APRIL 21, 1834

Transcribed by Cliff Berry Johnson [email protected]

Transcriber's note:  Samuel and Anne Devereux were father and mother of Georgia Ann Devereux-Berry, first wife of James Edward Berry.  It is my understanding

that he donated the property for the City of Devereux to be built on.

Surnames contained in this document:  Brown, Hardwick, Whitehead, Sayre, Gonder, Bell, Graybill, Devereux, Radney, Arnold, Pearson, Burton, Butts, Hall, Loyd, Hargraves, Keune, Youngblood




            Inferior Court sitting for Ordinary Purposes

            Monday 4th January 1841                                Present their Honors    

                                                                                                Algernon L. Brown       -

                                                                                                Richard L. Hardwick    -  Justices                

                                                                                                Issac P. Whitehead       -

 The last will and testament of Samuel M. Devereux late of this County being produced in Court by Nathan C. Sayre nominated Executor of said Will, and the due and legal execution thereof being proved by the evidence of Joseph B. Gonder and George Bell two of the attesting witnesses to said Will; it is considered by the Court  that said Will is fully proved - and that it be recorded.  

            Nathan C. Sayre & John Graybill two of the nominated executors of the Will of Samuel M. Devereux appeared and were duly sworn as executors and letters Testamentary delivered to them, with leave to John B. Radney also nominated executor of said Will hereafter to qualify on application.  

            On motion of the Executors of &c of Samuel M. Devereux dec’d it is ordered that Wilie Arnold, Stephen Pearson, Thomas W. Burton, Benjamin K. Butts & Samuel Hall be appointed appraisers of the personal estate of said dec’d and that they or any three of them being first duly sworn do make such appraisements.




            I Samuel M. Devereux of said County being at this time fully possessed  of my intellect - and believing in the immortality of the soul - and the mortality of the body - desirous of making a suitable disposition of my property, do make and declare the following to be my last will and testament.

 First.  If in the exercise of their discretion the executors hereof  shall deem a sale of any part of my perishable property may be made without detriment to my family or my plantation, I authorize a sale of such portion thereof as they may believe safe. 

 Secondly.  I give and devise to my beloved wife lot of land number 201 in the eleventh district of Troup County - to her & her heirs - and I give to her the following ten negroes:  Henry & his wife Hester - her children Major - Squire and Maud - Scott his wife Hannah her child Wilkin - Rachel & her son George - and the children that may be born to said negro women after the first division of my property as herein after provided for - I give to her three feather Beds & the usual furniture & appurtenances - eight cows & calves - twenty five head of swine, twenty head of sheep - The Carriage & Horses that may be in her use at the time of my decease - three other horses - as much of the household & kitchen furniture as she may desire - That she retain for her own use the private savings of money now in her exclusive possession, and I give to her in common? with my children the use of the house & premises whereon we now reside as long as she choose to remain thereon, all this I give and devise to her in lieu of Dower and all claim on her put to other parts of my estate. 

 Thirdly.  I give to my son Samuel negro boy Daniel, I give to my son Crawford negro boy Stephen, I give to my son William Woods boy Ben.  

Fourthly.  I give to my daughter  Georgia Ann, girl Frances, and to my daughter Lobelia Ann girl Sarah and also the sum of five hundred dollars to be kept at interest well secured and the profit thereof to be applied to her education annually.

            I request that my children be kept at school - and to receive as good an education as their circumstances & capacity may authorize.

 As to the lands which I die ------ lying out of this county believing that they are rising in value , I conceive it unexpedient to dispose of them immediately, but when the  executors hereof  of the survivors shall conclude a sale will be for the interest of my children I do authorize them  and the survivor to make sale thereof, or any part thereof, having the money well secured. 

             I request and direct that my plantation be continued in cultivation, and the mills be continued in operation as heretofore and my negroes except such as herein given to my wife be kept together under the direction of my Executors for the support and education of my children until a change in my family by marriage or attaining full age shall render a division of the property necessary, and on such an event I direct that the lands, negroes, stock & all other property not herein specially disposed of be valued by three discrete friends, and an equal portion in value/regard being had to the number of my children then alive, be set apart for such child - and that the residue of my estate be kept and continued together as before until another apportionment shall become necessary, and so on from time to time:  The portion thus set apart I give and devise to such child fully, freely & absolutely, except as to my daughters - and as to their portions of said estate I give and devise the portion or part of my estate that may accrue to either and each of them, to the executors hereof, and to such of them as shall qualify and to the survivor in trust to hold said property to and for the separate use & benefit of my daughters free, clear & exempt from any and all interference or control on the part of any husband whom she may marry - or of any person claiming  under such husband but subject to her disposition by will and if she die without making a testamentary disposition, then to her heirs at Law. 

 Lastly.  I do hereby constitute my friends, John B. Radney, John Graybill and Nathan C. Sayre executors hereof. 

            In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 21 day of April 1834.  

