this long a trip at this time. Burkett was listed as an heir, when his father wrote his will, but it is believed he was not living at the time of the will's probate in 1859 in Jasper County.

The 1850 Jasper County Tax Records show Burkett owned 200 acres of land valued at $700 and had equipment valued at $40. He also owned three horses, eight cows, one 
mule, thirty hogs, and all of his livestock was valued at $400. He owned 400 bushels of corn, 25 bushels of oats, sixty bushels of sweet potatoes, etc. (This was while Burkett and Elizabeth were raising a family of eleven children, most of their married lives through a big depression, and before his father died and his property divided among his children. Burkett could also have been a sick man for years before his death.)

The 1860 Jasper County Census listed a Mary Dunn as six years old, and William Dunn as five years old living in the household of Elizabeth (Reeves) Jeffries, 
Burkett's widow. These children are believed to have been the children of one of Burket' children, but it is uncertain just which one at this time. Years before, in Oglethorpe County, one of Lodowick Tuggle's daughters had married a Dunn and these could have been her children. There has never been a marriage record found in Jasper County between a Jeffries and a Dunn, so Burket's widow may have been baby sitting the children for someone else. Also living in Elizabeth's household was a money changer, Augustus Penn, who was 35 years old. It is believed she was renting out some of her rooms in her home to help meet living expenses.

In the Tabernacle Church Cemetery, on highway #11, just south of Mansfield, where the Jasper and Newton County lines connect are the following tombstones: (A) Eliza 
Tuggle 1838-1927. (She was a daughter of Burkett and Elizabeth,) Nancy Elizabeth ?Eliza?, who had married Leroy Tuggle just before he was killed in The War Between the States. (B) Elizabeth (Reeves) Jeffries 1806-1892. (She was Burkett's widow.) (C) James Jeffries December 4, 1846-September 17, 1930. (He was Burkett and Elizabeth's youngest child.) (Susan (Little) Jeffries 1857-February 16, 1936. (She was the wife of James P. Jeffries.) (E) The following are children of James P. and Susan (Little) Jeffries, who are also buried in the Cemetery: (1) Thomas Jeffries June 27, 1875-April 4, 1920, (2) Robert Lee Jeffries January 11, 1877-February 27, 1945, and (3) Lemmer Jeffries January 20, 1873, who died unmarried on (?). (Another thing to keep me wondering is Burket's widow, Elizabeth, was buried very near a mound of dirt about six feet long and four feet high, which had no sign on it. I believe it was where Burkett was buried about 40 years before Elizabeth's death. At that time they may have had a wooden sign, which rotted before I found the spot.)

Burkett and Elizabeth (Reeves) Jeffries also had an adult son and a daughter, who was buried in nearby Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery of Mansfield. These were 
Thomas Jeffries October 9, 1828- (?), and Melissa Lee (Jeffries) Henderson August 10, 1843-June 13, 1917. (The date for Thomas? birth is shown on his tombstone, but the date of his death is left blank, but it is known he was listed as living in Burkett's household for the 1850 census.)

There is a mystery involving Elizabeth (Reeves) Jeffries. I found her listed in the 1860 Jasper County Census, but I searched each individual family 
household, in censuses, for Jasper and each nearby surrounding county for 1870 and 1880 and could find her no place. I know she did not die until 1892, but I did not find her living in any of her children's household. Where ever she died, she was brought back to the Church and was buried there. 

Some additional information on Burkett and Elizabeth 
children is as follows:

1. THOMAS JEFFRIES- Thomas was born in 1825 and was listed as an eight year old attending Constitution Hall Academy, in Jasper County, in 1834. It is uncertain whether or not, he ever married. No marriage record has ever been found. He was listed as a 25 year old mechanic in Burkett's 1850 household. The Spearman Whitfield Store in Shady Dale gave many farmers credit until their crops were gathered at the end of the growing season. One of those listed in their account book was a Dr. Thomas Jeffries? There is a tombstone, in Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery of Mansfield, in Newton County, the inscription of which is: T.D. Jeffries born October 9, 1825, died It is uncertain why the birth date was shown and not the death date. (It is possible he had his tombstone place there while he was still living and moved away, and his body was not returned to be buried there when he died.) Listed just below Thomas? name in the 1850 Jasper County Census of Burkett's household was a Frances Jeffries. She could have been Thomas? wife, instead of a sister, and that they had moved away.

