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I have researched Whitfields many  years though I do  not know my connection to 
them.  The name Whitfield Robinson has come down in my family--in several 
different branches--for generations.  We suppose somewhere there was a Whitfield 
in the family tree, but have not found him or her yet!  I hope maybe some of you 
Whitfield researchers can tell me where I fit in!

I have been going through my papers trying to get some of the information that I 
have acquired over the years onto the Internet so that others can use it.  Many 
years ago, I was researching at the Georgia State Archives when I found an 
interesting file on the Whitfield family. As I recall, there was no name (as to 
who had donated this information) but it seemed to be an elderly lady who said 
that before she died she wanted to "get the papers out of the safety deposit box 
at Washington, D.C." so that she could record her family information at the GA 
Archives.  I have no idea what year this might have been.  But the penmanship  
is absolutely beautiful--old script--written in what almost looks to be like a 
quill pen.  Latest date mentioned is 192_.  

I have recorded much of the information on the Putnam Co, GA website since many 
of the Whitfields resided there.  See that website for additional Whitfield 
information.  However, there was one Whitfield who seemed to be more closely 
connected to Hancock Co, GA, so I will put his information here.  From the way 
it is written, I assume that Bolling Whitfield was the father of the lady who 
recorded the information in the beautiful handwriting.  And who kept the record 
of her family in "a safety deposit box at Washington, D.C."

BOLLING WHITFIELD.  b. 21 October 1852 d. July 192_.  Married Ella Gillam  or 
Gilliam in 1890.  The said Bolling Whitfield was the son of William Hurt 
Whitfield b. 1820 d. 1870,  whose wife was Maria Comer Breedlove b. 1823 d. 
1884--William and Maria married in 1843.

The said William Hurt Whitfield was the son of Matthew Whitfield born in Hancock 
Co, GA 1789 d. 1867.  Matthew's wife was Mary Reid b. 1790.  The said Mary Reid 
buried at the Reid grave yard 10 milies from Eatonton, GA was daughter of Samuel 
Reid and Elizabeth Hurt.

The said Samuel Reid (of Jasper Co, GA) was the son of Capt. Samuel Reid b. 1728 
d. 1810 and whose wife was Agnes
Kay b. 1753 d. 1806--Samuel and Agnes m. in 1770.  This is the Samuel Reid for 
whom the DAR Chapter at Eatonton, GA is named.  

The said Captain Samuel Reid was the son of Alexander Reid who married Margaret 

"William Hurt Whitfield served in the Civil War and lost a leg.  He was the only 
child of Matthew Whitfield to be born in Hancock Co, GA in 1789.  He died in 
1867 and is buried at Shady Dale in Jasper Co, GA.  Matthew Whitfield was the 
founder of Shady Dale and was master of the famous "Whitfield Plantations" among 
much of the county in which he lived with many slaves."

On to more Whitfield genealogy:

The said Matthew Whitfield (wife Mary Reid) was the son of Benjamin Whitfield 
born 1752 m. Ann Staten.  (see more on this family on the Putnam Co, GA  
genealogy site.)  

The said Benjamin Whitfield was the son of Luke Whitfield b. 1722 wife was 
Rachel Powell whom he married in 1713.

The said Luke Whitfield was the son of William Whitfield and Elizabeth Goodman.  
Luke Whitfield was Captain in the PeeDee Regt. commanded by Col. G.S. Powell of 
St. David's Parish of the South Carolina militia (American Revolution.)

William H Whitfield was in the Revolutionary War and called The Patriot.  When 
the Civil War began he had forty descendants in the Confederate Army.  William 
H. Whitfield married Rachel Bryan in 1741.  She was the daughter of Needham 

This concludes the information on the Whitfields.  I would like to say that my 
own ancestor is William Osmus Robinson b. 1825 in Morgan Co, GA and the reason 
why I find all these Whitfields is because I am always out looking for 
W.O.Robinson!  If anybody has a clue as to who his parents are, please let me 
know!!   His mother might have been a Whitfield!  Do you know of any Whitfields 
who married Robinsons??  Would love to hear about it.  Good luck to you!  From 
Jan Bell

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