1860 Mortality Schedule
Hart Division

Page No. 1
Schedule 3 -- Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1860, in Hart Division, in the County of Hart, State of Georgia, enumerated by me, John G. McCurry, Ass't. Marshall. (353)

Name Age Sex Race Free or Slave Marital Status Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Disease or Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
Nancy M. Maxwell 47 F M Georgia September Mistress Liver Complaint 4 weeks
Peggy Brown 82 F W Georgia May Midwife Dropsy of Stomach 1 year
Vina Eaton 33 F M Georgia May Mistress Childbed 9 weeks
James K. Herring 2 M Georgia July Flux 5 days
Lucy Wall 82 F M Virginia April Mistress Dropsy 4 years
Llewellyn M. Teasley 1 M Georgia July Teething 3 weeks
Matilda 15 F B S Georgia December Typhoid Fever 6 weeks
Mary E. Brown 37 F M Georgia November Mistress Unknown 2 weeks
Dempsy Bobo 37 M Georgia March Consumption 3 years
Lewis 48 M B S Georgia October Blacksmith Unknown 7 weeks
Shep 2M M B S Georgia February Unknown 4 days
Victoria 9M F B S Georgia December Cold 2 weeks
John J. Williford 1 M North Carolina August Flux 3 days
Ben 30 M B S South Carolina August Typhoid Fever 5 weeks
James Bridges 3M M Georgia March Scarlett Fever 2 weeks
Emily Askew 53 F M Georgia March Mistress Cramp Colic 2 weeks
John Dyas 63 M W Georgia December Farmer Dropsy 6 months
Infant 10M M B S Georgia May Cold 5 days
Infant of M. Brown 2days F Georgia July Deformed 2 days
Infant of J. Rutherford 1day M Georgia June Unknown 1 day
Elmira Bobo 2M F South Carolina June Flux 5 weeks
Wm. T. White 2 M Georgia January Pain in Leg 3 days
Infant of J. Black 1day M Georgia January Unknown 1 day
Robt. Black 71 M W Ireland January Mechanic Pneumonia 9 days
William Welden 79 M W Virginia May Farmer Dropsy 1 year
Rhoda J. Holmes 14 F Georgia June Unknown 10 days
Mary Gusea 26 F South Carolina February Domestic Consumption 2 years
Infant 2M F B S Georgia January Unknown 1 day
Emaline Glover 6 F Georgia January Whooping Cough 50 days
Robert Glover 2M M Georgia November Quinsey 21 days
Sarah Vaughn 27 F M Georgia July Mistress Typhoid Fever 17 days
Jacob 4M M B S Georgia May Typhoid Fever 18 days
Robt. Bruce 76 M M Georgia February ? Farmer Palsy 8 years
Richard H. Carnes 3 M January Scarlet Fever 4 days
William Carnes 8M M January Scarlet Fever 15 days

Page 2

Name Age Sex Race Free or Slave Marital Status Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Disease or Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
Holloway Carnes 64 M . . . North Carolina June Farmer Liver Complaint 1 year
Lewis 19 M B S . South Carolina November . Kicked by a Mule 4 days
Nancy Potts 2M F . . . Georgia September . Hives 36 days
Louisa Hill 28 F . . M South Carolina November Mistress Child Bed 40 days
Charles A. Basking 11 M . . . South Carolina October . Pneumonia 4 days
James E. ?Dlorn? 1 M . . . Georgia October . Paralisys 36 days

Transcribed from the original by Juli Morgan.
Some of the writing was difficult to decipher - it looked as is he got tired of writing near the ends of the pages.

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