Date: 4/7/02
From: (F Brown)

Jesse Brown
born 1793 NC

died Feb 1850 GA
died Sugar Valley, Gordon Co.(at the time: Cass Co.), GA
son of  Brown, ?/ ?
Mary Polly Powell
   (Mrs. Mary Brown)
born 1803 NC
died 1883 GA
died Everett Springs,Floyd County, Georgia but, may be buried on old Brown Homestead Farm near Land Lot #142 or #111 in Sugar Valley, Gordon County, Georgia

Possibly married in Wilkes County, North Carolina (found marriage bond on file that fits age/year) then moved to Georgia in 1835 after son James was born. Jesse Brown’s parents are unknown.
Other family trees confirm the fact that they are “close relatives” to:
Joseph Emerson Brown 1821 1880s Atlanta, Georgia
     son of Brown, Mackay
     Joe Brown was Governor of Georgia

Jesse/Mary's CHILDREN
1. Obadiah Brown
   born 1820s
spouse Unknown
He served in Civil War,but no census record of Obadiah in the Brown household.
2. Emily Brown
   born 1829 NC
died 1905  
spouse Walker 
3. Eaton Brown
   born 1832 NC
died 1865 Civil War from Sugar Valley, Gordon Co. GA
spouse Vyannah "Anna" Baugh 1830 1908
4. James W. Brown
1835 NC
spouse Catherin
moved to Round Mountain, Cherokee County, Alabama
5. Mary Elizabeth Brown
    born 1837 GA
born Sugar Valley, Gordon Co.GA
died 1927 Antioch Cemetery, Belk, Alabama
spouse David Moore 1835-
6. Jessie "J J" "Jack" Jackson Brown    
born 1841
died NC 1907
Sugar Valley, Gordon County, GA

spouse 1.  Annis

Jack Brown well-known Miller of Sugar Valley, GA

married 2nd wife:
widow Mrs. Mary A. Temms (or maybe Teems or Timms) of Sugar Valley, GA
She had 2 children by previous marriage.
7. Joseph "Parks" "J P" Parks Brown
   born 1844
born Sugar Valley,(at the time: Cherokee Co.), GA
died 1907 Sycamore,Turner County, GA
Martha "Mattie" Berryhill
1867  - 1962 Lakeland, (at the time: Milltown), GA
8. Sarah "Sally Rosa" Alice R. Brown
  born 1846
born Sugar Valley,Gordon Co. GA.
1899 Sycamore, Turner Co.,GA
Alexander "Rolly” Raleigh "A. R."
1844 1934 Sycamore, Turner County, Georgia

Ruby Leola Shamblin
     g-g grdau of Brown,Eaton/Vyannah Anna Baugh
     spouse Ralph Taylor Willingham of Summerville, GA

  James Edward Brown
    g grson of Brown,Eaton/Vyannah Anna Baugh
    spouse Mary "Sis" Helen Morris of Dalton, GA

Jessie "J. J." Jackson Brown / Annis
See No. 6 Above

Lilla Brown 1875 dau born Sugar Valley, Gordon Co. GA
Archabal "Archer" "Archie" Tom Brown 1877 born Sugar Valley, Gordon Co. GA
Dealva Brown 1879 dau Sugar Valley, Gordon Co. GA    
Rosa Brown 1879   born Sugar Valley, Gordon Co. GA

Jessie "J. J." Jackson Brown / widow Mrs. Mary A. Temms  
See No. 6 Above

boy Brown 1905 born Sugar Valley, Gordon Co. GA