Murders In Georgia -

For original reports - see microfilm at GA Depart of Archives and History - Reels 159-161 -
There are several copies on the microfilm in various forms - if you need to check names/dates/etc.

Report of Persons Murdered in the District of Waynesboro, GA in 1866

Thomas A. Byne (white) - in the County of Burke was supposedly murdered by Essex Byne (colored). Date of Killing: July 1865.
Mr. Byne was tried by a Military Commission and executed in Augusta, Georgia.

Unknown Colored - Killed in Burke County - Accused of Murder was Mr. Jacob Chance (white) - Time Frame - Summer 1865 - Chance was tried by a military commission and acquitted.

1865-1866 - Thomasville, GA

Former Slave of Wesley Goolsby murdered - in Brooks County - Accused of killing was Wesley Goolsby - in Oct 1865 - investigation held to bail and no evidence was found.

Grandison (colored) supposedly murdered - Lowndes County - Accused of the Murder was D. P. Gibson (white) - Date: July 7, 1866 - Upon investigation - held to bail - til next term of Superior Court for Lowndes County.


Dr. R. H. Eaton (white) was murdered in Camden County - Accused was Robert Armstrong, George Johnson, Silas Pickley, Joshua Pickly, York Williams, Henry Williams, and Moses Floyd (all colored). Date of Killing: June 22, 1866. Two of these men were arrested, tried and found guilty, upon the evidence of Robert Armstrong who turned states evidence. 3 of them were condemned to be hung but they escaped from jail.

George Nicklas (colored) was murdered in Glynn County - in Sept 1865 - he was found in the road about 2 miles from Brunswick, with his head cut off. He was supposedly murdered by two drunken men-strangers.

_____Smith (colored) of Glynn County was murdered - in November - he was missing reported murdered.

Mary Wright (colored) of Camden County, GA - was murdered June 24, 1866 - accused for murder was N. Parker (white) - ? Put in jail with 4 others for killing a mule - hung in a tree - Parker was arrested but escaped on his way to jail.

Nancy Wright (colored) murdered in Camden County, GA accused Dr. Wm. Wright (white) - May 5, 1866. The deceased was about 14 years old and was shot by Dr. Wright when he was drunk. A bill was found against the Doctor - he made an escape before he was arrested.


Hightower (colored) was murdered in Polk County - the accused was Lee McComer, John Cammon and Ellis Clemence (all white) - Date June 1866 - Nothing was done to investigate - nothing but threats to blacks or whites that reported anything on the killings.

Godfrey Sprout was murdered in Cass - accused were Polk Fairstone, Jr. - Polk Fairstone Sr., Jim Bonds & Bros. and Felix Sheets (all white) - Killed Dec. 1865 - No complaint was filed with authorities.

Louisa White (colored) was murdered in Floyd County accused was _____ White (white) - Date of the killing was april 1866. Supposed murdered was never arrested nor was the case investigated.

1865-66 Savannah, GA

Simpson Whitfield (colored) was murdered in Chatham County - accused was John Allen (white) - date August 2, 1866 - Allen was acquitted by civil court.

Peter (colored) murdered in Effingham County on Sept 20 1866 - accused Mr. Fox (white) A verdict of justifiable homicide was rendered by the jury on coroners inquest the man was set at liberty.

Charles Smith (colored) was murdered in Tatnall county - accused was the "regulators" - Aug 1866 - A guard was sent and arrested several parties who turned over to the civil authorities to be tried for assault with intent to kill Mr. E. Yuler Agt. for B of R. F. and A.L. for Liberty County has all the necessary papers on the case.

John Allford (white) was murdered in Chatham County - accused was Smart Cummings (colored) September. 1865 - In jail and confessed to the deed.

Columbus, GA

Isaac Brannon (colored) murdered in Talbotton, the accused was Stephen Dixon, ____ brown, W. T. Barnes, (all white) and Toney Prive (colored). March 1, 1866 - The party except Brown was arrested by the military auth. and turned over to Civil Authority of County - They were not "yet" tried.

_____Manuel (colored) murdered in Talbotton - Unknown white person - murdered by regulators - March 15, 1866 - Shot in bed by party of white men disguised.
Henry Hargraves (colored) was murdered in Columbus, GA May 1, 1866 - accused was Christ Edwards (white) - Warrant issued he escaped.

Jordon Nelson (colored) murdered in Harris - hung in the woods by his neck - unknown white person accused - June 1866.

unknown (colored) murdered in Harris County - accused was _____ Spicy (white) Aug 1866 - A colored woman was beaten to death by a white man by the name of Spicy she died the next day and he escaped.

Andrew Jackson (colored) murdered in Columbus, GA the accused was Sandy Parks - June 24, 1866 - Sandy awaiting trial in jail.

July 1866 - Talbotton - Colored victim shot by his white employer - he is awaiting trial before the Superior Court of the County.

Simpson (colored) murdered in Chattahooche County - ____Howard (white) - Aug 13 1866 - Howard turned himself in.

Macon District

Robert Sutton (colored) murdered in Bibb County - accused was Thos Knight (white) - date April 1 1866 - turned over to Civil Authories to be tried at next term.

Ben Myers (colored) murdered in Pulaski - accused Calvin Brown (white) May 1866 - Was not arrested.

Ephraim Brown (colored) murdered in Houston County - accused was Ransom Y. B. Daniels - (white) June 1866 - Bound over to appear at Superior Court in Houston County.

Elijah Haynes (colored) murdered in Twiggs County - accused was William Fitzpatrict - date - June 1866. Bound over to SC at Twiggs Co.

Aaron English (colored) murdered in monroe County, accused Dave (_) Goddard - July 8, 1866 - In jail waiting trial

Adeline (colored) - murdered in Bibb County - accused Zachary Griffin (white) - Aug 24, 1866 - In jail - waiting for trial

Pompey A Bannen (colored) murdered in Wilkinson - accused - several white citizens June 29, 1866 - Arrested by milita and bound over by civil authorities.

Cobb County

Henry Gamble (colored) murdered in Cobb County, accused was David Howell (white) Aug 23, 1866
Howell to be hanged Oct 26, 1866.

Burrell Mable (colored) murdered in Cobb County - accused A. J. Smith; James Symonton; A.C. Asqua (all were white) Aug 31, 1866 - Not yet arrested - warrant issued at large - Major Leonard thinks he will arrest the parties.

Griffin, Georgia

Unknown colored murdered by party of white men - unknown date - boy was taken from the sheriff of the county and afterwards found by the river with his throat cut from ear to ear.

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