W4DAI - amateur radio call sign of Mrs. Evelyn (ne Shepard) Sanford

W4DAI - amateur radio call sign of
Mrs. Evelyn (ne Shepard) Sanford

Below, a digital photograph of Mrs. Evelyn (ne Shepard) Sanford's amateur radio QSL card, courtesy of Bob Green (W8JYZ), who, as of this writing, preserves the original at his substantial US amateur radio archive. Amateur radio operators exchange QSL cards to confirm two-way radio contact between stations. Each card contains details about one or more contacts, the station and its operator. A typical QSL card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most are sent through the mail as such.

Mrs. Sanford's pioneering amateur radio activity is attested to by evidence from the world's most extensive museum serving amateur radio, the Dokumentationsarchiv Funk (Radio Documentation Archive in English) or Dokufunk in Vienna, Austria.

Experience a German-language tour of the archive by means of the embedded video below. Your genial tour guide is its curator, Professor Wolf Harranth, a pre-eminent Austrian man of letters, famous for his international prize-winning work as a translator of children's literature and his long service with the now-defunct Radio Austria International (RI).

As one expects, Prof. Harranth speaks very good English, as is evident from a recent interview he conducted, recorded here. Perhaps one day he might be prevailed upon to record an English-language video tour of the Dokufunk. The opening shot in the video below features a paradoxical sign reading:

Alles, was hier ist,
wre nicht mehr,
wre es nicht hier

which in

All that is here
would be no more,
else it would not be here