Buchanan-Haralson Public Library Third Birthday Photos

Third birthday of the
Buchanan-Haralson Public Library
11 February 2006

Photos: Miss Brooke Murphy

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Library Friends Vice-President Norma Bishop mends a boo-boo while a hungry young girl enjoys the yummy food

Left-to-right: Library Friends Yvonne Kimball, Stephanie Jarrell, and Mary Jarrell greet visitors in the Courthouse entry atrium

The main reading room: Earnest young minds engaged with the Internet-attached PCs.

Library birthday cake (medium shot)

Library birthday cake (close-up)

Library Friends Treasurer Johnnie Sue Thornton cuts the cake, while Library Manager Jana Gentry (left) and Library Friend Yvonne Kimball (right) assist, and children look on in polite anticipation.

Dr. Ron Feigenblatt presents "Techie Toys" at the library while Donny Boswell discusses the talk with another listener

Library Manager Jana Gentry reads to the youngsters in the aerie of the upstairs James Murphy Courtroom, with north Buchanan as backdrop

Library Manager Jana Gentry adds a dramatic touch to her reading, to the delight of onlooking youngsters

Eager young minds watch intently as Library Manager Jana Gentry displays an illlustration from the book she is reading aloud

Head Librarian Jana Gentry directs an arts & crafts session

Head Librarian Jana Gentry points out a youngster for special mention