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This is a copy of the TAYLOR FAMILY HISTORY written and submitted to the Henry County, GA Genealogical Society by Yvette Taylor Stewart.  This family history will be published next year in "First Families of Henry County, Georgia, vol II".  Please feel free to send any corrections or additional information to: Yvette Taylor Stewart   90 Hunt Ridge Dr.   Stockbridge, GA 30281    Email address: [email protected]  TAYLOR

By Yvette Taylor S tewart               

It is believed that the earliest known ancestors of this Taylor family originated from Scotland and migrated to Northern Ireland in the late 1600s.   These Scotch people settled with their families in Ulster, Northern Ireland. For many generations they lived a common existence as farmers and belonged to the Presbyterian Church. These people became unhappy with their life in Ireland and wanted better for their families.  A large population migrated to the American colonies between 1717 and the Revolutionary War.[1]  They were known as "Scotch-Irish". This term is used to identify the descendants in America of the early Scotch Presbyterian emigrants from Ireland.

            William Taylor was born 1727 in Ireland. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. The family was probably from Antrim County, Ireland. It is believed there was an organized effort to bring Scotch-Irish Presbyterians to South Carolina. William Taylor and family were among 260 Irish Protestants on The Ship Earl of Donegal to arrive at Charles Town, SC from Belfast, Ireland on December 10, 1767. [2]

              William Taylor and family arrived in Laurens County, SC in 1768. William made his living as a Planter on land granted to him.   Before 1780, he was one of the first elders of Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church in Laurens, SC.  William died in 1804 and is buried at Rocky Springs Church. [3]   This Taylor family donated the land on which the church and cemetery now stand.

              Samuel Taylor, Sr. was the first of William's children to be born in America after the family settled in Laurens County, SC.   It is believed he was married twice. The names of his wives are unknown, though it is believed his second wife may have been Jane Guilliand.[4]  He owned a plantation in the Rocky Springs Church area of Laurens County, SC.  He died in 1843.[5]   It is assumed that he is buried in the Rocky Springs Church cemetery as other family members are known to be buried there. Several of Samuel's children started their families in Laurens County, SC before migrating to Georgia in the 1830s. They settled in the Smyrna-Rockdale District of Newton County (10th and 16th Districts originally Henry Co, GA).

   Two of these children, William and Henry Taylor are featured in this research. 

              William Taylor (b. Feb. 4, 1803, Laurens Co., SC; d. 1839 Newton County, GA) m. Jane McDowell, Dec. 27, 1825 in Laurens Co., SC .  Jane (b. c1807, SC; d. 1887 Rockdale Co, GA) was the daughter of James and Jane McDowell of Laurens Co., SC. William and family were the first of this Taylor line to arrive in the area.  In keeping with the family Presbyterian tradition, William and Jane Taylor joined Smyrna Presbyterian Church on May 11, 1833. William became Clerk of the church sessions and remained in that position until his death in 1839. [6]

    He also served as Justice of  the Peace and is documented on many land transactions in Newton Co.   He owned 101 acres of land Lot # 176 near Honey Creek in Newton Co. (original Henry Co., GA). [7]  It is believed that he is buried in an unmarked grave at Smyrna Presbyterian Church. Most of the family stayed in the Honey Creek District and joined Ebenezer Methodist Church. Many of these family members are buried there. Jane Taylor died in 1887 and was buried at Smyrna Presbyterian Church. [8]

  William and Jane Taylor had the following children:  

            (1) Lander Taylor (b. c1828)  

           (2) Isabella Jane Taylor (b. Sep. 11, 1829, Laurens Co., SC; Nov. 16, 1879. Rockdale Co., GA) m. John W. McCollum, son of James and Elizabeth McCollum.  They are buried at Smryna Presbyterian Church, Rockdale Co., GA.

