Resaca Confederate Cemetery
Resaca Confederate Cemetery
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All but three grave markers list the death date as 14 May 1864 even though the Battle of Resaca lasted for two days. There are 424 graves marked 'Unknown'.

Name Regiment Comments
Burford, Charles M.   born in Coneculi Co. Ala., killed in battle at this place, sacrificed for our lost cause, erected by brother
Mobley, John 3rd Cav. Regt. Alabama 
Bland, W. J. Co. C. 29th Regt. Alabama 
Newberry, D. Alabama 
Stalter, Lt. D. T. Co.  C. 32 Regt. Alabama 
Bone, S. Co. H. 32 Regt. Alabama 
Dixon, J. Co. F. 32 Regt. Alabama 
Harp, R. D. 18th Regt. Alabama Regt. Alabama 
Daugherty, ? Alabama 
Dailey, ?  Alabama 
Elliott, J. M. Co. B.    42 Ala. Erected by his daughters 
Barnard, D. G. Co. B. 42 Regt. Alabama 
Henderson, G. H. 18th Regt. Alabama  
Smith, W. J. 18th Regt. Alabama 
Parker, Lt. B. F. 17th Regt. Alabama 
McAlister, P. L. Alabama
Palmer, William M. Co. C. 31st Regt. Alabama
?, Bob        [photo] Alabama 
Parkman, D.      [photo] Co. C. 54 Regt. Alabama
Reece, E. Co. I. 36 Regt. Alabama 
Shelterfield, M. 36 Regt. Alabama
Gordon, Lt. W. P. H. Co. B. Regt. Alabama born 9-2-1827 - died 5-20-1864 
Died from wounds received at the Battle of Resaca on May 15, 1864, stone erected by B.F. Gordon
Fair, Jasper 50th Regt. Alabama 
Russel, J. J. 30th Regt. Mississippi 
Mayo, H. L. 29th Regt. Mississippi 
Bell, W. J.        [photo] 22 Regt. Mississippi 
Parham, William S. 15th Regt. Mississippi 
Branan, Jake Co. D. 14th Regt. Mississippi  
Andrews, John Co. B. 14th Regt. Mississippi
Johnson, W. J. Co. E. 10th Regt. Mississippi
Williams, J. L. Co. E. 10th Regt. Mississippi 
Newman, J. F. Co. C. 9th Battalion Mississippi
Martin, J. H. 43rd Regt. Georgia 
Smith, James 38th Regt. Georgia
Hix, J.        [photo] Co. G. 34th Regt. Georgia 
Collins, H. B. C.    [photo] Co A. 4th Battalion Georgia 
Lively, Sgt. Thomas 4th Calvary Regt. Georgia
Harris, A.G. 43rd Regt. Georgia 
B---, Rufus        [photo] 40th Regt. Georgia
Youngblood, J. B. 43rd Regt. Georgia 
Steadman, ? 40th Regt. Georgia 
Estes, W. P. 41st Regt. Georgia 
Ayers, B. B.      [photo] 42nd Regt Georgia 
?, J. B. 42nd Regt. Georgia
Simmons, Elizabeth J. Dewberry


  Wife of J. W. April 6, 1836-----September 9, 1907 married December 3, 1868 (Mrs. Simmons was instrumental in acquiring a monument and many improvements for the cemetery. At her request, she was buried among those she had worked for so tirelessly.) 
Matthews, J. Co. B. 47th Regt. Georgia
Mann, J. N. Co. H. 40th Regt. Georgia
Williams, J. Co. I. 52nd Regt. Georgia
Mayfield, Corp. R. S.      [photo] Co. B. 42nd Regt. Georgia
Howard, Lewis 9th Cav. Regt. Kentucky
Granger, Fred 6th Regt. Kentucky
Rader. P. W. C. S. A.
Johnson, W.W. C. S. A.
Gilmore, Sgt. S. G.      [photo] 37th Regt. Mississippi
?, Corp. J.P. 37th Regt. Mississippi
McGill, W. W. Co. B. 37th Regt. Mississippi 
Baynes, R. 37th Regt. Mississippi
Land, Isaac 37th Regt. Mississippi
Scurlock, J. L. Co. I. 43rd Regt. Mississippi
Williams, J. W. Co. H. 63rd Regt. Alabama 
Butterworth, S. A. Co. H. 58th Regt. Alabama
Barter, J. C. 45th Regt. Alabama 
McHenry, Thomas Forrest's Cav. 
Crutchfield, W. A. Co. D. Tennessee
Jackson, W. J. 3rd Cav. Regt. Tennessee 
Durham. Lt. W. C. 3rd Regt. Tennessee
Gambele, J. 3rd Regt. Tennessee
Sackston, G. Co. G. 32 rd Regt. Tennessee
Benson, J. K. P. Co. D. 41st Regt. Tennessee 
Brown, N. B. 47th Regt. Tennessee
S?, J. G. 50th Regt. Tennessee 
Simonton, A. W. 9th Regt. Tennessee
Ingles, John Co. D. 8th Regt. Tennessee
Theeton, A. 8th Regt. Tennessee
Savage, J. H. 8th Regt. Tennessee 
Lester, J. W. Co. G. 29th Regt. Tennessee 
Gilmore, J. A.  Co. B. 45th Regt. Tennessee 
Russel, F. Co. A. 45th Regt. Tennessee
Woody, J. H. 32nd Regt. Tennessee  
Rathers, J. W. Co. C. 8th Regt. Tennessee
Tucker, T. B. 3rd Regt. Tennessee
Campbell, J. 3rd Regt. Tennessee
Chinowith, Thomas L.  Pvt.  [photo] Co. C 16th Regt. Louisiana 
Jones, Col. ? 37th Regt. Mississippi
Bowen, Capt ? 34th Regt. Mississippi
Watts. Lt. J. T. Co. B. 35th Regt. Mississippi
Reid, Lt. J. S. 24th Regt. Mississippi
Clark, Lt. L. M. Co. G. 8th Regt. Mississippi
Graham, William C. S. A.
Parker, B. C. S. A.
Goda, Hancock C. S. A. 
Galey, Charley W. Co. A. 2nd Regt. Kentucky
Herret, Bob Sgt. Co. A. 2nd Regt. Kentucky
Serannay, W. H. Lt. C. S. A. 
Bethune, D. C. S. A.
Russel, S.T. Corp. 5th Co. Washington
Artillery N. O. Louisiana
Daughtery, J. Co A. 4th Battalion Louisiana
Boyd, William Co. B. 18th Regt. Texas
Sykes, J. J.    [photo] Co A. 2nd Regt. Arkansas
Stokes, ? Army of Tennessee
Miller, John Army of Tennessee

From Calhoun:

  • Take US 41/S. Wall St/GA 3 Northeast toward N. Court Street - 2 miles

  • Turn right onto Rutledge Dr. - 0.1 miles

  • Turn left - 0.1 miles

  • Turn slight left onto Nation Circle, N.W. - 0.1 miles

  • Turn left onto GA 225/Chatsworth Hwy, NE - 0.1 miles

  • Turn right onto US 41/GA 3 - 5.2 miles

  • Turn right onto Confederate Cemetery Rd. - 0.4 miles

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