Signed and declared by the said Devereux

to be his last will & testament, who in his presence &

in the presence of each other have hereunto subscriber              S. M. Devereux

our names.

Allen Loyd       George Hargraves, Just.            James A. R. Keune, Esq.

Be it known that on this the 16 day of April in the year 1839, I Samuel M. Devereux being still of sound and disposing mind & memory do make the following Codicil or alteration in the above will.

First.  I revoke so much of the second item as bequeaths to my beloved wife, the children of the female slaves therein given her - and confirm the bequest of the said ten negroes and all other property herein before given to her.

 Secondly.  I revoke the gift of girl Frances to my daughter Georgia Ann - and instead thereof I give the said girl to the Executors hereof and to the survivor in trust for my said daughter on the terms and qualifications & limitations herein before specified, and I revoke the gift of the girl Sarah to my daughter Lobelia Ann - and instead thereof I give said girl Sarah to the Executors hereof & to the survivor in trust for my daughter Lobelia on the terms and qualifications & limitations before expressed  as to the portion of my daughters. 

Thirdly.  I direct that the education of my children shall be chargeable to the estate generally left at my decease & which is directed to be kept together - and that the sum of five hundred dollars given to my daughter Lobelia be kept at interest well secured - until her marriage - and in the event of death before marriage, that the amount be considered part of my estate subject to division.

 Fourthly.  For as much as my daughter Georgia Ann has married and I have placed property in the possession of her husband of the value of six thousand dollars to wit, Toney, Bill, Ned, John, Prince, Polly, Betty, Frances & Tully and stock and furniture & I direct that no further division be made until the marriage or attaining of age of one other of my children - and on that event I direct that a portion of land & personal property equal in value to the amount received by Georgia Ann & including the value of her portion of the land as herein directed be set apart for such child and that the residue be kept together as herein before directed and after the last apportionment I direct what may remain be divided equally amongst my children in life at the time and the child or children of any who may have died before such final division , a child or children to stand in place of the deceased parent.  

            In the division of my land in this County I direct that it be divided by lines running North and South into five portions, the quantity to be determined by value and that the Eastern portion be the part to be set apart for my daughter Georgia Ann - and the Western portion for my daughter Lobelia Ann - I earnestly desire and require of my sons to render to their mother filial obedience after my decease and I enjoin upon every of them to cherish and protect their Sisters as they regard me and my memory. 

             I confirm all parts of my will heretofore made - not altered by this last Codicil.

            In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 16th day of April 1839.

Sealed and subscribed by the testator in our presence who in his presence have hereto set our hands as witnesses. The words” limitations” -------” the value of ---------.

Joseph B. Gonder         George Bell      Thomas Youngblood                S. M. Devereux



            Inventory & appraisement of the personal property of Samuel M. Devereux dec’d.  Taken & made this the 5th day of February 1841 by the undersigned appraisers.


Jacob   $450        Milly   450                Daniel   650                  Stephen   550               2100.00

Harriett   450        Dicey  350               Elizabeth   300              Jerry     200                 1300.00

Nero       300       Virginia   175            Rachel     100               Lucy     500                  1075.00

Billy      700          Caroline  450           Barryainia  500 Sampson   350             2000.00

Flora    300          Julia   150                 Henrietta   200             Easter   450                  1100.00

Dinah   125          Anderson   300        Hampton   700             Marther   200               1325.00

Delila    350          Charity   100            Almon  300                  Hester   500                 1250.00

Mary    200          Squire   350             Hanny   800                 Amy     150                 1500.00

Major   375          Hannah   500            Maria   200                  Jane     150                  1225.00

Margian   100       Neptune   100          Scott    800                  George 350                  1350.00

Wilkins   200        Nancy      550          Sylvester   125             Cornelia   150              1025.00

Rachel  500          Muryann   250          Sarah   500                  Rolind  150                  1400.00

James   1000        Alfred   350              Apollus   200                Missouri   175              1725.00

Willis    100          Adaline   200            Belinda   600                Othello   350                1250.00

Caroline   200      Louisa   100 Judy       100                Lucy     550                    950.00

Patience   500      Harry   200              Rody    100                  Caty     50                     850.00

Hannah   550        Job   100                  Rosetta   550                Harry Leme      450      1650.00

Philidelphia   450  Ossiaus   800           Henry (Neuson) 200     Washington      150      1600.00

Daniel   900          Poney   800              Jacob   800                  Jackson            750      3250.00

Burwell   700                                                                                                                  700.00          

8  Feather Beds, bedsteads & common furniture                                                             240.00

11 Fancy Chairs  22.    13 common do 975                                                                      31.75

1 Desk & Book Case   50.       1 Secretary       25.                                                           75.00

1 lot mantle Shelf Ornaments                                                                                               2.00

1 pr. Looking-glasses 6.           6 pictures  12.              2 Drinking glasses  1.50                19.50

4 pine Tables  6            3 do larger                                                                                      6.00