            (3) Samuel James Taylor (b. Jan. 2, 1832; d. Apr. 17, 1915) m. Sarah Damarius Waldrop daughter of Milton W. and Sarah Longshore Waldrop. Both are buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church in Conyers, GA


            Henry Taylor (b. c1808 in Laurens Co., SC, d. Apr. 1866 Newton Co., GA) married a  woman named Malinda (b. c1816, South Carolina; d. Sep. 4, 1879, Conyers, Rockdale Co., GA) probably in Laurens County, SC c1834. The maiden name of this woman is unknown.  Henry is first documented on Newton Co. deed records as purchasing land lot #269 and part of #241 in  the 16th District in Newton (original Henry) Co., GA on Dec. 4, 1837. A year later, he sold this land to Joshua Marbut. [9]  Henry and Malinda Taylor are documented in the records at Smyrna Presbyterian Church in Conyers as joining the church by letter of good standing from Rocky Springs Church in Laurens, SC on May 11, 1838. [10] On October 29, 1838 he purchased land in Lots # 177 &  208 lying on Honey Creek in the 16th District (original Henry Co, GA).  Henry and his family remained active members of Smyrna Presbyterian Church until March 25, 1856 when they removed their membership and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  Henry  was a farmer.   He made his will in April 5, 1866. At the time of his death, he owned 130 acres of Land Lot # 242 in the 10th Dist. of Newton Co. Conyers, GA (original Henry Co., GA). Malinda continued to live and raise the family at their home in Conyers until her death in 1879.  In 1880, the estate of Henry and Malinda Taylor was settled by their children in Rockdale Co., GA. William M. Penn, son-in-law of Henry and Malinda, purchased 97 acres of the land in Lot #242 in the 10th Dist. of  Rockdale Co. (original Henry Co.).  Reuben A. Jones purchased the remaining 32 acres. [11] The place of burial for Henry and Malinda Taylor has not been confirmed.


 The children of Henry and Malinda Taylor were:


            (1) Margaret E. Taylor (b. Feb. 27, 1835, Laurens Co., SC,  d. Dec. 3, 1886, Newton Co. GA) m. Elihu Almand in Newton Co., GA, Nov. 23, 1856.  Elihu was the son of  Welcome Ussery Almand and Nancy Gray.  Elihu died During the Civil War in Cold Harbour,VA.  Margaret married 2nd. Samuel M. Sullivan, son of John and Mary W. Sullivan of Newton Co., GA on Dec. 7, 1871. 

            (2) Lodoska J. Taylor (b. June 1838, Newton Co., GA, d. date unknown) m. Welcome Asbury Almand in Newton Co., GA Dec. 19, 1855.  Welcome was the son of Welcome Ussery  Almand and Nancy Gray. [12]

            (3) Mary Ann Livinia Taylor (b. c1842 Newton Co., GA; d. unknown) m. Joseph H. Wallis.  They moved to Morgan Co., GA.

(4) Martha Loretta Taylor (b. c1844 Newton Co., GA) m. William Alexander White in Rockdale Co., GA Nov. 14, 1871.

            (5) Malinda A. Taylor (b. c1846 Newton Co, GA; d. unknown) m. William M. Penn in Rockdale Co., GA Nov. 22, 1879.

            (6) Henry Coe Taylor (b. c1847 Newton Co., GA)

            (7) Emeline Eunicey M. Taylor (b. c1848 Newton Co., GA)

            (8) John A.Y. Taylor (b. c1851 Newton Co., GA) m. Jane E. Sullivan, daughter of John and Mary W. Sullivan, on Dec. 12, 1872 in  Newton Co., GA.

            (9) William M. Taylor (more later)

          (10) Wesley H. Taylor (b. c1855 Newton Co., GA; d. unknown) m. Louisa E. Waldrop in  Rockdale Co., GA Feb. 13, 1876. They moved to Morgan Co., GA.


            William M. Taylor (b. July 2, 1853, Newton Co., GA, d. Dec. 11, 1898, probably in  Henry Co., GA) m. Martha M. "Radie" Knight in Rockdale Co., GA Feb. 20, 1873.  Martha "Radie" Knight (b. July 17, 1856, Newton Co., GA; d. Dec. 4, 1940, Fulton Co., GA) was the daughter of William Jackson and Martha Hollingsworth Knight (see Night-Knight family  information also submitted by Yvette Taylor Stewart).  William Taylor was documented on the 1880 Rockdale County Census in Conyers, GA.[13]  His occupation was listed as being a cabinet maker. No other information has been found about this man.  It is believed that the family moved to McDonough and lived near the Knight family relatives. William is buried in the Knight family cemetery.  Radie continued to raise their children in McDonough at the home of her parents.  Around 1907, Radie and her three sons moved to Atlanta and lived for a few years and then moved back to McDonough by 1913.  In 1920 Radie was living in the household of her daughter and son-in-law, Bunk and Beulah Steele.[14]  She remained close to her family in McDonough  always attending family gatherings, weddings and reunions.  She is buried at the Knight Family  Cemetery in McDonough.[15] 

