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West View Cemetery


Contributed by:  Shirley Holland
Email: [email protected]

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Abstracted By: Shirley Holland

West View Cemetery is located on West View Dr., SW Atlanta, Fulton County, GA.   Travel I-20 West thru Atlanta and Exit off at Martin Luther  King Dr., turn Left-turn left at 1st traffic light & turn left at next traffic light and cemetery is on right. If  you travel East from Douglasville exit off at Martin Luther King Dr., Turn right-1st traffic light turn left-next traffic light turn left and cemetery is on right. It is open seven (7) days a week for just visiting. Office open Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM and until 2PM on Saturday. The staff is very helpful and is always glad to assist anyone.

West View Cemetery was begun as a private cemetery 1884.

Prior to this the cemetery was owned by the City of Atlanta. There are graves in the wooded part of West View, as you go in on the left that are so overgrown that it is impossible to tet to them. West View did not clear the overgrown graves when assuming the cemetery as private.

A 'Receiving Tomb' was built 1888. It is 25Ft. long, 30ft wide, 18ft high . Holding capacity 36 bodies. This facility was needed due to dirt roads of this time and all graves were dug by hand. Horses, wagons & cars were unable to navigate the roads due to mud and graves were unable to be dug due to weather.   During the flu epidemic this was a real service to the community as there were too many bodies to be buried and it offered a holding area for them.  This facility was used until 1945 when Westview Abby, the Moseuleum was built and opened. At this time there was not any use for this facility and it was sealed. All information is on the sealing of the tomb.

Prior to 1940 vaults were not required. There was not a requirement as to the type of container that the body was placed in prior to 1940's. Only Steel or Concrete vaults are allowed for burial since 1940. There use to be a custom of burying two (2) children in a single grave space. This is not any longer allowed. FLO

Derrick Forest Ray     21 Feb 1904        8 May 1981
Derrick Winnie Lizzie Yarbrough     16 June 1907      15 Oct 1996
Thames Pink Lester        17 Sept 1876      21 Oct 1918
Thames Mary Elizabeth (Caraway)        1 May 1879     7 Nov 1954      Wife of Pink Lester,Mother of Roger, Lester and Curtis
Thames Roger Carraway      20 June 1915       4 Oct 1944        Killed in Action WWII-Buried at West View 19 Nov 1947
Thames Lester E      1907        1907      buried in Upper 1/2 grave
Thames Curtis Roger        1903       1903        buried in Lower 1/2 of graved
McNair James H Quigg           12 July 1860
McNair Claudie E (Dunn)         Wife of James H Quigg McNair
McNair John Robinson        8 Jan 1871           21 Oct 1933
McNair Irene Fallen          wife of John McNair-taken from family histories and birth or death not given
Mcnair Walter Graves        17 July 1875        20 Dec 1930
Mcnair Willie Browner       Taken family history    no birth or death        wife of Walter McNair
Cash Mary Lou    32 Aug 1831      17 Aug 1971        Dau. Catherine Eidson Cash & John H Csh buried Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Patton S F         6 Sept 1950        buried Section 51 lot 133
Patton Mrs. S F         12 Nov 1958       Section 5, Lot 133
Derick Daniel David           1898 Campbell Cty          27 Sept 1974          Section 34 Lot 414 grave 3
Derick Mary Florence Reeves         1909 28        Aug 2000        grave # 4 section 34 lot 404
Derrick Mrs. Roberta P (Stacks)    20 July 1984       Sect. 51, Lot 134      2nd Husband Guy Derrick buried Union Christian Church
Stacks C L        17 July 1956     lst husband of Roberta P Stacks
Hale Mrs. Glenna M        11 March 1967             Section 45, lot 671 # 1
Derrick Mrs. A O         9 Dec 1935          # 4, Sect 25 lot 474
Raymer, Sr Albert M             14 Feb 1949            # 5 Section 25 Lot 474
Raymer Mrs. A. T. Corrine Belle Sands             May 8 1972            Sect. 25 Lot 474 #6
Derrick Carl V             13 Apr 2002                #1 Sect 45, lot 671
Derrick Mrs. Carl V Dorothy          06-Jan 1972            #2 Sect. 45, Lot 671
Goldman Wayen Watkins          1 June 1979            # 3, Sect. 45, Lot 671 must be grandson of the above family
Smith Jackson Paul           17 July 1972             #3 lot 672, Section 45 related to Carl V Derrick
Smith Mrs. Eleanor J           31 July 1999             #4 Section 45, lot 672 related to Carl V Derrick
Collier Meredith             12 Oct 1782        1863              Randolph Cty. NC died Fulton County, GA (Male)
Danforth Grady        5 Aug 1901          1973            brother of Kathryn Danforth Wallace
Danforth Mary Wallace           29 Dec 1905          still alive 2003          Wife of Grady, sister of George Wallace
Wallace George Richmond           4 Jan 1911           Nov 1987          brother of Mary Danforth
Wallace Kathryn Danforth           10 Nov 1918            1998            Wife of George Wallace and sister of Grady Danforth
Redwine Jacob Alonzo        5 June 1851          24 Aug 1912           father Andrew James Redwine & Lizzie Emma Redwine
Redwine Lizzie Emma        14 April 1885         21 Dec 1916        Dau of Jacob A Redwine
Redwine Andrew James        31 July 1881        8 Feb 1957        Son of Jacob Alonzo Redwine
Redwine Ammie Lee (Smith)       8 July 1886        2 Sept 1978          Wife of Andrew J Redwine
Bailer Warren Alfred            27 May 1889      3 March 1957        Husband of Alice Smith Bailer
Bailer Alice Smith          11 Sept 1888          6 March 1983          wife of W A Bailer, Sister of Ammie Lee Redwine
Pace Alice Lee           19 Feb 1953          29 April 2001          Grandaughter of Alice & W. A. Bailer

