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~~  1582 Georgians were casualties of the Vietnam War  ~~

Gordon County Soldiers

Gordon County Casualties of the Vietnam War

Gordon County names on the Wall.

Georgia Casualties - Vietnam Veterans Memorial

James Phillip Haynes - tombstone

A View of Vietnam

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the countryside


Vien Hoa

Olongpo City

the countryside

along the river

providing medical/dental care in a village in hostile territory

on leave in Saigon

providing medical/dental care in a village in hostile territory

Huey Gunship

Photos by Lt. Commander Charles H. Roszel, Mobile Riverine Force, U.S.S. Mercer, U. S. Navy, 1968 - 1969

'Vietnam is proof that American soldiers are tough. They fought a mean, vicious jungle war with no support at all from the home front and kept it up for 10 years. It was a war where they had to literally kill the enemy by hand, one by one, by dragging them out from under the jungle bush. They only left when the politicians cut and run.' ~Lt. Commander Charles H. Roszel, (my husband)

~~ In Honor of ALL who Served ~~


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