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Richard & Rebecca Jarrett Sappington

Submitted by Cynthia Forde [email protected]


This letter was written May 20, 1837 by my sixth great grandparents, Richard and Rebecca Sappington to Richard's brother, Caleb Sappington, in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  It is from the files of Claire Sappington Schmidt; received by me on July 16, 2004.  The letter is written in beautiful penmanship. 


Richard Sappington b. July 25, 1763 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland to John Sappington Jr and Ann Everett (Re: Gentry of Anne Arundel County, Maryland) descends from the immigrant Nathaniel Sappington of Cecil County, Maryland. The Sappingtons were well educated; Richard's name appears on many legal transactions, and it is possible that his education was in law.   Richard removed Georgia about 1784; it is likely that he traveled through Virginia where he met his bride, Rebecca Jarrett, daughter of Fadda Jarrett/Jarratt and Martha Ivey. The Sappingtons lived in Wilkes County, Georgia and later moved to Henry County, Georgia after 1821.  At the time of this letter, Richard was 74 years old; his wife, Rebecca, was 72.  Richard died January 8, 1838, 7 months after writing this letter. 


State of Georgia in Henry County

May 20th, 1837


Dearly Beloved Brother,


Your kind and interesting favour of the 9th February was  received through a due course of mail, and the contents thereof duly and respectfully noticed.  It is a source of great satisfaction to us to hear from you and to hear that you are also enjoying good health.

These few lines leaves us all in the enjoyment of usual health at this time, which we hope the same will reach you in realising the same blessing.


I have nothing of much? importance to attract your attention.  More than to let you hear that weíre yet in the land of the living hoping that if we never have the pleasure of seeing each other face to face in the world we may eventually meet where parting will be no more.  There has nothing new transferred with us of importance since writing my former letter.


In answer to your sonís enquiry  relative to the State of agriculture here in GA, I would say that in some sections our lands are rich and productive; others are of a poorer grade but quite fertile.  As to a what a single hand can realise here per annum is a  matter depending very much on the course of his pursuits in regard to a line of agriculture it is a matter somewhat varying according to the times.  Say from one hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars is the amount usually procured by the single hand.  Some realise over that amount?  it would be a source of much gratification to us to see your son in this Section.  I have no doubt     but what he would be pleased.  I have never regretted coming my self.  You are apprised of what was my situation when I came to this country.  I have by the help of kind providence been enabled to give all my children a comfortable home and I thank God I have a sufficient competency  by the will of our maker to comfortably support me the few remainder of my days.


You requested me to mention the distance that I live from Columbus the residence of Lancelot Gambril, it is about one hundred and four miles.  I have a son that resides near Columbus, and from circumstances happened in Mr. Gambrilís store to purchase some goods and in making the bill his name was learned to be Sappington which led to the enquiry of his family which resulted in the fact that Mr. Gambrel had your kind letter for me which was immediately forwarded.  I shall expect a letter from you as soon as convenient.  Direct to White House Post Office Henry County, Georgia. 


Nothing more at present but remaining your loving relative until death.


                                    Richard Sappington

                                    Rebecca Sappington


Envelope: White House

                        May 26th

                  Mr. Caleb Sappington, Brotherton PO, Ann Arundel Coty Maryland                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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