  William and Martha "Radie" Knight Taylor had the following children:

             (1) Cora Alice Taylor (b. 1874;  d. June 7, 1878 Conyers, Rockdale Co., GA).  An

 obituary published in the Conyers Examiner on June 15, 1878 states that this child was their first born and died after a three day illness.  [16]

            (2) Beulah E. Taylor (b. Mar. 20, 1878; d. July 31, 1968) m. John M. "Bunk" Steele in Henry Co., GA  on Nov. 2, 1893.  Bunk Steele (b. Oct. 15, 1872; d. Apr. 30, 1938) was the son of William and Julia Ann Pair Steele (See William Pair ~ First Families of Henry Co., GA Vol. I. pages 530-532). They never had children.  Both are buried in the Knight Family Cemetery.[17]

            (3) Willie Mae Taylor (b. Mar. 12, 1883; d. Dec. 11, 1893).  Buried in the Knight Family Cemetery.

            (4) Tallulah Edward "Eddie" Taylor (more later)           

            (5) Roy Ernest Taylor (b. Oct. 24, 1889, Henry Co., GA; d. Nov. 8, 1948, Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA) m. Fannie Bell Oliver in Fulton Co., GA, Dec. 9, 1911.  They never had children.  He was a member of Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church in McDonough.  He is buried at Westview  Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.

            (6) H. A. Taylor (b. Sep. 18, 1893; d. Nov. 26, 1893). Buried in the Knight Family Cemetery.  The cause of death is not known, but it is assumed that this child probably died of the same illness as Willie Mae Taylor since both deaths occurred within three weeks of each other. 

            (7) Joseph O. "Jodie" Taylor (b. Sep. 15, 1896, Henry Co., GA; d. May 27, 1942) m. Eunice Evans (b. Jan 16, 1906; d. June 16, 1995).  He served in the Medical Corps during World War I.  According to his obituary, he had one son named Gordon Taylor. Family sources note that Jodie Taylor suffered with a diabetes related illness that caused his death at age 43.  He lived in Morrow, GA. and is buried in the Morrow City Cemetery.  Eunice later married to someone named Brooks and lived in Florida.  She is buried in the Morrow Cemetery next to Joseph and other related family members. 

            Tallulah Edward "Eddie" Taylor (b. Feb. 23, 1885, Henry Co., GA; d. Oct. 7, 1945) m. Fulton Co., GA on July 26, 1908 to Mamie Irene Brady (Dec. 4, 1892 ; d. Dec. 6, 1966 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA ) daughter of  Joseph W. Brady and Mamie Estelle Brady Gittus.  Eddie grew up in McDonough and worked on his grandfather's farm. He moved to Atlanta c1907 with his mother and brothers.  In 1908 he married Mamie Brady in Atlanta and lived there for a few years before moving back to McDonough c1913.  Most of their children were born in McDonough and by 1920 the family had moved back to Atlanta. Eddie worked for a lumber company where he had lost some of his fingers in the saw mill.  Mamie kept house and ran a "tourist home" business (similar to a "Bed & Breakfast") out of their home on Stewart Ave. Atlanta. [18]  Sundays were spent going to church and visiting family in McDonough.  They attended church meetings at Shingleroof  and Timber Ridge. Eddie died at his Atlanta home of  heart failure and was buried in the Knight family cemetery at the old family home place on Knight Dr. off Hwy. 155 in McDonough. Mamie married 2nd. to Mr. Elmo Birdsong and continued to  live in Atlanta. Mamie died two days after she fell as she stepped onto a curb in Atlanta.  She is also buried at the Knight Family cemetery in McDonough.

  Eddie and Mamie had the following children:

            (1) Tyler Edward Taylor (born and died Mar. 31, 1909).  Buried at Knight Cemetery.        

            (2) Virgil Ernest Taylor (b. June 5, 1910 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA; d. June 6, 1978, Fulton Co., GA) m. Jewell Cater on  Jan. 21, 1931. 

