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                                      By Yvette Taylor Stewart


           Thomas Yarbrough b. Mar. 24, 1768 in North Carolina was the son of John and Elizabeth  Murray Yarbrough.  He married Martha Garrett Harris in Union County, SC on Dec. 20, 1798.  Martha  was b. c1770 Anson Co., NC to Silas and Ann Young Garrett.  She was married first to Thomas Harris  of Union County, SC.  Thomas & Martha had the following children according to current research.  (It is believed that Martha had at least three children with Thomas Harris, but has not been proven in  this research). :

            (1) William Yarbrough b. in Union District, SC Apr. 26, 1800, m.  Eleanor Gentry in Henry Co.,  GA, Aug. 2, 1823.  William died Nov. 10, 1896 in Randolph County, AL.

            (2) Silas Yarbrough (more on Silas later)

            (3) Nancy Yarbrough (b. Aug. 4, 1804, d. June 27, 1888 ) m. Silas  Moseley  in Henry Co., GA.  May 25, 1823. (See First Families of Henry County, GA vol. 1, page 507).

            (4) Martha “Patsy” Yarbrough ( b. 1810)  Henry Co. marriage records show a Patsy Yarber m.  Laurence Baggett  July 12, 1823.

           (5) Temperence “Tempy” Yarbrough (b. 1811), m. John Richards in Henry Co., GA

 Jan. 20, 1828.

            (6) Lucinda Yarbrough (b. 1813), m. Simon Baggett in Henry Co. GA.,  Jan. 31, 1829.

            Prior to 1802, the family had moved to Georgia (probably Clarke Co.).  They later moved to  Morgan Co., GA (c1807).  Thomas and family moved to Henry Co. when his son, William of  Whitaker’s District, Morgan Co., drew land in the lottery of 1821. They settled in District 11 Lot # 69 near  Cotton River.

             Thomas Yarbrough is documented in Henry County on several land transactions from  1822-1840.  All the transactions involved the area of District 11, Lots 69, 92 and 93.  On Feb. 26, 1823,  Thomas purchased Lot # 92 of 11th District for $95.00 that had been granted to Burwell Wise in the  1821 lottery.  This land is located next to the lot granted to William Yarbrough.   In Oct. 1823, a man  by the name of James Yarbrough bought land in District 11, Lot #93 next to Thomas. It is assumed that  he is related to this Yarbrough line, though the exact relation has not been proven.  It is believed that  James Yarbrough was married to Elizabeth Garrett, sister of Martha Garrett Harris Yarbrough. 

            Thomas wrote his will on March 8, 1840.  His son, William and son-in-law Silas  Moseley were appointed the executors.  On Sep. 14, 1840, the children of Thomas Yarbrough sold to  Silas Moseley 133 acres of land that belonged to the Estate of Thomas Yarbrough.

            Thomas’ wife, Martha, continued to live on the land near her children.  She is documented on the  1850 Henry Co. census as living in the household with her son Silas.  On Sep. 27, 1855, Martha gave  to her daughter, Tempy Richards, all of her land consisting of sixty-six acres of Lot # 92 in the Eleventh  District of Henry County.  It is assumed that she continued to live there until her death c1857.  It is  believed that she and Thomas are buried in the old unmarked vaults located at the Moseley Cemetery  in Henry Co. next to the grave of their daughter Nancy Yarbrough Moseley.  These vaults were  supposedly moved from the family farm located on the land that was sold to Silas Moseley.

            Silas Yarbrough  (b. c1802. in Clarke or Morgan Co., GA., d. 1884 Tallapoosa Co., AL). He moved to Henry Co., GA with the family in 1821.  Silas m. Nancy Ray in Henry Co. on Apr. 2, 1823.  Nancy Ray ( b. c1807) was the daughter of Solomon Ray and Jane Echols. They had the following  children:

            (1) Rufus P. Yarbrough (more on Rufus later)

            (2) Martha Jane Yarbrough (b. Dec.16, 1830 in Henry Co., GA; d. Feb. 6, 1909) m. William W.  Walden (b. May 13, 1826; d. July 25, 1909 Henry Co., GA) in Henry Co., Jan. 1, 1852. This family  moved to Tallapoosa Co., AL before 1860 and returned to Henry Co. after the Civil War.  They are both  buried at Mount Bethel Methodist Church in Ellenwood, Henry Co., GA.

            (3) Samantha Yarbrough (b. 1832 in Henry Co., GA.), m. Stephen J. Bowen in Henry Co., GA  Aug. 5, 1852.  Stephen Bowen b. July 4, 1827 was the son of Dixon and Sarah Lee Bowen (See First  Families of Henry County, GA, vol. 1 page 64-70). This family also moved to Tallapoosa Co., AL prior to  the 1860 Census and returned to Henry County before 1870

            (4) Robert Bale Yarbrough (b. Dec. 1836 in Henry Co., GA., d. Jan 8, 1912 Tallapoosa Co., AL)  m. on Aug. 16, 1855 in Tallapoosa Co., AL to Martha E. Hendricks (b. Apr. 1, 1834 in Edgefield, SC, d.  Jan. 14, 1918 Chambers Co., AL).

            (5) Thomas Yarbrough (b. 1838 in Henry Co., GA, d. unknown ) m. Jane Ray c1860 probably in  or near  Tallapoosa Co., AL .  They lived in the Eagle Hill area of Tallapoosa Co., AL next  to Silas  Yarbrough in 1860.