2. JANE JEFFRIES- Jane was born in 1827 and was attending Constitution Hall Academy taking reading and writing, as a seven-year-old, in 1834. Mary Jane Jeffries 
married John J. Simpson in 1949. Their children were as follows: (A) Susan E. Simpson born on May 24, 1850 in Newton County, married Samuel W. Davis, who had been born in June 1845. Susan died on May 14, 1815. (B) George L. Simpson was born in 1852, but it is believed he died at an early age. (C) William J. Simpson was also born in 1852. (D) John O. Simpson was born in 1854 and died in Oklahoma. (E) Crayton A.G. Simpson was born in 1859. (F) Thomas Jefferson Simpson was 
born on August 14, 1862 in Jasper County, Georgia and died on May 4, 1944 in Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma. On January 9, 1898 Thomas Jefferson Simpson and Ellen F. Simmons were married in Wise County, Texas. (G) Robert Simpson was born in 1865. The 1850 Newton County Census lists the following family: John Simpson 25 years old and born in Georgia, Jane Simpson 24 years old and born in Georgia, and Frances Simpson 1 year old and born in Georgia. The 1860 Newton County Census listed the following family: J.J. Simpson 39 who had an occupation as an overseer, who had a personal property valued at $300 and real estate valued at $600. Mary J. Simpson 35, Susan Elizabeth Frances Simpson 10 years old attending school., William Simpson 8, George L. Simpson 8, John Simpson 6, Crayton A. G. Simpson 1 year old. The 1870 Newton County Census shows: Mary J. Simpson 40 with her occupation as farming. (John was not listed and it is possible he died in the War Between The States.) Susan F. Simpson 19, William J. Simpson 17, John O. Simpson 14, Crayton 11, Thomas J. Simpson 8, Robert Simpson 5, and also living and working on the farm was a 20 year old man, James Jeffries. (Two houses away was the house where Janes' two sisters: Eliza Tuggle and Elizabeth "Mitt" Jeffries were living.) The 1880 Jasper County census listed: Mary J. Simpson, Susan E. Simpson 25, William J. Simpson 24 and his 
wife, Sarah 31 years old. Crayton Simpson 19, Thomas J. Simpson 17, and Robert Simpson 15. The 1900 and 1910 censuses also showed Mary Jane was still living. In the 1910 census she was listed as 83 years old. The James Jeffries who was working on Jane's farm for the 1870 census, Jane's son, Thomas Jefferson Simpson, and Samuel W. Henderson, the son of Jane's sister, Elizabeth Louisa, were all close cousins and they moved first to Texas and then on to Oklahoma where they settled down and raised a family.

3.FRANCES JEFFRIES? Frances was born in 1830 and married Greene B. Dunn, son of Barthalomew Dunn (Barthalomew Dunn had been born about 1795 in Moore , North Carolina) on September 3, 1851 in Jasper County. For some unknown reason, to me at this time, she was listed as Frances Jeffries, in her widowed mother's 1860 household. There were a six year old Mary Dunn and a five year old William Dunn also living in the household at this time.

4. LITTLETON S. JEFFRIES- Littleton's military papers say he was born in Jasper County on October 6, 1832. He was listed in the 1850 Jasper County Census as 19 years old in Burkett's household. Records show that Littleton S. Jeffries married Letitia E.B. Mathias in Randolph County, Georgia on May 25, 1856. They lived in Randolph County for the 1860 census and had two sons, George B. and Richard B. Jeffries. Although Littleton and his family were not listed in Randolph County, Georgia, nor Dale County, Alabama for the 1870 census, it is known they were living in Dale County soon after the census was taken. A William Thomas Jeffries, believed to have been a young son of Littleton and Letitia was buried in the Old Dean Church Cemetery and his tombstone has the following dates: October 6, 1870-June 12, 1874. 

