Henry County Family Biography Index

Allen, Bernhard, Weems, Rawls Information

Atkinson Family Biography

Brannan, Jonathan Jackson  Offsite Link new item

Callaway, William A., 1804-1865   Offsite Link

Carter, James, 1797-1858  Offsite Link

Collins, Henry, 1798-1861  Offsite Link

Davis, Robert & Rebecca Singleton

Gay, Harp, Fife & Turnipseed Families - African American Research - Offsite Link

Green, Crafford S. Beeman  

Hooten, James & Susanna Kidd

James, John, 1809-1847   Offsite Link

Jarrett, Tidwell

Kimball, David

Knight/Night Family

Moore, James Madison & Martha Adair Hooten

Owen Family of Henry & Morgan Counties

Owen, Jonathan   

Ragland, William, Jr.

Sappington, Richard & Rebecca Jarrett 

Taylor Family

Yarbrough Family

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