            (6) Susan A. Yarbrough (b. 1840 in Henry Co., GA).  Found on Tallapoosa Co., AL 1860 Census  as head of household living next to Thomas Yarbrough and Silas Yarbrough under the name of Susan  A. Ray.  No husband is listed and only one three month old child, Silas Ray was living with her.

            (7) Silas Yarbrough, Jr. (b. 1842 Henry Co., GA) m. in Tallapoosa Co., AL on April 18, 1866 to  Sarah Ray (b. c1850).

            (8) Tempsey Yarbrough (b. 1850, Henry Co., GA).

            Silas raised his family in the same area of Henry Co. District 11 until  the mid 1850s and worked  as a farmer.   Silas’  family, including all of his adult children and their families, as well as members of  the Ray family moved to Alabama before the 1860 Census.  They settled in the Eagle Hill/Dadeville  areas of Tallapoosa Co., AL.

            Rufus P. Yarbrough (b. c1828 Henry Co., GA; d. Oct. 8, 1896) m. Sarah Annie Robinson (b.  c1830 Henry Co., GA; d. June 25, 1879 Rockdale or Henry Co., GA) in Henry Co., GA on April 20,  1852.  Rufus worked as a farm hand and started his family in Henry Co.  Rufus and other Yarbrough  family members moved to Tallapoosa Co., AL before 1860 and lived there for a few years.  By the 1870   census, they returned to Henry County and were living in the McMullen District.  The place of burial for  this couple has not yet been proven.  Rufus and Annie Robinson Yarbrough’s children were:

            (1) William Yarbrough (b. c1853 Henry Co., GA; d. unknown); (2) James F. Yarbrough  (b. c1855 in AL); (3) Nancy Yarbrough (b. c1859 AL); (4) Martha Yarbrough (b. c1862 in GA);  (5) Sarah Yarbrough (b. c1866 in GA); (6) George Yarbrough (b. c1868 in GA); (7) Mary Elizabeth  Yarbrough (b. 1872 in GA~more later).

            Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Yarbrough (b. Mar. 7, 1872 Henry Co., GA; d. Mar. 4, 1938 Atlanta,  Fulton Co., GA) was the youngest child of Rufus and Annie Robinson Yarbrough.  She m. Benjamin  “Bennie” Howard Lloyd in Douglas Co., GA  on Jan. 22, 1895.   Bennie H. Lloyd was b. Nov. 15, 1866 in  Fayette or Campbell Co., GA; d. Mar. 3, 1927 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA.  He was the son of James and  Mary Parsons Lloyd (Loyd) of Fayette Co., GA.  This family lived in Lithia Springs, GA and later  moved to Atlanta.  Bennie was employed by the City of Atlanta Police Department for more than 25  years where he served on “wagon-patrol”.  Most members of the family are buried in the Lloyd family lot  at Greenwood Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.  Bennie & Lizzie Lloyd had the following children:

            (1) Thomas Emery Lloyd (b. May 3, 1890; d. Sep. 12, 1959).  This child’s birth date is confirmed  in the family Bible as being five years before the marriage of his parents.  He never married.

            (2) William Howard Lloyd (b. July 12, 1896 Douglas Co., GA; d. April 20, 1953, Atlanta Futon  Co., GA).  He married Beside Mae Merriwether (b. Oct. 30, 1900; d. May 23, 1988) in Fulton Co.,  Nov.  18, 1917.

            (3) Harry Theo. Lloyd (b. Mar. 27, 1899; d. Jan. 5, 1978) m. a woman named Savilla T. (b. Jan 3,  1898; d. Jun. 8, 1984 - maiden name and marriage date and place is unknown. 

            (4) Bennie Hickey Lloyd (b. April 22, 1900; d. June 21, 1942) m. Thelma Autry Chambers in  Fulton Co., GA on Oct. 16, 1919.  Thelma (b. June 4, 1901; d. Oct. 21, 1972 Jonesboro, Clayton Co.,  GA) was the daughter of Joseph Nicodemus and Jessie Burns Chambers.  Bennie Hickey Lloyd is  buried with the Lloyd family members at Greenwood Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.  Thelma later married   Joseph G. “Poppa Joe” Wright (b. Mar. 20, 1900; d. Sep.23, 1989)  in Clayton Co., GA on August 8,  1957.  The Wright family lived in the area of Jonesboro at the area of Wright Cir. between Mt. Zion Rd.  and Hwy. 138.  They are buried in the Mt. Zion Baptist Cemetery in Jonesboro, GA.

            (5) Annie Mary Lloyd (b. Sep. 8, 1901; d. Jun 29, 1932).  She never married. 

            (6) Wiley Clark Lloyd (b. Jul. 24, 1903; d. unknown)

            (7) Lizzie Mae Lloyd (b. Aug 6, 1904; d. Mar. 26, 1905).

            (8) Ruby Lloyd (b. Jul. 23, 1906; d. Feb. 19, 1989).  She married Thomas A. Appling (b. Jan. 28,  1892; d. Mar. 25, 1967). 


Mary Y. Daniel, Chamblee, GA ~ Garrett/Harris/Yarbrough family researcher.

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Karen Mazock, Yarbrough Family researcher

Elaine Hendricks, Yarbrough/Hendricks family researcher.  Obtained information by e-mail     and Internet site

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Marriage records of Henry, Douglas, Fulton and Clayton Counties of Georgia

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Greenwood Cemetery, Atlanta, GA survey of Lloyd family lot, Oct. 1999.

Additional sources:  Personal knowledge of myself, Lizzie May Lloyd-McKenzie and Maria


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