During the War Between the States Littleton was in Company B of the Cobb Guards, 22 nd Georgia Battalion, of the Georgia Infantry. He enlisted on January 16, 1863 for the duration of the war and was assigned to Captain Fuller's Company. He was transferred to Captain R.A. Turnipseed's Company on September 19, 1864 and was stationed at Thunderbolt, near Savannah. On December 11, 1863 he was assigned to a hospital at Whitesville, Georgia. He was on the roll there in January and February 1864. He had a receipt roll for clothing For the second quarter of 1864. He was paroled in Macon on May 9, 1865. He applied for and received a Confederate Veteran's Pension in Dale County, Alabama. The records show he had been shot through the left side of his face and this only left a little over of his lower jawbone. This had happened while he was stationed on James Island, South Carolina. The doctor, who signed his application for the pension, said Littleton had the lower half of his jawbone at home in his trunk. The application said Littleton could not work, but that 
he was a deserving man, who needed the pension. He applied in Dale County on May 22, 1901, again on July 9, 1903, and probably other years I did not find a record for. 
5. LEROY JEFFRIES- Leroy was born in 1834 and was listed as 16 years old in his father, Burkett Jeffries, household for the 1850 Jasper County Census. Leroy Jeffries married Mary Jane Henderson, daughter of William and Mary (?) Henderson, Sr, and had been born in 1832. The census records show that Mary Jane's father and mother were both born in North Carolina. Her father was born in 1787 and her mother in 1786. Her father's family was shown in the 1850 Newton County Census and in the 1860 Marion County, Alabama Census. All of their children were born in Newton County. The 1860 Census of Marion County, Alabama listed Leroy Jeffries as a blacksmith and it showed that he and Mary Jane had a six year old child, William T. Jeffries. Leroy joined Company A of the 5th Alabama Calvary as a private. (He was probably a blacksmith for the cavalry unit.) He was enlisted by Major Warren on September 1, 1862 at Nickelton, Alabama on November 1, 1862. The 5th Alabama Calvary was a regiment composed of Northern Alabama farmers, with James N. Warren, a Lieutenant Colonel, as second in command. One company from Fayette County, Alabama was organized by Captain Powell. The regiment was mustered into the Army of Tennessee. It served continuously during the war. It was in Florida for a short time during the fall of 1863, but most of its service was in Northern Alabama. The greater part of the regiment surrendered at Selma, and the remainder surrendered at Danville in Morgan County. (Although I have no definite proof that Leroy died in the war, no records show him anyplace after the war.) (Barbara Becharz, a descendent of Mary Jane (Henderson) and Leroy Jeffies through their son, William, and their grandson Seaborn Jeffries, of Ropersville, Texas says this story has passed through the family for years: While William was a small boy, Leroy was moving out of the way of invading Yankees. They came to a swollen river. Leroy left the 
family and went to find a shallow place to cross and never returned. They think he was swept away and drown. They also believe William's kinfolks raised him. 
It is not known what happened to Mary Jane, but the son William T. Jeffries, who is not shown in the 1870 census records, is living in Marion County with his family for the 
1880 census. The 1900 Walker County Census shows that William and his oldest son, Seaborn Jeffries, both had families living there. William and Nancy had a son, Seaborn, who was born on October 24, 1874 and a child, E.E. Jeffries, who was born on August 4, 1877. In less than three weeks Nancy Elizabeth died in August 23, 1877 and the baby died on November 4, 1877. They were both buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery in Marion County. This cemetery also had many Hendersons buried in it. It is known Mary Jane's father's family moved to Marion County at the Time Leroy and Mary Jane lived there. Sometime between 1900 and 1905 William T. Jeffries disappeared. Around 1870 William T. Jeffries had married Nancy Francis Roberts in Marion County. One of their children died shortly after it's birth and was buried in the Robert's Family Cemetery in Marion County. The tombstone doesn't name the child, but it does say it was a son of William T. Jeffries and a grandson of Joshua W. Roberts. On January 14, 1900 William's son, Seaborn Jeffries married Lucy Agnes Walker in Fayette County. After the disappearance of his father Seaborn took over as the leader of both households. He moved them first to Arkansas and later to west Texas.

6.NANCY ELIZABETH JEFFRIES- Nancy Elizabeth was born in 1836 and was called Eliza. She was listed as 14 years old in Burkett's 1850 household. On January 3`, 1858 she married a cousin, Leroy Tuggle, in Newton County. Leroy was a son of Benjamin Tuggle and a grandson of Robert and Elizabeth (Jeffries) Tuggle. During the War Between the States Leroy Tuggle was a member of the Jasper County Grover Guards, in Company G and in the 4th Regiment of the Army of Northern Virginia on June 26, 1862. He later died of wounds he received in 1862 in a battle. For the 1870 Jasper County Census Eliza was the head of a household, which included a son and two daughters. Also living in the household were her unmarried sister, my great grandmother, Elizabeth Jeffries, and her two sons: four years old Thomas Jefferson Jeffries (my grandfather) and John Harris Jeffries 2 years old.Lizzie Tuggle, their daughter married Augustus Wilson, in Jasper County on December 19, 1883. Frank Tuggle had a family listed in the 1900 Jasper County Census. Crayton Tuggle another son married Mollie Barbere, in Jasper County, on December 19, 1833. In the Tabenacle Church Cemetery on Highway #11, south of Mansfield, on the Jasper/Newton County lines, is the following tombstone: Eliza Tuggle 1838-1927.7.EMILY JEFFRIES- Emily was born on July 9, 1837 and was listed as 13 years old in The 1850 Jasper County Census of Burkett's family. She married Asbury Young Evans, in Jasper County, on April 25, 1859. A William Evans, believed to be Asbury's father was born in 1796 and moved to Morgan County and later on to Mississippi. 

