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Kimball  of Henry County

of Henry County

submitted by Teresa Maro Rozich

David Kimball arrived in Ga about 1803 from NC. David lived a very long life, outliving at least two of his children. One of those children, Gideon, died about 1835 or so. Gideon's wife, Anne Maxey Kimbell, raised her children on her own, while they lived along the border between Butts and Henry Counties. She was a "god fearing" woman, according to her son, John Thomas Kimbell. John Thomas, and his brother, James Gideon, both became Ministers of God in the Butts and Henry County areas. John Thomas, preaching at over 20 different churches in the area. James G was one of the first ministers at the County Line Baptist Church, along Henry and Butts county line. The men were very well known in the area, and performed marriages throughout both counties. Their brother, Joseph Walker, was also active in the Baptist ministry, as he shows up in the minutes of the "Flint River Baptist Association". Later, this association was renamed as Kimbell Baptist Association, after John Thomas Kimbell. Joseph and John T both married sisters. They married the well known Lumpkin family, with Mary and John marrying in 1834, and Martha and Joseph marrying in 1841. Both women were good Baptist women, who helped their husbands as best they could. Joseph's son, Cornelius Kimbell, later became a Methodist minister (perhaps to irritate the family?) He married Martha Jane Cole, daughter of John Bryant Cole and Susannah Cox. Cornelius and Martha had several children, with one set of Fraternal twins. John Henry Kimbell, my great grandfather, died near his home in Henry Co, in 1925, at a young age, dying of Typhoid fever. His wife, Claudia Earl Roquemore Kimbell, raised their three children to adulthood. Those children were Doyle Carlton Kimbell, Zellner Kimbell, and Mattie Clyde Kimbell. Mattie Clyde, the only surviving child, now lives in Atlanta Ga.

The Kimbell family is well known to be "good with their hands" as throughout history they have been Carpenters, Blacksmith's, and later, mechanics. They are also good with the gospel, as many were ministers of one type or another.

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