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Heard County News and Information
Heard County News and Information Page

Early Heard County Settlers

The News and Banner
"A local Heard County Newspaper."

Franklin, Ga. April 14, 1999
The April 14, 1999 edition of the local Heard County, GA newspaper, THE NEWS AND BANNER, has an article which announces a new column about early Heard County settlers and families. Here are some excerpts from the article: " Early Heard County Settlers" ..." The Heard County Historical Society received a suggestion to publish a brief history of early Heard County settlers in THE NEWS AND BANNER. All families with ancestors in the county at any time through 1850's are encouraged to submit family information. Length should be limited to approximately one 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper (if typewritten).
Please write a summary or send facts to:
Heard County Historical Society
BOX 990
Franklin, Georgia 30217
(phone: 1-706-675-6507 (Old Jail Museum).
A family connected photo and/or special happening may be included....."

John R. Pyles

Exploding Boiler Spreads Death
"Four members of family dead and five neighbors injured in a wheat field."

Franklin, Ga. June 15, 1914
While several men were threshing wheat and oats in the upper portion of Heard County Friday morning the boiler, belonging to J. R. Pyles exploded and instantly killed J. R. Pyles, his son, Ed Pyles, who was fireing the engine, and the two young sons of Ed Pyles were so seriously injured that they died during the day from the wounds. Ed Pyles, the fireman, was blown fifty feet and died from scalding and wounds. J. R. Pyles was blown some thirty feet, many bones in his body were broken. The young sons of Ed Pyles, Glenn & Charlie, were terribly mangled and scalded. Six others, W. Y. Moore, a prominent farmer and merchant, Joe Bagwell, a school teacher, Hugh Smith, Fletcher Jackson, and Lewis and Raymon Pyles, sons of Elder (Ed) Pyles, were all severely burned and wounded, but their condition is not considered serious. J. R. Pyles was a respectable farmer of this county. Elder Pyles and his sons were well known citizens of this county. The affair is one of the most shocking that has happened in our county in many years.

Bonner Barker

The Murder of Citizen Bonner Barker
"The Capture, The Trial, The Justice

Rockalo Dist. Heard County, Ga. December 31, 1884
On the evening of December 31, 1884 Bonner Barker was murdered. This is a story of the Capture of the assailants as well as the impending trial, the verdict and the following justice. This is a multiple part story as carried in the Carroll County Times and the Carroll County Free Press.
"I have made every attempt to leave the wording and spelling as it is found in the article. Exception is capitalizing the name of James Craven and Craven."
Wylie Hutchens can be reached at [email protected] , Jan Nance can be reached at [email protected]
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