The children of William Evans and Elizabeth 

Combs Hammock Evans were: Mary Evans who was born in 1798 married Caleb Malone in Jasper County, James Arden Evans, and William Evans. Mary Evans, Asbury's mother's maiden name was Mary Patterson and she married William Evans in Jasper County on November 26, 1818. Mary's parents were Francis Patterson, Sr. and Amelia (Heard) Patterson, who was born in Virginia. Amelia outlived her husband and then married second William Jones, by whom she also had a pair of children, one of whom was probably Letha Ann Jones. In the War Between the States Asbury joined the 16th Georgia Battalion, Company G of Walter's Battalion of Calvary. He served for three years and was in the hospital in February 1865, suffering from scurvy, when his company surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia. Since Asbury had not been married long before the war, and was not able to do much work afterwards, his property tax for 1868 showed he owned only five acres of land valued at $15. The 1879 tax records showed he owned a homestead valued at $20, a horse valued at $10 and he had a total estate valued at $30. On February 10, 1896 Asbury was appointed as the Justice of the Peace for the 389th district of Jasper County. For the 1900 Jasper County Census Emily said she was the mother of five children, all of whom were still living. When Asbury died in the hospital at Madison on July 16, 1903, Emily applied for a Confederate Widow's Pension. She said Asbury had been on the pension roll as an indigent, and that she had been unable to work for the last six years. K.B. Key, of Jasper County, served as a witness and said he had been in the same company with Asbury Evans. 

8. ELIZABETH LOUISA JEFFRIES- Elizabeth Louisa Jeffries was born on October 1, 1838 and was listed as a ten-year-old in the 1850 Jasper County Census of Burkett and Elizabeth (Reeves) Jeffries. On June 22, 1862 she married David Henderson, in Jasper County. (It is believed David was badly injured, or developed an incurable disease, while he was serving in the Confederate States Army during the War Between the States. It is also believed that David and his family lived with his brother as David got worse, and that David died between the 1870-1880 censuses. The will of Charles Henderson is as follows: First- I, Charles Henderson, of sound mind and good memory will my soul to God. Second- I, Charles Henderson of the said state and county do make and publish this as my last will and testament. Third- I hereby constitute and appoint Samuel L. Henderson my administrator of this will. Fourth- After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I give to Nancy Jones the bed, and bedclothes I am now lying on, the clock, and my cow. The place I am now living on to be sold and after the debts are paid the remainder is to be divided among my daughters Martha Atkinson, Cicley Knight, and my son David Henderson's three children: Joe, Ruth, and Samuel Henderson. Fifth- I give my said administrator, and Thomas Henderson, who is now living with me, my entire interest in the mill I now own. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Charles Henderson (by his mark). (Although he doesn't say so, it is believed Thomas and Samuel were two of his brothers. He does say that Samuel was living with her at the time he wrote his will. This Samuel Henderson married Melissa Jeffries, Elizabeth Louisa's sister. I believe this Samuel's full name was Samuel Joseph Henderson. He would have been older at this time than David's son, Samuel.) David and Elizabeth Louisa's son, Samuel W. Henderson left home at the age of 17, because it is said he did not like his stepfather, Charles Henderson. This Samuel and two of his first cousins moved first to Texas and then settled in Oklahoma for the remainder of their lives. It is believedhe is buried in a cemetery in Erick, Oklahoma, where his oldest son, Samuel L. Henderson, is buried. Samuel W. Henderson lived around Beckham County, Oklahoma for years before his death. Samuel W. Henderson married Emma Lou McWhorter. The 1879 tax records of Jasper County showed Joseph Henderson owned 273 acres of land valued at $645, and his total 
estate was valued at $1,070, but David Henderson and his family were not listed living with him at this time. The 1880 Jasper County Census lists Louisa and her children as living in the household of Charles Henderson, Jr.  

