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Hall County Surnames A B C D E

 Hall County, Georgia


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The purpose of this Surname list is to put researchers in touch with others working on the same surnames in Hall County.  If you want your surnames listed here, or want people to be able to access your web page directly, please send me an email

If you change your email or move your page, let me know.  Dead links to web sites will be removed.

Send requests to:  Dan Pierce

ABERCROMBIE [email protected]   Randy Bentley
ABERCROMBIE [email protected]   Bonnie
AGERTON [email protected]   John Sauer
AKINS [email protected]   CAT Tindell  

Website: Southern Roots and Shoots

ALEXANDER [email protected]   Wilma Patecell
ALLEN [email protected]   Michael Allen
ALLISON [email protected]   Richard T. Turk, Sr.
ANDERSON [email protected]   Hugh Rutherford  

Website: Ancestors of Hugh D. Rutherford

ANTHONY [email protected]   Nita
AVARY [email protected]   Nadyne Faulkenberry Lynn
BAGWELL [email protected]   Edwina Owen
BAGWELL [email protected]   Bill Prather
BAILEY [email protected]    Fred W. Bailey
BANKS [email protected]   Kevin Jarrard
BARNETT [email protected]   Walt Foster
BARKER [email protected]   Sara Furr-Smith
BARRETT [email protected]   Kim Berry
BARTON Barton Quest Website
BARTON Dan Pierce
BARTON [email protected]   Peter J. Gossett
BATES [email protected]   Harold Cheek
BEASLEY [email protected]   Bowden Linda Henry or Ross
BELL [email protected]   Don Stewart
BELL [email protected]   James T. Bell
BELL [email protected]   Neda
BELL [email protected]   Nita
BENNETT [email protected]   Margaet Bennett Sheffield
BENNETT [email protected]
BENNETT [email protected]   Vicki Hill
BENNETT [email protected]   Kim Bennett
BENNETT [email protected]   Helen Wallis Thomas
BENNETT [email protected]   James T. Bell
BLACKBURN [email protected]   Nancy Blackburn
BLACKSTOCK [email protected]   Debby  

Website: Barton Quest - Blackstock

BLACKSTOCK [email protected]   Walt Foster
BLACKSTOCK [email protected]   Nita
BLACKWELL [email protected]   Walt Foster
BOBO [email protected]   Joanne Cooper
BOND [email protected]   Leslie A. Bond
BOWEN [email protected]   Louise Bowen
BOWMAN [email protected]   Shirley Bradford Dove
BOYD [email protected]   Dale Boyd
BOYD [email protected]   Larry Boyd  

Website: Boyd Family History

BOYD [email protected]   Jerri Rives Givens
BRAMLETTE [email protected]   Jeb Bramlette
BRASELTON [email protected]   Tina Lusby
BRAZEIL [email protected]   Bill Prather
BRIDGES [email protected]   Tina Lusby
BRODIE [email protected]   Cheryl Davis-Holman
BROOKS [email protected]   Charles E. Carroll
BROOM [email protected]   Bill Prather
BROWN [email protected]   Cat Vick
BROWN [email protected]   Nita
BROWN [email protected]   Eva Marie Waugh  

Website: Albert Clayton Brown Family Tree

BRUCE [email protected]   David Bruce
BRYAN [email protected]
BRYANT [email protected]   Sheridan
BUFFINGTON [email protected]   Greg Evans
BUFFINGTON [email protected]   Debbie Buffington
BURFORD [email protected]   Michelle Moore
BUTLER [email protected]   Sue G.
BURFORD [email protected]   John Tate
BUTTERWORTH [email protected]   Billie Jones
BUTTERWORTH [email protected]   Claudette Herring
CAGLE [email protected]   Debra CM
CAGLE [email protected]   Neda
CAIN [email protected]   M. J. Morrow
CAMPBELL [email protected]   Diane
CANTRELL [email protected]   Jim Cantrell
CAPE [email protected]   Kathy Blanton
CARITHERS [email protected]   Ken Parker
CARLISLE [email protected]   Linda Carlisle Lewis
CARLTON [email protected]   Leah Bird
CARROLL [email protected]   John Sauer
CARTER [email protected]   Penney Griffin
CASEY [email protected]   Joyce Harris
CASH [email protected]   Jane Gentry  

