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1840 Census Index

Eason, Elisha H.
Eaton, Henry
Eaton, Jackson
Eddins, Ephraim
Edge, Ezekiel
Edward, Thomas G.
Edwards, Nancy
Elijah T. Haynes
English, Agniss
English, Hiram
English, John W
Epperson, John
Epperson, Mary
Escue, John
Eskew, Thomas
Estes, Cane
Estes, Cooper B.
Estes, Nathaniel

1840 Census Index

Farmer, Elias
Farmer, Jordan
Farmer, Thomas
Field, Samuel
Finch, Charity
Finch, Ephraim
Finch, Gabriel
Flemming, Robert
Flemming, Samuel
Flood, John L.
Foaler, John Sr.
Foecane, Strawder
Forbus, George J
Ford, William
Ford, William
Foreman, Henry
Fosh, Alphon
Fowler, George D.
Fowler, John A.
Fowler, William T.
Franks, Meryman A.
Freeman, Jas. F. W.
Freeman, John
Freeman, Richard
Freeman, Samuel
Fulbright, David
Fulbright, John
Fulbright, Mahala
Fulgham, William R.
Fulghern, Ephraim
Fulghum, Jesse
Fuller, Cogpher B.
Fuller, George W.
Fuller, Stephen

1840 Census Index

Gabriel, Harrison
Gallaspie, William B.
Gantney, William Jr.
Gantney, William Sr.
Garner, David
Garner, Derrell
Garner, Henry
Garner, John
Garner, Joseph
Garner, Osborn
Garner, Sturay
Garrett, Jesse
Garrison, Allen T.
Garrison, Barnabas
Garrison, Capel
Garrison, Doura L
Garrison, Elizabeth
Garrison, Levi B.
Garrison, Martin
Garrison, Salisbury
Garrison, Samuel
Garrison, Thomas M.
Gaves, Jope P.
Gentry, Thomas C.
Gilbert, Elizabeth
Gillaspie, Jas. L.
Gillaspie, Milton W.
Gillaspie, Patterson R
Gillispie, Lowery
Gleme, William
Glover, Elizabeth
Glover, Nelson
Glover, Saml G.
Gober, Craddoe
Gober, George Jr.
Gober, George
Gober, Henry L
Gober, John E
Gober, Robert H.
Gober, William
Goode, Danie
Goode, George W.
Goode, Polly
Gossaway, Berry
Graham, William R.
Gray, Johnson
Green, Caleb
Green, John A.
Green, Sarah
Greenway, John
Griffin, Elijah
Groover, Milly
Groover, Peter
Guest, Alexander
Guest, Benjamin F.
Guest, Colbert
Guest, David
Guest, John
Guest, Martin
Guest, Oliver
Guest, Sanford
Gully, Valentine
Gummells, Nathaniel


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