9. LUCRA JEFFRIES- A Bible record says she was born on April 7, 1843 and she was listed as six years old for the 1850 Jasper County Census of Burkett and Elizabeth's  family. If she was living for the 1860 census she would have been 16 years old, but she was not living in the household of her widowed mother. 
The 1870 Jasper County Census had a white female, Meliam, believed to have possibly been the middle name of Lucra, Jeffries, who was listed as 26 years old. Living in 
her household were two Jeffries? sons. One of these sons, John A. Jeffries, and his family was living in nearby Henry County for the 1910 census. The Bible record of her brother, James P. Jeffries, says she died on June 24, 1890 

10. MELISSA JEFFRIES- Melissa was born on April 7, 1843 and listed as eight years old in Burkett and Elizabeth's household for the 1850 Jasper County Census. She married first (?) Flemister in the early 1860?s and they had a son, John E. Flemister, who was born on January 12, 1864 and married Georgia Henderson. They also had another son, James O. Flemister, who was born on April 17, 1865 and married Lisa C. Wood. The will of Joseph Henderson said: ? I the said Joseph Henderson of the said state and county do make this my will on February 1, 1892. First- I hereby constitute and appoint the said John P. Henderson and Charles R. Henderson, and John M. Flemister executors of this my last will directing my said executors to pay my debts and funeral expenses. Second- After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I give to my daughter Ally Freeman ten acres of land in the Southeast corner of the land I now live on. If the said Ally Freeman dies without heirs of her body, the said land reverts back to my estate and is to be disposed of as I shall hereafter name. Third- I will that my daughter Susan E. Bryant to have out of my estate, ten dollars as all the share I wish her to have. Fourth- I want all my property to remain together until my daughter, Kate Henderson become twenty- one years of age. Fifth- I further will that the rents and profits of my mill to go to the support of my wife, Melissa Henderson, Bessie Henderson, Kate Henderson, and Fleming Henderson, and all the over support to go to my other children, namely Charles Henderson, John P. Henderson, Mary Ann Roach, and Wood Henderson. Sixth- I will when my daughter, Kate, becomes twenty-one years of age that all my property be sold and divided out among all my children. Signed Joseph Henderson (with mark) Although the 1880 Jasper County Census showed Joseph's family had four sons and a daughter, the ages show that none of them could have been the children of his second wife, Melissa (Jeffries) Flemister. They did have a daughter, before Joseph died on February 1, 1892. His will left his wife, Melissa, the forty-acre homeplace and the house. The will also named his sons as: Wood, Kirk, Fleming, Charles, and John P. Henderson, and his daughters as: Mary Ann Roach, Susan E. Bryant, Bessie Henderson, and Kate Henderson. (Although Bessie was not the daughter of Melissa, she was only a year, or two, old at the time Melissa and her father married. She may have always considered Melissa as her mother.) His will named his sons John P. and Charles R .Henderson, and John McFlemister as the executors. At the time of his death Joseph had interest in the Henderson Mill. His will asked that all the property be kept together until his youngest daughter, Kate, reached her 21st birthday. The estate gave Melissa and the two youngest children, Bessie and Kate, two month's support on January 24, 1894. The older children tried to get the court's permission to sell the land, including the 130 acres he owned near the Henderson Mill, but the case was fought by their stepmother, Melissa, who asked that the estate be kept together as Joseph wanted. Finally on February 4, 1896 William F. Jordan petitioned the court and received permission to sell, to the highest bidder, the land on the estate of Joseph Henderson, on the first part, and Melissa Henderson, on the second part. On January 6, 1918 S.W. Wommack, husband of Bessie (Henderson) Wommack, applied for permission to sell the property of Melissa Henderson. Mrs.Clifford Driskell was the highest bidder for $1,450. In the Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery, in Mansfield, of Newton County, is the following tombstone: ?Melissa Lee Henderson August 10, 1843-June 13, 1917 "A tender mother and a faithful friend." 

11. ELIZABETH :MITT" JEFFRIES  Elizabeth was born in 1846 and later married John W. Doster in Jasper County. (She will be written about in the next section of Jeffries in Jasper County.)