Mae Bramlett       1897        17 July 1918       age 23 yrs the area she is buried in is now not accessible as it once belonged to the City of Atlanta

Lena Bramlett       1904       13 Dec 1918     age 16 yrs and is buried in Section 8 Range 45 Grave 12

Name: Jasper Juan Cape
Born: September 1869      Died: September 23,1955
Buried: section 39, lot 977

Hattie Pope Cape, wife of Jasper Juan Cape
Born: November 1876      Died: March 6, 1958
Buried: section 39,lot 977
NOTE: Cape grave information from: [email protected] (Lewis Cape)

Name: Mary Barhorst
Born: Sept. 13, 1903     Died: June 8, 1976
Buried: section 39, lot 977, grave two, she was the only child of Jasper Juan Cape and Hattie P. Cape, burried in the same section 39,       lot 977, grave one.
Full maiden name: Mary Elise Cape

NOTE: Cape grave information from:
[email protected] (Lewis Cape)

Cash Katie D             15 July 1890            9 Sept 1966
Cash ZPauline           11 July 1892          17 Jan 1976            Sister,Lawrence,Katie Mary Lou & Addie Emma Cash
Cash Lawrence         12 Sept 1888          1971          Brother of Pauline,Katie D, Mary Lou, Addie Emma Cash
Cash Rugy Fain        24 Aug 1890            17 Sept 1972          Wife of Lawrence Cash
Phillips Era Ester Baker     20 Jan 1910     14 Sept 1992      Niece of Lawrence, Pauline,Mary Lou, Katie D & Addie Emma Cash
Phillips Hershel Asbury          27 March 1907         13 March 1993           Husband of Era Esther Baker Phillips
Sewell, Jr James Taylor          14 Dec 1936        31 Aug 1990         Garden of Devotion
Donaldson Capt. John O      1898           1930           WWI Air Ace, Section 10
Cash Lawrence      12 Sept 1888      1971          Brother of Pauline,Katie D, Mary Lou, Addie Emma Cash Garden of Devotion
Derrick Forest Ray       21 Feb 1904        8 May 1981          Cousin of Lawrence, Pauline,Katie D Addie Emma Cash
Redwine Lennie Jacob        ca 1888           20 Sept 1945         bro. Andrew Redwine, Emma Lizzie Redwine, & son of Jacob Alonzo      Redwine, Section 12, Plot 735

Additional Comments:
Forest Ray Derrick related to:
Pink Lester Thames-Uncle
Mary Lou Cash-Cousin
Daniel David Derick-cousin same family different spelling
Not sure about the other Derrick family here.
George Richmond Wallace-Cousin
Mary Wallace Danforth-Cousin
Jacob Alonzo Redwine-Uncle
Lizzie Emma Redwine-Cousin
Andrew James Redwine-Cousin

Hembree Robert Lee      5 Dec 1875     23 Nov 1943         b Campbell County, GA d Fulton County, GA    Master Mechanic
Hembree John Lewis           N/A          1 Apr 1950            d Fulton County, GA

Additional Comments:
Wife of Robert Lee Hembree - Lorie Ethel McEachern
Wife of John Lewis Hembree, Sr - Zula Adell Vincent

Mary "Christine" Nixon w/o Robert Neal Entrekin
b 1 April 1915 Douglas County, GA          d 1 July 1982 Cobb Cty., GA

Robert Neal Entrekin
b ca 1915          d 12 Jan 1960, Fulton County
h/o Mary Christine Nixon

Listings Sent In By Other Contributors:

Reeves, Bessie Glendora Bridwell           W/o Hiram Wyatt
b. Mar 13, 1888        d. May 6, 1974
Thanks to their daughter Beulah Reeves McCain for this contribution.
Reeves, Hiram Wyatt              H/o Bessie Glendora Bridwell
b. May 16, 1874          d. Aug 18, 1954


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