            (3) William Frederick Taylor (b. Aug. 14, 1912, McDonough, Henry Co., GA; d. July 12, 1968) m. Evelyn Elizabeth Swint Feb. 8, 1933, Fulton Co., GA.  According to a biography published in the book  Atlanta and Environs Vol. III, by Atlanta historian, Franklin Garrett, Fred Taylor was born at Shingleroof Campground in McDonough, GA.

            (4) Joseph Horace Taylor (more later)

            (5) Otis LeGray Taylor (b. Nov. 20, 1916, McDonough, Henry Co., GA; d. 1997, St. Simon's Island, GA) m. Emma Virginia Deaver on Mar. 20, 1938.  

            (6) Horton Lacy Taylor (b. Mar. 17, 1918, McDonough, Henry Co, GA; d. Jan 15, 1999, Fayetteville, NC) m. Virginia Robertson on Dec. 31, 1939 in Clayton Co., GA.

              Joseph Horace Taylor (b. Oct. 26, 1914, McDonough, Henry Co., GA; d. Mar. 8, 1991, Fulton Co., GA) m. Marie Justin Smith Nov. 19, 1838 in Fulton Co., GA.  Marie (b. Oct. 11, 1910 Gould, Harmon Co., OK; d. Jan.1, 1999, Memphis, TN) was the daughter of Paul Clifford Smith and Mamie Alice Wade.  Horace and his brothers were raised by their parents with strong morals, family values and to work hard to succeed.  No one in this family had exemplified that more than Horace Taylor. 

              As a toddler, Horace lost his hearing after suffering an ear infection.  His mother believed his deafness happened because she had sinned.  She was embarrassed and did not want Horace to use sign language in public. She always insisted that he speak and tried very hard to teach him oral language.[19]  At age six,  he was sent to The Georgia School for the Deaf in Cave Springs, GA where he could be educated with other deaf children.  He preferred communicating using sign language and was always eager to learn. He graduated in 1933 and moved back to Atlanta. He joined the Crusselle-Freeman Church for the Deaf located in southwest Atlanta not far from the Stewart Avenue home of his parents.  The friendships he made through this church would last a lifetime.  Marie Smith was attending Crusselle-Freeman Church when she and Horace met. Like Horace, she lost her hearing after an illness when she was a very young child.  The couple  lived in Hapeville, GA and raised two children, Paul Edward and Dorothy Ann.[20].  They later moved East Point, GA when the Atlanta airport was being built and lived there for the rest of their lives.  They were married 52 years!   

            In 1945 he received a "classification 4-A" draft notice from the selective service (which meant to report immediately).  He knew they had made a mistake and had no knowledge of his  handicap.  But in the typical Horace Taylor fashion, he found the humor in the situation and reported as required. Needless to say, he was immediately reclassified as a "4-F".  Horace was a leader in the deaf community and served in many organizations such as the Georgia Association of the Deaf, National Fraternal Society of the Deaf, the Georgia Telecommunications of the Deaf and the Georgia Baptist Conference for the Deaf.  He played a major role in getting telecommunication devices for the deaf community in Georgia.  He wired homes and buildings with flashing lights for doorbells, telephones and smoke alarms.  He had a shop in his garage where he repaired TTY machines.  Through his membership at Crusselle-Freeman Church of the Deaf, he served as a deacon, the church treasurer  and was on the board of the Crusselle-Freeman Center for the Deaf.  He did all these acts of service while being employed for 35 years at Ruralist Press Printing Company as a supervisor. The word  "disabled" was not in his vocabulary! 

            Horace Taylor was a gifted man with a heart of gold.  He had a great sense of humor and always enjoyed time spent with family and friends. He frequently visited family in McDonough and attended family reunions.  Most of all Horace Taylor was a man of commitment to his family, church and the deaf community. He could always be counted on to serve and enjoyed doing anything that brought happiness to people's lives.  He accomplished so much in his lifetime and always remained a humble servant of God.  [21]

This Taylor Family History has been written in loving memory                                   of my grandfather, Joseph Horace Taylor. 

                I feel that I have been guided by his spirit during this journey in discovering our family history.  I know he would be happy knowing that our family history will continue to live on for generations to come.~ Yvette Taylor Stewart

  Sources: List of sources available in the originial file.

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