Jasper County Biographies

Jasper County Biographies

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Banks Coat of Arms

Ballard and Benton

Ossian and Oscar Banks

Poem to Ossan Olinious Banks by his daughter

John Davidson

John and Elizabeth Jeffries Doster

Dozier Family

Farrar, Web and Clay

Fish Family

Dr. Clement C. Forbes

Huey Augustus "Gus" Funderburk

Greer Family

Burkett and Elizabeth Reeves Jeffries

Thomas and Elizabeth Morris Jeffries

Thomas Jefferson and Johnnie C. Aiken Jeffries

Jones Family

Kelly Family (includes name index)

L. S. Kelly, Sr

Haddie Barron Kelly Diary

Kelly Girls

(Names of Kelly Girls in picture)

Erasmus Jordan

William Jones, Sr.

Malone Family (includes name index)

McMichael Family

Middlebrooks Family

Nancy Jane Newby

Perry Family - Part 1

Perry Family - Part 2

Obits - Edwin F. and Davis Perry

Newspaper Article - Death of W. F. Perry - 1928

Persons Family (includes name index)

Petrie Family

Phillips Family

David A. Rea (Ray)  Family

Bessie Lee Roberts (nee Simmons)

Zephaniah Thomas Roberts Family

Durward Thomas Roberts Family

John Arthur Roberts Family

Shaw Family (includes name index)

John Spearman, Sr.

Thomason Family

Robert and Elizabeth Jeffries Tuggle

Robert Harris Walker

Life in Early Jasper County for the Jeffries and others