1 pr glass pitchers  1.50            24 Tumblers  2.                                                                  3.50

2 Bee hives & Bees  2.00         3 Water Buckets  3.00                                                       5.00

2 Wash Tubs  50   1 pr Iron Tongs  50    8 Iron Pots & Kettles & Ovens 11.00                12.00              

1 pr. brass top Shovel & Tongs  75      3 pr. fire Irons  6.    Tenders & fire Irons 5.           11.75

36 plates & dishes  3.   1 doz knives & forks  2.                                                                 5.00

24 Common Tea Cups & saucers         2.00                                                                       2.00


                                                                                    Forwarded                            29,038.50


                                                Amnt. Forwarded                                             29,038.50

1 pine Sideboard          4.         2 pr Steelyards 2.                                                      6.00

2 Waiters         18 Wine glasses   4       1 Pitcher   50    2 Water Bowles  1.12           5.62

1 Loom Warp & Bars Spool frame  4.  5 Spinning Wheels   17.50               21.50

10 Bushels Salt  10.00  210 lbs. Lard .10 ‘ 21. 

                                                8000lb Pork, partly cured   640                             671.10

1 Sorrel Mule Seline   80.         1 bay Mule   60            1 Bay Mule Bill    80          220.00

1 Mule Jack     75        1 Sorrel do Pigron   70 1 Bay do Bob   75             220.00

1 black do Delph 50                 1 Sorrel do Jack   60                                             110.00

1 black do Nell   80                  1 White do Monday   75                                       155.00

1 brown do John   75                1 Sorrel do Kit   75                                              150.00

1 Iron gray do Jane   85                        1 Bay do Beck   60                                   145.00

1 Bay do Bet   50                                 1 do Jenny   50                              100.00

1 Sorrel Mare Colt   60                        1 Sorrel Horse   40                                    100.00

1 Black Colt   40                                  1 Bay Mare   70                                        110.00

1 Sorrel Horse   80                               1 Bay Mare Nancy   40                             120.00

1pair Carriage Horses White                                                                                  250.00

1 Family Carriage & Harness                                                                                 250.00

1 old Saddle   1.           1 Lot wheat supposed 20 Bush .60   12.                              13.00

Oats  supposed  60 Bushels      @ .40                                                                     24.00

Peas  supposed  60 Bushels      @ .75                                                                     45.00

1 Carry-log & Chains                                                                                              20.00

1 Yoke Oxen   25.                   1 do   30.                                                                55.00

79 Head Cattle  @  5.                                                                                           395.00

27 Sheep @ 1.=27       2 Road Waggons & Harness   200.                                   227.00

265 head Hogs & Pigs at 1.50 =397.50  

                                    Wheels & running part old carriage   20.                            417.50

1 Cotton gin   100                    1 Threshing Machine   20                                       120.00

1 pr old Cart Wheels   5.          1 Cart body   3.            1 Grind Stone   2.                10.00

1 Black Smith Bellows   2 old do  & Blacksmith tools                                  75.00

5 double Stacks Fodder  supposed  7000 lb. @ 75                                                 52.50

8 Single  do                                      4800          75                                                 36.00

14 Plow Stocks  & Singletrees   1.50  each                                                              21.00

3 double Stacks Oats  supposed   135 bushels  40                                                   54.00

2 Single  do                                    40            40                                                   16.00

37 plow Hoes  .50  each                                                                                          18.50

5 grub hoes  31 1/4 = 156        7 weeding Hoes   1.75                                               3.31 1/4

7 old Axes   1.75                      14 Set plow gear  1.50   21.                                    22.75

480 Barrels Corn   estimated  2.50                                                                     1,200.00

                                                                         Forwarded                               34,498.18


                                                                        Amt. forwarded                        34,498.18

Fodder in House   supposed  7000 lb. @ 75                                                            52.50

1625 feet plank Lumber  at mill   75                                                                       124.92



We do certify that as far as produced to us by the executors the foregoing contains a just and true appraisement of the goods & chattels of Samuel M. Devereux deceased to the best of our judgment and understanding.  Feb 5, 1841.

                                                                        Samuel Hall

                                                                        Thomas W. Burton

                                                                        Wily Arnold


Hancock County  I certify that the within named Thomas W. Burton, Wiley Arnold & Samuel Wall were by me this day duly sworn & qualified to make the within appraisement. 

Feb. 5, 1841                                                    Burwell Brown, J.P.


3 Saddles $20    1 Colt Gun  45$    1 Feather Bed & Stead & furniture  30$             95.00

1 doz table Spoons & 1 doz T. spoons                                                         27.60



   All the above was taken from Hancock County, Georgia Wills,  Book P.  1837-1842    Pages 464 through 471   Washington Memorial Library, Macon Georgia   MF Box # 4559

Plat of his land is in Box 4560, first thing on roll.

    Transcribed by Clifford Berry Johnson    Wednesday  November 20, 2002