Website: Gentry's Front Porch

CHAMBLEE [email protected]   Tina Lusby
[email protected]   Anne B Chamlee
CHAPMAN [email protected]   Julia Ledyard
CHASTAIN [email protected]   Sandra
CHILDERS [email protected]   Judy Spaulding
CLARK [email protected]   Kathy Gregory
CLARK [email protected]   Sharon Clark
CLARK [email protected]   Bea Clark
CLEGHORN [email protected]   Jane Gentry  

Website: Gentry's Front Porch

COBB [email protected]   K. McGee
COBB [email protected]   Tina Lusby
COFFEE [email protected]   Carol Walsh
COKER [email protected]   Joyce West
COLLINS [email protected]   Rhonda Moser
COLLINS [email protected]   Marilyn
COLLINS [email protected]   Marvin Hardin
COMPTON [email protected]   Nita
COOPER [email protected]   Curtis Cooper
COOPER [email protected]   Linda Jarrett Bennett
COX [email protected]   G. Willingham McCarty
CRAFT [email protected]   Sandra
CRAIN / CRANE [email protected]   Jeannie Wearn
CRANE [email protected]   Shannon Cole
CRAVER [email protected]   Pat Webb
CRIM [email protected]
CROSS [email protected]   Fred Cross
CROW / CROWE [email protected]   Phillip Crow
CROW / CROWE [email protected]   Sarah Crowe Barker
CROW [email protected]   Margaet Bennett Sheffield
CROW [email protected]   Vicki Hill
CROW [email protected]

[email protected]   Phillip Crow  

allied surnames: STRICKLAND, PRUCKETT, ORR

CRUMPTON [email protected]   Nadyne Faulkenberry Lynn
DALE [email protected]   KathyPeck  

Website: Dale-Burch Family Tree

DAVIS [email protected]
DAVIS [email protected]   Larry Davis
DEAL [email protected]   Vicky Chambers
DEATON [email protected]   Mary Elizabeth Deaton  

Website: William Ebby Deaton Descendants

DeLONG [email protected]   Richard T. Turk, Sr.
DENTON [email protected]   Barbara Dooley
[email protected]   Sue Wilson
DOBBS [email protected]
DODD [email protected]   Billie Jones
DORSEY [email protected]   Grover C. Oliver
DOSS [email protected]   Tina Lusby
DOVER [email protected]   Eric Dover
DOWNS [email protected]   Becky Cripe
DUCKETT [email protected]   Ben K. Haynes
DUNAGAN [email protected]   Debra CM
DUNAGAN [email protected]   Ann Valcarcel
DUNMAN [email protected]   Leah Bird
DUNN [email protected]   Ginny Law Peterson
DURHAM [email protected]   Carol Jo
DURHAM [email protected]   Ken Parker
DURHAM [email protected]   Steve Connor
DUTTON [email protected]   Penney Griffin
EADES [email protected]   Michelle Moore
[email protected]   Elaine
EARLY [email protected]   Evelyn Reed
ECHOLS [email protected]   Kate Butler
EDGE [email protected]   Margaret Harris
ENLOW [email protected]   Paula Schuler
ELLARD [email protected]   Joyce W. Blackman
ELLIOTT [email protected]   Richard T. Turk, Sr.
ELLIOTT [email protected]   Susan McKinney Craft
ELLIOTT [email protected]   Barbbette
ELROD [email protected]   John W. Andrews
EMMETT [email protected]   Joan Samples
ESTED [email protected]   John Foster
EUBANKS [email protected]   Herb Holman
EVANS [email protected]   Staci Gardner
EVANS [email protected]   Greg Evans
EVERETT [email protected]   Tamara Hallo
EVERETTE [email protected]   Sue M. Miller

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