12. JAMES P. JEFFRIES- James was born on December 4, 1848 and was the youngest child in Elizabeth (Reeves) and Burkett Jeffries? family. My great grandmother was the next youngest child and it is believed they were always very close as they grew up together. Neither one was probably old enough to know, or remember their father very well before his death. James was listed as two years old in the 1850 census and before the l860 census Burkett had died. James was listed in the Jasper County 1870 Census as living alone and listed as 21 years old. The 1879 Jasper County Tax Records show James owned no land. His homestead was valued at $10, he owned horses valued at $111, tools valued at $5, and he owned other property valued at $15, for a total estate value of $141.In applying for a divorce, in Jasper County, in 1913, James H. Jeffries, son of James P. and Susan (Little) Jeffries, said that his wife, Berta, had run off with another man. Berta said that while they lived in Alabama and then in Dodge County, Georgia everything had been fine. She said after they moved back to Jasper County he had abandoned her and moved in with his parents. She also said that she was 18 years old and that James was 23 years old at the time. They were granted their divorce. Some additional information on the children of Susan (Little) and James Jeffries is as follows: (A) Julius Jeffries was born in 1876. (B) Robert Jeffries was born on January 11, 1877, married Nora Digby, and died on February 23, 1945. (C) Mamie Jeffries was born on December 7, 1895, married first Isaac Goodman on December 7, 1895 and second Wiley A. Goodman, and then died on March 12, 1957. (D) John Oscar Jeffries was born on August 13, 1896, married first Scrap Digby, second Bert (?), and third Nellie Mae Gilliam, and then died on June 19, 1953. (E) Nancy Geneva Jeffries was born on October 14, 1888, married Orbie Alfred Allen on on May 13, 1912, and died on April 3, 1975. Their daughter Sally L. (Allen) Beggs of Route #2, Box #799 of Lincolnton, Georgia 30817 sent me most of the information on her grandparents Susan (Little) and James P. Jeffries and their descendents. (F) James H. Jeffries was born on April 10, 1890, married first Berta (?) and second Ida Vogel and they moved to Indiana where he died on April 13, 1983. (G) Bryant Littleton Jeffries was born on April 10, 1894, married Erma Eudell Allen and died on February 6, 1965. (H) Lizzie Jeffries was born on July 23, 1899, married T. Mack Morgan and died on January 15, 1984. (I) Lemmer Jeffries was born on January 20, 1873 and died unmarried. (J) Thomas, or T.B. Jeffries was born on June 27, 
1875 and died on April 4, 1920. Thomas had married (?) and left a wife and four children, when he died. Among the members of James and Susan's family, who 
were buried in the Tabernacle Church Cemetery on Highway #11 just south of Mansfield and on the county lines of Jasper and Newton Counties are the following tombstones James P. Jeffries, who died on September 17, 1930, and his wife, Susan (Little) Jeffries, who died on February 16, 1936. Their sons: Thomas, or T.B. Jeffries, Robert Lee Jeffries, and his wife, Nora Jeffries, and their daughter, Lemmer Jeffries. James? mother and sister are also buried in this cemetery and it is believed his father, Burkett, is buried here in an unmarked grave. 

The Bible of James P Jeffries, youngest child of Elizabeth (Reeves) and Burkett Jeffries gives the following information: Burkett Jeffries born in 1805 and died 
between1853-1859 married Elizabeth Reeves, who was born on October 2, 1826 and died on August 28, 1892, on August 30, 1825.. Their children were listed as (1) Thomas Jeffries who was born in October1825, and died between 1850-1860. (2) Jane Jeffries was born in 1827 and may have married James Simpson (3) Littleton Jeffries was born in 1831 and married Letitia E.B. Mathiasin Randolph County. (4) Leroy Jeffries was born in 1834 and married Mary Jane Henderson on July 29, 1852 in Newton County. (5) Emily Geecha was born on July 9, 1836 and married Asbury Evans on April 25,1859 in Jasper County. (6) Nancy Elizabeth ?Eliza? Jeffries was born in 1837 and married Leroy Tuggle on January 31, 1858 in Newton County. (7) Elizabeth Jeffries was born on December 1, 1838. (8) Louisa Jeffries was born on January 16, 1841, married David Henderson on June 22, 1882 (?) in Newton County and died on June 24 


The census records of Elizabeth (Reeves) and Burkett 
Jeffries and their descendents are as follows:
1850 Jasper County 
1850 Jasper County
Burkett Jeffries 44 
William Evans 54
Elizabeth Jeffries 42 
Mary Evans 54
Thomas Jeffries 25 
Arrens Evans 32
Frances Jeffries 20 
John Evans 21
Littleton Jeffries 19 
Benjamin Evans 18
Leroy Jeffries 16 
Asbury Evans 15
Emily Jeffries 14 
Letha Ann Jones 29
Nancy Jeffries 12 
Elizabeth Jeffries 10 
1860 Jasper County
Lucra Jeffries 8 
Elizabeth Jeffries 53 (widow)
Elizabeth Jeffries 4 
Frances Jeffries 26
James P. Jeffries 2 
Louisa Jeffries 19

Melissa Jeffries 17
1860 Randolph County 1860 Newton County 
Elizabeth Jeffries 14 
Littleton S. Jeffries 26 Leroy Tuggle 22 
James P. Jeffries 11 
Elisha Jeffries 26 Eliza (Jeffries) Tuggle 22 
Mary Dunn 3 
George B. Jeffries 3 Mary Jane Tuggle 5 
William Dunn 1
Richard B. Jeffries 1 Crayton Tuggle 2 
Augustus Penn 35 (money changer) 

1860 Marion County, Ala. 1860 Jasper County 1870 
Newton County 
Leroy Jeffries 28 (blacksmith) Asbury Evans 24 Eliza 
(Jeffries) Tuggle 32 
Nancy Jane Jeffries 20 Emily (Jeffries) Evans 23 
Crayton Tuggle 12
William T. Jeffries 6 
Elizabeth Tuggle 7
1870 Jasper County 
Anna Tuggle 3
1870 Jasper County Charles Henderson 65 Elizabeth 
Jeffries 24 (sister)
Asbury Y. Evans 35 Eliza Henderson 50 Thomas 
Jefferson Jeffries 4
Emily Evans 34 John P. Henderson 16 John 
Harris Jeffries 2
Elizabeth Evans 10 James Kirk Henderson 14
Ella Evans 5 Woody Henderson 11 
1870 Jasper County
Charles Evans 1 Flemming Henderson 8 
David Henderson (?) 
Elizabeth ?Betsy? Henderson 5 
Louise (Jeffries) Henderson 26
1870 Jasper County 
Joseph Henderson 7
Meliam Jeffries 26 (white) 1870 Jasper County Samuel 
Henderson 6
A. Jeffries 7 John James Peyton Jeffries 21 
Ruth Henderson 2
Crayton Jeffries 4 
1880 Jasper County 1880 Dale County, Ala. 
1880 Jasper County Charles Henderson, Jr. 28 Littleton 
S. Jeffries 54 James P. Jeffries 31 Louisa 
Henderson 38 Lottie Jeffries 50 Susan 
(Little) Jeffries 25 Joseph Henderson 17 George 
B. Jeffries 22 Thomas Jeffries 5 Samuel 
Henderson 15 Richard B. Jeffries 21 Julius 
Jeffries 4 Ruth Henderson 12 Mary 
Jeffries 13 Robert Jeffries 3 Reid 
Henderson 6 Dorcas B. Jeffries 7 Richard 
Jeffries 1 Alfred Henderson 3

1880 Newton County
1880 Marion County, Ala. 1880 Jasper County Crayton 
Tuggle 22
William T. Jeffries 26 Charles Henderson 65 Eliza 
Tuggle 46 (mother)
Nancy Jeffries 14 Eliza Henderson 40 
Elizabeth Tuggle 16
Seaborn Jeffries 5 John P. Henderson 16 
Anna Tuggle 14
James Kirk Henderson 14 

1900 Dale County, Ala. Woody Henderson 11 1900 Walker 
County, Ala.
Richard B. Jeffries 41 Fleming Henderson 8 
William T. Jeffries 46
Sarah A. Jeffries 46 Elizabeth ?Betsy? Henderson 5 
Mary Jeffries 34
Pearl Jeffries 15 
Leroy Jeffries 18
John H. Jeffries 12 1900 Jasper County 
James Jeffries 16
William B. Jeffries !0 James P. Jeffries 50 
Humphrey Jeffries 14
Susan (Little) 
Jeffries 43 William Jeffries 11
1900 Jasper County Thomas Jeffries 24 
Grover Jeffries 7
Asbury Y. Evans 64 Lemma Jeffries 17 
Martha Jeffries 5
Emily (Jeffries) Evans 63 John B. Jeffries 13 
Leland Jeffries 3 Henry Evans 24 
Nancy G. Jeffries 11 
Nora Evans 24 James B. Jeffries 10 
1900 Jasper County
Millie Evans 3 Bryant T. Jeffries 
9 John W. Doster (?) Nora Evans 11/12 William 
C. Jeffries 8 Elizabeth (Jeffries) Doster 56
Lizzie Jeffries 
2 Lonnie Doster 23
1900 Fayette County, Ala. 
Pleaz Doster 21
Seaborn Jeffries 25 1900 Jasper County 

Lucy Jeffries 19 Nancy Bryant (?) 
1900 Jasper County
William R. Walker 18 Pearl Jeffries (?) 
Melissa Henderson 56
Leslie Jeffries 
1 Kattie Woody 25 (daughter)
1900 Cherokee County 
Reise Woody 23 (son-in-law)
Frances Jeffries 77 1900 Dale County
(She lived in the household Littleton S. Jeffries 69 
1910 Jasper County
of Raymond Dunnegan, a George B. Jeffries 43 Wood 
Henderson 41
lawyer, and was listed as 
Ollie Henderson 35
his mother-in-law. She is 1910 Jasper County 
Etheral Henderson 16
believed to have been Sam Fleming Henderson 37 
Beatrice Henderson 14
the widow of Burkett?s son Mattie Henderson 37 J. 
D. Henderson 10
Thomas. In the 1830 land Carleton Henderson 15 Bob 
A. Henderson 9
Lottery Burkett had won Howard Henderson 13 
Annie O. Henderson 6
some land in the Cherokee Dewey Henderson 11 
Herman Henderson 4
County area where this Leona Henderson 9 
Hulan Henderson 2
Family was living.) Fannie Henderson 7
1910 Jasper County Duckworth Henderson 3 1910 
Jasper County
James P. Jeffries 60Ray Henderson 6/12 
Thomas Jeffries 35
Susie Jeffries 52 
Estheen Jeffries 34
Lemma Jeffries 27 1900 Jasper County 
Lewis Jeffries 15
Nannie Jeffries 21 Seaborn Wommack 35 
Eulas Jeffries 13
James Jeffries 20 Bessie Wommack 31 
Gertrude Jeffries 12
Willie Jeffries 18 Henry Wommack 3 
Ollie Jeffries 10
Bryant Jeffries 16 Indie Henderson 12 (niece) 
Lizzie Jeffries 8
Lizzie Jeffries12 Lizzie (Jeffries) Henderson 65 
(m.-in-law)Lonzar Jeffries 6
1910 Jasper County 1910 Dale County, Ala. 1910 
Dale County, Ala.
Park Henderson 63 Richard B. Jeffries 48 
John H. Jeffries 23
Emma Henderson 59 Sarah A. Jeffries 48 
Daisy Jeffries 20
Richard A. Henderson 36 Mary E. Meeks 76 (m.-in-law) 
Mamie O. Jeffries6
Dorsey Henderson 17 Joseph Meeks (?) 

Clara Henderson 15 
1910 Dale County, Ala.
Oscar Henderson 12 1920 Newton County 
George B.. Jeffries 52
Robert W. 
Leach 27 Lolia Jeffries 35
1920 Newton County Addie Lou Leach 27 
Robert Jeffries 43 Annie Jeffries 12 
1920 Newton County
Nora Jeffries 25 Sizzie Lee Jeffries 
9 Wylie Goodman 66
Annie Lou Jeffries 11 Johnnie K. Jeffries 8 
Florence Goodman 41
Limas Lee Jeffries 8 Frank E. Jeffries 7 Walter 
Goodman 21 (stepson)
Robert V. Jeffries 7 Lula Bell Jeffries 6 Tom 
Goodman 19 (stepson)
Buster B. Jeffries 5 Leola Leach 7/12 
Albert Goodman 17 (stepson)
Royce Deg Jeffries 1 6/12 
1920 Newton 
County 1920 Newton County
1920 Newton County William C. Jeffries 28 
Orbie Allen 45
Thomas Jeffries 44 Maggie Jeffries 
23 Nannie Allen 27
Katie Jeffries 32 Louise Jeffries 
3 Sally L. Allen 6
Effie Sue Jeffries 4 William Jeffries 1 
Leora Allen 1 4/12
Addie Jeffries (?) 
1920 Newton 
County 1920 Newton County
1920 Newton County James P. Jeffries 71 
John Oscar Jeffries 33
Bryant Littleton Jeffries 23 Lizzie Jeffries 63 
Bertha Jeffries 27
Erma Jeffries 21 Lizzie Jeffries 
22 Cora Lee Jeffries 10
Wildrette Jeffries 2